697 Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (16 — 22 Jan)
Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (16 — 22 Jan)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (16 — 22 Jan)

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Every Monday we publish for you the TOP 10 applications for mobile devices running operating systems iOS and Android.

Today was no exception, and we present ten of the best apps appeared in the App Store and Google Play for the period from 16 to 22 January. If You missed our last TOP 10, follow this link.

Deadroad Assault

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Deadroad Assault Logo

  • Developer: RADIOBUSH PTY LTD
  • Cost: Free

In the modern world, people never get tired doing three things: watching the water, watching how the others work, as well as ruthless and unscrupulous to kill the zombies. And this is true — as the years go by, and games featuring brain-eaters is still relevant, and the gameplay in them still looks fun.

Proof of this is simple game called “Deadroad Assault” from the Studio RADIOBUSH PTY LTD, which will help you pass a few dull nights.

The protagonist of the game is an ordinary truck driver, who, apparently, were engaged in transportation of all kinds of firearms. This assumption is due to the presence of the rifle, which by the way turned out to be a protagonist in the time of the attack of evil forces.

But in this case, born a couple of other questions that are very hard to find the answer. For example, why is the rest of the Arsenal available to us for the money and why, exactly, this money quite liberally pouring from the fallen zombies?

Hardly anyone will be able to answer these questions, but the gameplay does not suffer. Life experience has taught us to be ready for such situations: You are absolutely alone, can not be said about the enemies that, forgetting about the importance of strategy, trying to take you rough in a head-on attack. But there is good news — the bullets in your clip will never end, so tame in the game Deadroad Assault, if the proper reaction, absolutely everyone.

This is what we will do for several dozen levels. The farther into the forest, the zombies do not become smarter, however the smell of fresh flesh will gather more and more aggressive and highbrow creatures — these and a thicker skin, and they are able to move much quicker than their ordinary counterparts.

In addition, enemies will learn to use shadow for applying a lightning-fast attacks. In such situations with the temper of evil to cope can not everyone.

And it says only that you need to collect in an armful, all honestly earned and go to a local shop. Here You will be able to buy more powerful weapons, which damage and rate of fire will be much higher. Also, the store sold more stronger fence with wooden palisade far you’ll go, in any case, sooner or later will have to install a concrete protection.

In addition, in the game there are amplifiers that can destroy, slow down and exert other negative effects on enemies. Last fall either killed or also sold in the store.

Deadroad Assault is a fun and dynamic arcade game, the only drawback is the uniformity of the gameplay. Yes, with each new level the game will be new enemies, but a weapon in your hands will become much more powerful, so in that respect the game will contain a relative balance. If you love the zombie theme, be sure to install this game.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Deadroad Assault

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Deadroad Assault Download game Deadroad Assault from the App Store:

qr-code - Deadroad Assault (iOS)Download game Deadroad Assault from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Deadroad Assault (Android)Rusty Lake: Roots

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Rusty Lake. Roots Logo

  • Developer: LoyaltyGame B. V.
  • Price: 2,99 $ (iOS) 84,99 UAH (Android)

Studio LoyaltyGame, largely known through a series of games Cube Escape, which successfully sold on Steam, started to promote their products in the App Store.

In Apple store offered about a dozen games from these developers, but today we will talk about the game “Rusty Lake: Roots”, as this game is, firstly, is the largest in the line and, secondly, has a Russian localization, and it is also very important.

Plot the plot of the game tells about a young man named James Vanderboom. His recently died uncle left him a legacy of a fairly large house in the realm with the name of Rusty Lake. In addition to real estate protagonist got a very mysterious grain, which, according to the commandment of the deceased, it was necessary immediately to put on the site. This is what we are to do in the first level, along the way solving simple logic puzzles.

Rusty Lake: Roots is a very unusual point-and-click adventure, the cornerstone of which is so many kinds of puzzles for every taste and color. Thereby we want to prepare you for the fact that in this game you will not be able to see even the minimum of the rudiments of action or dynamic scenes. Absolutely the whole game is a series of logical quests: mysterious, enigmatic, mystical, and sometimes even shocking.

Each level in the game represents a certain phase in the life of James Vanderbush or his family. Despite the fact that the protagonist comes into play on the rights of the committed bachelor, he will get a life companion and three children. Naturally, all these key events is very original played in the Rusty Lake: Roots in a given key logic puzzles.

The game is very original, and she is literally in every scene to prove it to you. The developers did not hesitate to provide their offspring a very non-trivial and shocking content: get ready not only to bloody scenes, but some of the points from which an unprepared audience the contents of the stomach may be asking to go out. However, similar games in the App Store simply no, and that is what distinguishes all of the products from LoyaltyGame.

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Also, should probably mention other aspects of the game. Rusty Lake: Roots in all respects is high-quality work with a unique and distinctive graphic implementation and a sufficiently rich music. In total the game has 33 completely different and unlike each other levels.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Rusty Lake. Roots

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Rusty Lake. Roots

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Rusty Lake. RootsDownload game Rusty Lake: Roots from the App Store:

qr-code - Rusty Lake. Roots (iOS)Download game Rusty Lake: Roots from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Rusty Lake. Roots (Android)Towaga

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Towaga Logo

  • Developer: Sunnyside Games
  • Cost: 2,99 $ (iOS) 74,99 UAH (Android)

Last week in the App Store, the release of a new shooter from a young Swiss Studio Sunnyside Games. Called the new Towaga, it calls interest for their unusual design and nice graphics.

In General, this exemplary representative of the genre Shoot’em up – not outstanding, but not created in haste. In Towaga you have to drive the deity from Aztec mythology, guarding the ancient temple from the attacks of evil spirits.

In the beginning of the game the protagonist spends a ritual, sitting on top of the pyramid. But it is interrupted by the attack of evil monsters who obviously don’t like manipulation perpetrated by our character. In this regard, the Aztec God forced, armed with deadly beam of light to repel the dark of the enemy.

To complete the game you do not need any special experience or skill, but the process is easier this will become. Difficulties may arise, primarily, due to the massive attacks of the opponent, which is not so easy to beat. Besides, on some levels you will meet enemies with special abilities – in particular, the ability to deal high damage.

In total the game has six stages, characterized as different visual design and different types of enemies. By the way, the creators of Towaga promise to add more levels in next updates of the game.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Towaga

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Towaga

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Towaga

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Towaga Download game Towaga from App Store:

qr-code - Towaga (iOS)Download game Towaga from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Towaga (Android)Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition Logo

  • Developer: Overhaul Games
  • Value: for $ 9.99 (iOS), 173,31 UAH (Android)

Game Baldur’s Gate was released back in 2000 and at that time it seemed the crown of the RPG genre. First, she was struck by the attention to detail, and secondly, had a complex plot, and thirdly, it was endowed with beautiful graphics. Over time, people start to design more complex and interesting, but Baldur’s Gate has lost the cult status and is still warmly remembered by fans of the genre.

In 2012, Overhaul Games decided to commemorate the past and has re-released the game, including new quests, characters, and other tasty additions. Fans from this decision was delight in this, however, as is often the case, expectations were not fulfilled, and instead of a sanitized remake gamers got a slightly embellished the original.

From little additions which caused a positive response: the new heroes turned out to be nothing to do with the plot, and jobs have little in common with the original story. It seems the only thing that released the game is newly released for the iOS version. It is, overall, really pretty good.

The gameplay reaches dizzying complexity, beginning with introductory tasks. And when the hero leaves the walls of his fortress, an untrained user can take the nerves: any encountered on the way danger can lead to the death of the character.

The fact that the characters with low level are literally helpless in the face of any threat, and in order to increase this level, will have to spend more than one hour. And just when the main character and his team will be able to increase the scale of health, strength and skills and also to get decent gear, only then we can fight without any nervous trembling.

But to say that increased level of play will be easier, too. In each new battle, the enemies will become more and more, and they will attack more often. A short break may end in a bloody massacre, because you should always be alert.

From the very beginning to understand the tactics of the enemy and to guess them vulnerable in the battles will have some time to lose. Only then can properly disperse your team, so she combined forces were able to defeat the enemy. However, the outcome of the battle often depends on the case, because it is important to calculate. In fact, otherwise the game will not work, because the complexity of Baldur’s Gate just beyond.

The team, overseen by the gamer, will consist of six characters. To gain them throughout the game, but if you form a team of individuals with the opposite worldview and characters, you can put together a party in which the characters will be more to sort things out with each other than focus on the enemy. Besides, neglect of personal requests and needs of the characters can lead to the disintegration of the group.

In the game, a surprising number of different tasks – they will meet almost at every step. In one place we propose to save the captive elf in the other — on the way to meet a mysterious cave, and all it promises exciting adventures, from which hard to refuse. Because of that, and no wonder, if after an hour or two of the game You will find yourself wandering in the opposite direction to which You originally sought.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced EditionDownload game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition from the App Store:

qr-code - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition (iOS)Download game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Baldur's Gate. Enhanced Edition (Android)Landing Confirmed

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Landing Confirmed Logo

  • Developer: Vladyslav Vikulov
  • Cost: Free

In Landing Confirmed the player’s task is in the successful landing of the spacecraft. Around You’ll see a lot of dynamic objects: bridges, missiles, prohibited region, in contact with which will instantly form a other objects, destroying everything in its path. Just a game has two chapters.

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For example, in the first there are 15 levels. The first few levels you can pass without any problems. However, for further passage after completing each level you will need to view a 30-second promotional video.

Landing Cards can be played in both landscape and portrait mode, that is, as the owners of the smartphones and tablets owners will be satisfied with the optimization under different diagonal displays. Feature of the game can also be called dynamic lighting with day / night, clouds, stars, and so on.

Physics also questions arise, the spacecraft collapses quite nicely, and you can’t just destroy a missile entirely, but only to damage its chassis, making it impossible landing on a hard surface.

To control the rocket you need to press the left or right area of the screen. The left is responsible for the left engine, right for right. Thus, you can control the rocket, it is also worth noting the high sensitivity of the controls, so to pass the levels is quite difficult.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Landing Confirmed

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Landing Confirmed

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Landing Confirmed

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Landing ConfirmedDownload game Landing Confirmed from the App Store:

qr-code - Landing Confirmed (iOS)Download game Landing Confirmed from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Landing Confirmed (Android)Hocus

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Hocus Logo

  • Developer: gamebra.in
  • Cost: 0,99 $ (iOS) for Free (Android)

One of the games that were in our TOP, is hocus. It cannot be described as uncompromisingly good as it combines an unsuccessful copy of another popular product with a much better idea of the developers.

Let’s start with the bad. hocus. is a copy of the popular game Monument Valley from ustwo. You will also have to pass the levels based on optical illusions. But, unlike Monument Valley, You are immersed in a wonderful world, forgetting about reality, You just pass levels one after the other, with absolute indifference. There are no heroes, no beautiful textures, only shapes and a red square that you have to move the level.

But despite this, it is worth noting that the game is tastefully done. May she not as well developed as Monument Valley, but it is not devoid of ambient sounds and minimalist in design, and most importantly, you can expect hundreds of levels that each time becoming more complex.

And now for the fun part. The fact that hocus. You may not be limited to the levels suggested by the developers. Most interesting is that You can create your own levels. To do this, the game has a simple and intuitive editor. Own level You can offer for other players, and it’s a really good idea for which we should praise the developers.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Hocus

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Hocus Download game hocus from App Store:

qr-code - hocus (iOS)Download game hocus from Google Play Market:

qr-code - hocus (Android)Filardi: find the word

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Филворды. найди слова Logo

  • Developer: Georgy Meringov
  • Cost: Free

To all lovers of games where you have to string up gyrus, certainly, like the crossword puzzle game “Filardi”. Its essence lies in the fact that as soon as possible and without prompting to fill the Board with words, combining them from a set of letters by means of colored lines. But you need to try all variants of words from these letters, and not to focus on one, because not all of them are suitable for the task.

The developers took the idea of the Hungarian crosswords and slightly modified, well-filling, adding game characters, rating, and the possibility of tips. Pretty good game with its own style and atmosphere.

When you start you will wait funny monsters who will be for you and the guides, and advisors. And to start playing you only need to choose one of the still empty flasks. By selecting, for example, first, You immediately start the game. Levels as such, in the game there.

Your task is solving crossword puzzles as quickly as possible to fill the flask. Filling her to the limit, You will be taken to a new level of complexity, and the process begins anew, but with a large number of letters and, accordingly, the words and their possible variants.

For convenience and to visually make it easier to take the game, the background was not mono-colored, and in the form of Wallpapers, which depict various objects and characters. Every word has its color exactly for the same reason.

Interesting point also is that there are not points credited for each solved feelwords, but for the whole level. That is, the points You get after each mileage crossword, but their number depends on the correctness and speed of solution. In the end egged the result, in view of the degree of filling of the flask. When filling it to a certain point, opens the next level of complexity in the form of new, empty flask.

During the game You can see at what stage is your current level, your score and the hint button. The latter is done in an interesting way. By pressing it, You will be able to learn one letter at the place where it should be clicking again, the next letter of the same word, and so on. But to suggest the place of the letters you will be monsters who, judging by the expression on his face, not quite satisfied with his work.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Филворды. найди слова

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - Филворды. найди слова Download game filardi: find the word from the App Store:

qr-code - Филворды. найди слова (iOS)Download game filardi: find the word from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Филворды. найди слова (Android)BADLAND 2

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - BADLAND 2 Logo

  • Developer: Frogmind
  • Price: 1,99 $ (iOS) for Free (Android)

The best game of 2013 by Apple acquired the sequel – the recently released platformer Badland 2. The new product, as in the first part, you will have a fascinating fairy-tale world, each element of which is fraught with danger. To face all the dangers of this fantastic world will little cute flying ball.

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Control the main hero is not so simple. In order to stay on top and not fall, you need to constantly click on his calf. One click – one stroke of the wings. Not to dive to the bottom of the screen, where there is always a mechanism or a trap, the contact with whom will deprive of the character of life, will have to try. It will need to avoid collision with different obstacles and even to solve a small puzzle.

Control the main character and at the same time thinking about how to slip through the giant blades or get out of the trap sometimes is overwhelming. Complicate the process of passing non-trivial puzzles that can be solved only having tried a dozen options and, accordingly, the same number of times starting the level again. Tips the developers of Badland 2 players have also decided not to indulge.

In the course of the game flying ball will be able to change their physical properties increase and decrease in size, become sticky or Jumpy. For this it is necessary to catch the special sphere. They will also allow in some cases to slow or speed up time and split the main character into clones.

The sequel of the game Badland is different from the original version with improved graphics, new locations, puzzles and traps. In addition, the game has online competitions where you can compete in passing with other users.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - BADLAND 2

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - BADLAND 2

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - BADLAND 2

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - BADLAND 2Download the game BADLAND 2 from the App Store:

qr-code - BADLAND 2 (iOS)Download the game BADLAND 2 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - BADLAND 2 (Android)SKRWT

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - SKRWT Logo

  • Developer: mjagielski
  • Cost: 1,99 $ (iOS) of € 29.99 UAH (Android)

SKRWT is an app for mobile photographers. If You mostly shoot food, friends and yourself, it is not useful to you. But if You love to do nice and quality photos of nature, architecture and landscapes, SKRWT will help make them perfect.

The application works with the geometry of pictures, and don’t be afraid. With it, You can align littered the horizon, crop the photo to remove from it the unnecessary part and more.

Aligning and cutting the photo, you can save it to the gallery, send to Instagram or open in other mobile the editor.

The most interesting features of SKRWT:

  • — Work with TIFF files;
  • — Vignetting photographs;
  • — Correction of lens distortion.

At first glance, the app seems to be a lot of professionals, but it is not so. Even if You don’t know much about mobile photography and photography in General, with SKRWT you can still make your photos better. Using it is very simple, and the number of functions that alter the geometry of the photos is amazing.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - SKRWT

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - SKRWT Download the app SKRWT from the App Store:

qr-code - SKRWT (iOS)Download app SKRWT from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - SKRWT (Android)FindOut

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - FindOut Logo

  • Developer: DEVINSY
  • Cost: Free

Being a tourist is not easy. New city, other people do not even know where to go for lunch, not to spoil your holiday for the next few days. In this case, just need an assistant who will not only compartmentalize but also will tell what is in front of you the sights as only You will bring her the camera of your smartphone.

And this application is — a new service for travellers FindOut.

No tedious introductory text and complicated menus. Downloaded the app, launched, and before the eyes from the main screen of the camera. Brought the camera and got all the necessary information like location of landmarks and the number of nearby objects. Here you can make as many photos as you wish — they will remain in the gallery app. Learn about the sights a little more? Also without problems.

With the button in the right corner go to the menu “Store” which actually begins the familiarity with the functionality FindOut. It contains lists of attractions, and audio guides, conveniently sorted by city name.

City downloaded absolutely free of charge, after that You will be able to discover the attractions of a particular area by pointing the camera. Once saved the city in the gallery, you can listen to audio guides at key locations, which are collected in the Appendix.

A section with information about sights deserves special attention. Here you can not only see pictures of the object, but also information about it in the form of text, listen to audio, study the overall rating of the attractions. In addition, a tourist listening to audio guide available, and read articles in English.

In the tab “Map” displays the user’s location and nearest attractions, you can build a convenient route to them.

By the way, the developers have added to FindOut even a built-in photo editor. However, this is not surprising, because most of the trip we usually take pictures (well, and spread in a social network, Yes). Processed photos are saved in the gallery app.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - FindOut

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (16 - 22 января) - FindOutDownload the app FindOut from the App Store:

qr-code - FindOut (iOS)Download app FindOut from Google Play Market:

qr-code - FindOut (Android)Some of these apps you liked the most? Share with us in comments.

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