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Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (15-21 may)

For the period from 15 to 21 may in the App Store and Google Play appeared many interesting applications, the best of which are traditionally included in our weekly “top ten”. If You missed our last TOP 10, follow this link.

Old Man’s Journey

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Old Man's Journey Logo

  • Developer: Broken Rules
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS) 129,99 UAH (Android)

There is a special charm in the mountain, its dark beauty in pain, and only a few gifts can match the opportunity just to say goodbye. Regret is an integral part of life, because life so rarely get a second chance. You can feel all of the emotions, looking at the world through the eyes of a gray-haired old man in the game Old Man’s Journey from the Studio Broken Rules.

In Old Man’s Journey You will embark in a whimsical, thought-provoking journey through the memories, you guessed it, old man. Along with the hero you have to go through to find oneself, to relive the most important moments of life, to grieve for the shattered dreams and to think about life plans.

“Come in beautiful and Sunny man-made world, and then embark on a real journey filled with fun and unobtrusive puzzles. Immerse yourself in an interesting graphic storytelling and expand the story of the life of man through beautiful passages of his memoirs,” reads the app description in the App Store and Google Play.

Old Man’s Journey is an adventure puzzle game with beautiful graphics, great music from Scientific and minimal text. It is enough to watch the trailer and You immerse yourself in the colorful, enchanting atmosphere of the game. The developers to the smallest detail thought through every action and every graphic element.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the game is that it’s too short, you can pass it completely in just two hours. However, the Old Man’s Journey gives a lasting feeling of peace and relaxation. The app is replete with inspiring images, music and effects. Is the game free from superfluous words, and with a character whose feelings gradually become your own.

In the beginning of the game the old man peacefully sitting on a bench under the branches of a spreading tree on the beach. It seems that every time I close my eyes, and you can feel the salty taste of the sea on the lips. The Jolly postman brings the old man a letter, and you with the head covers the excitement. This message made the hero an old man. What it said, and will not be known. At least not in verbal form.

The old man takes the backpack, heavy with memories, and goes on a long journey to find the author of the letter. On every corner waiting for him puzzles. Using your fingers drag the ground, boat and road, and hop into trucks and trains, so the hero could get where you want. All along the way the obstacles can be discarded.

When creating the game was used unique mechanics of the creation of the landscape, and all the puzzles were created manually. Fortunately, no task is to bring the nervous system of the player to exhaustion. Of course, some tasks quite difficult, and the difficulty grows as you progress through the game, but the gameplay cannot be called Intrusive.

Download game Old Man’s Journey from the App Store:

qr-code - Old Man's Journey (iOS)Download game Old Man’s Journey from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Old Man's Journey (Android)Eggggg

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Eggggg Logo

  • Developer: Hyper Games
  • Cost: free (iOS) 74,99 UAH (Android)

Eggggg — developed by the Norwegian Studio Hyper Games mobile action adventure platformer, where the main force acting is the nausea. The game is created on motives of a film “Terrible revenge Gilbert” and tells about the adventures of a young Gilbert in the world of the evil chickens of the cyborg.

The main character is not lucky in life — he has a terrible Allergy to eggs. Even eaten one egg leads to uncontrollable nausea. In your day of birth Gilbert escapes from the harmful aunt Doris, jumping out the window, and gets into a huge egg. Getting out of it, the protagonist is faced with a huge chicken and here is the start of the adventure.

Gilbert travels to fantastic levels filled with obstacles, traps and enemies, including predatory chicken, and other monsters. To perform jumps and cope with the dangers, it helps a great force of vomiting. Timely application queezy “superpowers” will help the main character to climb a steep wall to overcome the obstacles and even fly in the sky.

At first, factor vomiting can cause many disgusted, but as you move the negative feelings to be gradually disappearing, and before us is a fun and colorful game.

Eggggg mobile gameplay reminiscent of arcade Rayman Fiesta Run, but unlike it you can change the direction and really explore the levels. The first two levels are fairly simple, allowing you to get used to the game, but on the third you will start to encounter various monsters and obstacles. You have to deal with saws, Bouncing gel pillows, strange physical puzzles, switches that need to be included in a particular order, spicy chicken beaks and fragments of eggshell, you are acting as spikes. Here even have to swim across pools of their own vomit in order to get to the goal.

The game offers only 20 levels — 15 story and five boss fights, which serve a variety of chickens-cyborgs controlled by the evil aunt Doris. Despite the relatively small number, the levels are very vast and filled with secrets, to find that quite difficult. At each level, the player can get three gold stars if he will be able to complete the level is to find three Golden eggs and gold nuggets 50. It is desirable to collect all the eggs and gold bars, otherwise the time of passing the final level will be reduced. Also features a set of “Midnight snack” with an extra 15 levels.

Most of the levels in Eggggg something similar with other games, along with the mishmash of strange ideas and abstractions makes Eggggg are very original and unique. The levels in the game is colorful, well made and exciting, and in Eggggg there is a lot of fun elements, such as random faces that frown, cry or get scared when they receive the jet of vomit.

Eggggg really creative project with unique graphics, fun levels, sound quality and simple controls, so if You are squeamish, you should download this game on your smartphone or tablet.

Download game Eggggg from App Store:

qr-code - Eggggg (iOS)Download game Eggggg from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Eggggg (Android)Modern Strike Online

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Modern Strike Online Logo

  • Developer: Game development ltd
  • Cost: free
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Online first-person shooters became popular at the turn of the century with the advent of Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena and Counter Strike, but on mobile platforms, not every project pays back the invested funds. Recently in the Google Play and App Store there is a new game — Modern Strike Online, and we decided to evaluate its chances of conquering the hearts of gamers.

First and foremost, I want to draw attention to the fact that developers do not have to reinvent the wheel, trying to fasten to the shooter in advance doomed to ignore users script. Usually in such games, it leads to tragic consequences — story elements only take up space on the screen and distract the gamer from the main occupation. In Modern Strike Online players share even on the terrorists and police, the participants of both teams (in team modes) are special forces soldiers, and it is in no way bothers to shoot each other’s heads.

That is, immediately after the start Modern Strike Online and short training, we find ourselves directly to the arena, where already is a complete “cutting” between the living players. No education, no Colonel Troutman, giving advice and guidance on the radio and no secondary objectives, only the hardcore. But when the skill level and rank don’t allow more than to humiliate newbies, you can go to the modes of operations, installation charges, etc.

The main problem of such applications for mobile devices is always control. In the same Counter Strike will not be difficult to rebound in the box after a shot from AWP, jump change weapon to Deagle, ready to receive the enemy on the opposite side, and Quake III individual and even perform circus tricks in a special fashion. As for the game on the touchscreen smartphone or tablet, you will have to show maximum dexterity to the movements of the character models was similar to the convulsive movements of a blind seahorse.

We have all pretty familiar: the right virtual stick is responsible for aiming, and the left — over movement. Shooting is automatically (you can disable in the options), a charge made by a tap on the weapon icon in the upper right corner, just below the buttons “zoom”, use “kits” and throwing grenades. Overall, the interface design is approached thoughtfully, adapting successful solutions from other shooters. For example, the health bar is not always displayed on the screen, and appears only at the moment of receiving damage, the weapon icon is beginning to acquire an increasingly red hue as the depopulation of the store with cartridges, which is very convenient.

Of the minuses can be noted only the inability to fast change weapons for snipers. When shooting from automatic and semi-automatic weapons can be set in the settings of the automatic change — over ammo in the AK, then get your hands on USP. But with the “scout” or “sniper rifle” this will not work — if an enemy jumped in front of the nose, will have to reach into the upper-right corner of the screen do a swipe on the icon with the weapon. Of course, the gun will be in already cold hands.

If you’re a developer of an online shooter and mentioned in the description of the game Counter Strike, you have no right to screw up the ballistics. Modern Strike Online to it no complaints. Take up the cheapest gun “LSW” and hard to kill at close range, using a third of the clips, change to the Famas with a scatter angle of 2.7 degrees — head fly 50 meters in the presence of a smooth hand.

The variety of weapons in Modern Strike Online worthy of praise — more than 30 types of small arms and bladed weapons for every taste. Don’t know if itched the developers hands to add a grenade launcher, but fortunately the main obskogo of fragoria in the game. Every gun in the Arsenal is described by several characteristics such as: damage, range, effective range, fire rate and movement speed (the thicker the barrel is, the slower it moves the feet of our character).

In addition, there is a “favorite” by many, the option strength, requiring constant repair favorite “gun”. Naturally, I bought “Golda” weapons to the scourge full immunity.

Ammunition in Modern Strike not Online a lot, you can wear your commando only a vest and headdress, giving a special “buns” (increased experience or more coins for every battle).

As usual in these games, the first 10 levels in Online Modern Strike run quite fast, a gamer, a professional will reach the grade thereof for a few hours of continuous shooting. With the various bonuses pouring in from all sides as if from a horn of plenty — only manage to open cases with new guns and gadgets on them, upgrades the coin. While their own weapons to buy is not necessary, because almost every reached level, we rent for a limited time some Famas or Steyr Scout. While playing on a 1-9 grade, You fight only with the same noobies like yourself, but after the 10th level move to another weight class.

And then the fun begins. Make 10-1 per round has not come out, the guys here are much more aggressive, the armor on them as tanks, the weapon is much better than yours. You have to be max skill to quickly level up at least to level 15 to get on par with the local regulars.

To significantly speed up the process a certain number of gold coins, to which is easiest through donation to the game for real currency. For “gold” can buy weapons and canopies to it, armor, points of improvement, a premium account with double XP and money, etc. As is usually the case, over the Gulf money will make the imbalanced character, and the game is boring, why bother to measure, just to not lag behind in development from competitors.

There is nothing better in online games than the sight of their own achievements, especially compared to other nonentities. Navigating to statistics Modern Strike Online, see the total amount of time in the game, number of kills, headshots, assists, suicides etc. If the numbers are impressive, immediately go in search of a clan, or organize self in order to occupy a place in the team ranking.

To describe Modern Strike Online and compare it with other similar shooters can be infinitely long, much longer than going to the App Store and Google Play via the links below, download the game for free and after a couple of minutes with his own hands to shoot a couple of enemies.

Download game Modern Strike Online from the App Store:

qr-code - Modern Strike Online (iOS)Download game Modern Strike Online from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Modern Strike Online (Android)Beholder

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Beholder Logo

  • Developer: Creative Mobile
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS) 129,99 UAH (Android)
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Beholder is ported to the PC masterpiece that you will enjoy from the first minute Dating. What is it about this game? We have the quest, and its mechanics, it can be called a classic. The game presents a story, often confusing and inexplicable. It is from your actions, actions and decisions will depend on what scenario will reveal the story of the game.

You will become a Manager of the house, along the way, as a hidden public spy. Your task – to monitor the law and order on the territory entrusted to you. However, the methods can hardly be called legitimate, because to install the camera from the owner of the apartment and have a bunch of keys from each of the housing, penetrating thus into someone else’s territory, it’s not quite right. In other matters, the consequences don’t have to think, so as to get the eye of the residents taking all this into account we advise you not to.

You will receive various tasks from the Ministry to follow a particular person, write him a report, in the event of misconduct, take appropriate action, and so on. By the way, there is even a constantly updated list of regulations, including the prohibition of drug addiction, and some literature. However, there are very strange things, such as the prohibition on the storage of apples. By the way, has not managed here and without greed. Despite his profession, blackmail by unscrupulous tenants, extorting money from them for his silence about what they did.

In other words, the Beholder is the whole story, and very interesting. To tell in detail generally not necessary, because it is important full immersion and attention to every detail. The surroundings and General atmosphere of the game you’ll be hooked for sure and will not leave you indifferent.

Download game Beholder of the App Store:

qr-code - Beholder (iOS)Download game Beholder from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Beholder (Android)GX Motors

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - GX Motors Logo

  • Developer: FunGenerationLab
  • Cost: free

Whether You want to wear leathers and helmet of the rider, to feel the ultimate speed and the sweetness of victory? If Yes, the game GX Motors created especially for you!

Initially offers only one car, driving on which You will be able to access the new sports car. By the way, in General, the selection here is very good: there are sports cars, and buggies, and SUVs. Such diversity of cars caused by a wide variety of trails. Therefore, in the future you will need to figure out what route on what better place. In addition to conventional asphalt, can be covered with snow holes, flooded trenches, and so on. In one word – our roads after winter.

The success of the check depends on several factors. Of course, first, you need to finish first. Second, it is important not to spoil everything at the start, because one wrong touch on the gas button could cause You shut up and see further away speeders. The third- the track full of different jumps, though some of them are very steep, so on that landing, too, will need to work on. The more accurately You get down on the ground, the better will be your result.

In addition to the above the game has an online mode where You can compete with other players and compete for top positions in the top. Overall, the game brings only positive emotions, so be sure to download it.

Download game GX Motors from App Store:

qr-code - GX Motors (iOS)Download game GX Motors from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - GX Motors (Android)Combat Squad

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Combat Squad Logo

  • Developer: A-33 Studio Co.,Ltd.
  • Cost: free

Combat Squad is a first person shooter, in which additionally introduced elements of the strategy. For this reason, to say that this is another shooter, it is impossible. The first thing that catches the eye – high quality graphics, but is it all good inside? Let’s face it.

The game’s plot is quite simple: the terrorists are threatening city attacks. Options for how to deal with it, not very much. The most correct decision — to take up guns and go to clean up the territory. It is worth noting that the last time humanity advanced considerably, so the equipping of fighters – a very powerful and destructive. In addition, the head of each soldier is implanted micro-chips, which allow you to directly send commands to the head of the soldier. In the end it turned out such to itself plurality-humans, which, in the end, you will need to manage.

Given that the game has elements of strategy, be prepared for the fact that you will need to consider surgery for five. As whom to place where someone to guide, will all be available to you simply by switching from fighter to fighter. Each fighter has their chips, guns and other distinctive features that can be improved. To wage war, both with bots and real players in PvP. Features several modes, as well as a number of different cards. Our advice — do not rush immediately to enter the online arena, you should understand what’s what.

Download game Combat Squad from the App Store:

qr-code - Combat Squad (iOS)Download game Combat Squad from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Combat Squad (Android)Implosion — Never Lose Hope

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Implosion - Never Lose Hope Logo

  • Developer: Rayark Inc.
  • Cost: a $9.99 (iOS) free (Android)

The Implosion — Never Lose Hope tells us about the distant future, the remnants of the human race, mutants, robots and so on.

Implosion made in the genre of slashers and it’s probably the only format where mobile can really compete with the big platforms. The camera in the game cocked up, as if it secured above the ceiling at basketball, and at the bottom – our hero, a young man in the exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton – a thing sharp and dangerous, so all monsters, mutants and other vermin scatter from sharp blades at times. Well, You – and happy to try: tap-tap-tap on the button and the hero goes into a death waltz. Turns the combo meter pulls a number of punches, and exoskeleton spectacular jump closes combat maneuver. Implosion in these moments terribly spectacular; the colors and the blood successfully masking is not very perfect picture.

However, the authors definitely need to be praised for one thing – they first tried to make friends with the console format with a mobile ideology. The same game Deus Ex failed largely because they simply do not fit into the compact screen of mobile devices – from a technical reservations did the same, what was the game Human Revolution. And it is fundamentally wrong – after all, a reason in the App Store and Google Play dominate the simple and primitive game, in the way they elementary more comfortable to play. To play in The Fall we were at home – but at home there is no need: there’s every hand has a computer.

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The Implosion is made with the understanding that nuance. The mission lasts three to five minutes, no more. Very short, but very evil and svirneliene session – and it must be built in a mobile game. To go through several tasks until the shaking on the bus or while away a lunch break, then turn off the phone and get to work. Perfect!

Download game Implosion — Never Lose Hope from App Store:

qr-code - Implosion - Never Lose Hope (iOS)Download game Implosion — Never Lose Hope from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Implosion - Never Lose Hope (Android)League of Stickmen

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - League of Stickmen Logo

  • Developer: Yodo1 Games
  • Cost: just $1.99 (iOS) free (Android)

In the game League of Stickmen You can take in the exciting world of monsters, monsters, treacherous bosses, and will clash in a dynamic combat them. One against all, it’s very interesting! At your disposal are several characters, each with their own unique style of martial art with special attacks. Never has the battle been so interesting and exciting.

There are monsters that cannot be overcome alone, but don’t worry help will always come your friends! Pick a team and fight together!

Great graphics makes the game League of Stickmen more attractive and entertaining, and elaborate special effects will give you an incomparable experience.

Download game League of Stickmen from the App Store:

qr-code - League of Stickmen (iOS)Download game League of Stickmen from Google Play Market:

qr-code - League of Stickmen (Android)The evolution of the species

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - Эволюция видов Logo

  • Developer: Roman Lugovskih
  • Cost: free

The name of this game I’m sure many will seem familiar. Absolutely, “Evolution of species” borrowed the idea from the original game for the PC with a similar name, and the main goal here, as there, to develop a creature until, until it reaches the top of the food chain.

In the beginning of the game, we are given a single-celled creature, which does not represent anything interesting. In a special editor you can define the direction it takes — you can change everything, that’s just initially, the player is given too little genetic material. Well, I have to use what is there. Choose herbivore proboscis and I are going on our first planet. The planets, by the way, a huge amount.

So, the planet selected, and we were in a primordial soup, now what? And now you want to eat the grass, thereby collecting genetic material for development. But we are not alone: along with our newborn being in the primary broth that inhabits an infinite number of other strange creatures, hardly to chart the path of their own evolution. Some of them, such as herbivores are weak and others, though also small, but dangerous predatory beasts. Their only goal is to eat the one who is smaller, and the bullies, of course, should be shunned. At least until you can accumulate enough genetic material to “pump” their own being to prey, making it cool as much as fancy enough. With every eaten a blade of grass (or creature, if You originally made the predator), little unknown, who gets experience points. When they fill a line in the upper left corner, the creature will grow a little, and it will be time to look again into the editor.

In the editor you can define the path of development of beings, changing his major organs. In the lower right corner is the wheel of choice of possible improvements. The tail, for example, affects the speed — he is better than developed, the easier it will be to run away from vicious predators. Jaws, beaks and the proboscis are responsible for the eating — jaws allow you to eat meat (read “other creatures”), and the beaks and the proboscis can only grab the grass. However, there is a combination of organs for those that chose the path omnivorous: so you and neighbor in a primary broth to eat, and a blade of grass to eat.

In the upper left corner reflects the current characteristics of the creature. Here everything is clear: health, defense, attack, and speed. As in any RPG, in General.

Management being implemented in two variants — touch and joystick. In the first case, the creature will follow to a place specified by the tap of the screen, and the second to move in the direction specified by the floating movements of the joystick.

In addition to the main line of development of the creatures in the game is the multiplayer. Here it is possible pobarahtatsya in the primary broth with other players, and not risking his main creation — the multiplayer is a separate entity. Multiplayer is similar to single, so that difficulties with the development of the regime will not arise.

2D picture in “species Evolution” cute and calming. The animation remains smooth at maximum settings even on budget devices, and if the graphics settings can be changed in the main menu. The music is also matched perfectly — it relaxes and brings an air of microscopic life at the very beginning of evolution.

Like their microscopic characters, collected in the designer bodies and body parts, the game is “Evolution of species” incorporates elements of different genres and became an independent and viable project, no matter what does not like. Can I recommend this game to load? Definitely. She’s funny, sweet and very easy to play.

Download game the Evolution of species from App Store:

qr-code - Эволюция видов (iOS)Download game the Evolution of species from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Эволюция видов (Android)4×4 Off-Road Rally 7

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (15 - 21 мая) - 4x4 Off-Road Rally 7 Logo

  • Developer: Sergey Plyasov
  • Cost: free

4×4 Off-Road Rally 7 — this game is about SUVs, however, it differs from most similar projects is really good graphical fidelity, and has an interesting concept.

It’s amazing quality game. The map is drawn very well, distant objects are seen clearly, the cars themselves are also drawn pretty well.

You often will encounter these parcels on the map that go will be difficult, but it is difficult to the extent that You were still able to cross the barrier and get from the process of passing maximum pleasure. In other words, you will not be able to do is press the gas button and fly through all obstacles.

The suspension also pleases, on slopes in the absence of sufficient clearance of the wheels off the ground. With strong slopes, the car can easily roll over. While it is important, in our view, managed to catch the author of the game is the sense of gravity of the car. Usually, playing these games, the player does not feel the weight of the car, here is no such problem, and this is, perhaps, the main plus.

Put the game a solid five and recommend for download!

Download game 4×4 Off-Road Rally 7 from App Store:

qr-code - 4x4 Off-Road Rally 7 (iOS)Download game 4×4 Off-Road Rally 7 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - 4x4 Off-Road Rally 7 (Android)Some of these games and applications you like the most? Share with us in comments.

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (15-21 may)

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