11402 Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (may 29 — June 4)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (may 29 — June 4)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (may 29 — June 4)

Here also there has come long-awaited summer! For the period from 29 may to 4 June in the App Store and Google Play appeared many interesting applications, the best of which are traditionally included in our weekly “top ten”. If You missed our last TOP 10, follow this link.

Bouncy Hoops

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Bouncy Hoops Logo

  • Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
  • Cost: free

Before the start of the final games of the NBA season 2017 in Google Play and App Store appeared absolutely amazing game called Bouncy Hoops that will help get into the spirit of the sporting event, and to pass the time on public transport, at home or at work.

From the first glance it may seem that we have before us another useless time-killer, which is impossible to pass, and to set new and new records in it does not make sense. More likely, it is possible to discover something not really needed for the money, and from time to time will appear annoying ads. Really all it is, but the game is just wonderful. From it’s really hard to put down.

The game principle is very simple. Every tap at any point on the screen makes the ball jump up and rush to the side of the ring. Several such taps, and you can adjust its direction to get there. For each hit given a certain amount of time. If in the allotted time the ball never got in the ring, the game stops.

This easy, but very interesting. You will receive separate points for high shots and clean hitting. In addition, especially revered hit, committed after the siren sound. This allows you to earn coins and additional in-game bonuses.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Bouncy Hoops (1)

Download game Bouncy Hoops from the App Store:

qr-code - Bouncy Hoops (iOS)Download game Bouncy Hoops from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Bouncy Hoops (Android)World Spin

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - World Spin Logo

  • Developer: SAT-BOX
  • Cost: free

Game World Spin for sure give you a positive impression. The game has 100 levels, each of which is fairly complex and can sometimes make you sweat.

Of course, the first levels, even novice players should pass without any problems. For each level accrued in-game currency. The currency is needed, for example, to buy new balls, but let’s order. What is a game World Spin?

This is a game in which You have rotations of the plane press the red button with a small ball. Clicking on the left area of the screen, You turn the plane left, right — right.

In addition, the map has a lot of dynamic objects that would complicate passage levels. In a World of Spin and a level editor, as well as a kind of repository where are stored the levels of other players.

In the level editor you can create your own level from scratch using the appropriate tools and the marked region.

Game World Spin is very simple, but definitely deserves your attention, so don’t be lazy to download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - World Spin (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - World Spin (3)Download the game Spin the World from the App Store:

qr-code - World Spin (iOS)Download game World Spin from Google Play Market:

qr-code - World Spin (Android)klocki

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - klocki Logo

  • Developer: Maciej Targoni
  • Cost: just $0.99 (iOS) free (Android)

In the regiment interesting minimalist puzzler has arrived in the App Store and Google Play, the release of a new game called klocki. The game developer is not particularly known to the General public indie developer Maciej Targoni. He has only one project, called HOOK, which knows only a narrow circle of fans of the genre. But, despite the modest acceptance among the gaming public, both games deserve developer attention of users, and we will explain why.

For starters, it is worth noting a simple but stylish visuals klocki, in which there is nothing superfluous, and all that there is, strictly subordinated to the gaming task. In fact, once You start a quiz, You will immediately find yourself face to face with an obscure (at first glance) gameplay – menu in the draft. Training is also not provided because have to become familiar with the tasks and their solutions without assistance. However, it does not work it will be, since the goal of the game is intuitive at the first glance at the screen with colorful platforms.

In fact, in klocki, we will have to rearrange the tiles with images on them lines so that when the connection elements of the line was closed chain. Traditionally, at first, everything is simple and unpretentious, but with each level the difficulty will increase, the game will be introduced additional elements, sequencing platforms will become increasingly intricate.

In the end, you will have to make considerable efforts to solve some puzzles – the levels are arranged sequentially: forward skip particularly difficult puzzles will not work. Yet the complexity of the puzzles is not sky-high, because of problems with the passage you most likely will not occur.

Given that information on the number of levels in the game is missing, you will have to produce their own in the process of passing.

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In General, the novelty from Maciej Targoni clearly deserves the attention of fans of the genre — you are waiting for a fascinating puzzle, stylish, minimalist visuals and nice relaxing music. Poraskinut brains without a doubt something.

Download game klocki from App Store:

qr-code - klocki (iOS)Download game klocki from Google Play Market:

qr-code - klocki (Android)Plague Inc

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Plague Inc. Logo

  • Developer: Ndemic Creations
  • Cost: just $0.99 (iOS) free (Android)

Plague Inc. (“Plague Inc”) is a strategy by the British company Ndemic Creations, developed in the genre of biological simulation in which the main task of players is to destroy life on Earth. To do this you need to spread a deadly disease around the world. It will have to overcome all the security measures taken by humanity to adapt to different conditions.

Gameplay Of Plague Inc. built on the interaction with tables, graphs and world map. You will control a disease that has infected “patient zero” in one of the selected countries. Plague Inc. offers over 50 countries to infect, and 12 game modes with different types of strategy of development of the disease: bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions, nanowires, bio-weapons, etc. in Addition to the standard there are three special disease types (Neurax worm, Necroa virus and Siminski flu), access to which can be obtained through in-app purchases. The Neurax worm uses special ways to spread that adds flavor to the tactics of the game, Necroa able to turn people into zombies, and at the heart of the regime “Siminski flu” based on the events of the film “planet of monkeys: Revolution”.

As already mentioned, the main task in the game is the most rapid and efficient infection of the entire population of the planet, so the choice of the methods of infection should be approached responsibly, taking into account the speed of spread of the disease and its resistance to various factors. For example, bacteria propagate with an average speed, so you should start with regions with large populations – China, Russia, Europe, etc. In his turn, the bio-weapon starts to act instantly and you will have to keep the mortality rate under control in order to manage to infect as many people as possible.

The spread of the disease can start anywhere in the world. Depending on the climatic characteristics of the selected region, the virus will be resistant to cold or heat. Intrusion can be accidental (an infection from animals, or by leakage from the laboratory) and controlled (activation of fungal spores by zombies, vampires or groups of monkeys).

Players have the ability to modify the pathogen, giving them different not too pleasant features. In addition, under the control of the disease could mutate itself, and acquiring features from available tree “upgrades”.

For the infection and death of people, and a growing number of countries affected by the HIV epidemic, the user gets points DNA, which can spend on the modernization of the methods of infection, symptoms or abilities. If the disease mutates independently, the points earned are not spent. Plague Inc. provided training and support for game achievements and leaderboards.

In General, mobile simulator Plague Inc. you can call it a project with an interesting concept and a deep gameplay which will help you fun for a few hours of free time.

Download the game Plague Inc. from App Store:

qr-code - Plague Inc. (iOS)Download game Plague Inc. from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Plague Inc. (Android)Human Resource Machine

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Human Resource Machine Logo

  • Developer: Experimental Gameplay Group
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS), 134,99 UAH. (Android)

Studio Tomorrow Corporation known to the General public through such acclaimed projects as Little Inferno and World of Goo. After their release, gamers with a high interest in following the releases of the developer, and, we think, not in vain.

Human Resource Machine – this is another unusual puzzle game from the Studio that will surprise you with its innovative approach to genre conventions.

In the game you have, properly performing the proposed tasks, to move up the career ladder to eventually occupy the chair of Director of the company. Will have to start out small, but as you progress the difficulty of the puzzles will increase, and towards the end you will have to try to untangle another mystery.

Explain what kind of puzzles you will encounter. The developers called their game simulation programming. The reason is that to solve the puzzles you will have to make complex behavior. Everything starts with a simple – to create a series of manipulations for transferring cartons from one conveyor to the other, but with each new level the task will be much more complicated. Solving puzzles, which are the orders of the authorities, You will rise higher on the career ladder. Your goal is eventually become a big boss.

To solve puzzles you often will provide an unusual set of tools. For example, to multiply numbers, You will have only two options: addition and subtraction. To solve such problems not necessarily know math or have programming skills to unravel puzzles and trial and error. Moreover, restrictions on the solution in the game.

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Basically you will be available a few commands: inbox – to raise the mailbox, outbox – to put it on the conveyor belt, add – to add the number, sub – subtract, jump – loop process. Using these simple steps, you will have to create algorithms for the solution not the easiest of tasks. However, to cope with them everyone will manage, just enough to understand what you want and what your options are.

As with all products of the Studio Tomorrow Corporation, the game Human Resource Machine is endowed with nice graphics, funny characters, stylish music and branded jokes.

Download game Human Resource Machine from the App Store:

qr-code - Human Resource Machine (iOS)Download game Human Resource Machine from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Human Resource Machine (Android)Survival Arena

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Survival Arena Logo

  • Developer: Game Insight
  • Cost: free

The developers of the Studio Game Insight presented a game that may soon stand on a par with such hits as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. We are talking about strategy, Survival Arena, which, like the two mentioned project, claims the title of the founder of an entirely new subgenre in mobile online games.

Survival Arena is the first large-scale pirate Tower Defense with multiplayer and PvP. The network component is not limited to banal ranking of players, there’s a full battle against each other, where two players in absolutely identical conditions on the same field competing in the building and holding of waves of enemies.

PvP is not the main mode of gameplay, although it is great for the showdown with other players. Key mode — the arena, where all players compete in tactical abilities in isolation from each other. In such arenas usually no chance for a mistake, you need to keep 100% of enemies.

Each arena is a 24 — hour tournament, participating in which you repeatedly try their hand. The winner will be the one who’ll destroy as many enemies as possible in a single attempt, that is murder are not cumulative.

Once in ten or even a hundred of the best players in your League, You will receive a generous reward, which increases the chances of winning subsequent battles. Basically it maps the towers, heroes or fighters. Yes, there are heroes, and even infantry: demolition, hunters, Pyromania and other. However, their presence does not turns the game into a banal strategy is primarily Tower Defense, where a competent defense will be your key weapons.

There are in-game and weight gain, and traditional genre “shells from the sky” who will save the desperate situation. All “buns” are given to the player gradually and very steadily, eliminating any imbalance. No hard dependency on investment — in the game only one currency, which you can obtain for viewing short commercials and do for any, albeit small, victory.

With all its dynamics and excitement inherent in the Survival Arena could not swim, if not a gorgeous visual design, pirate style, and the most convenient interface, which makes the game understandable even unfamiliar with the genre users.

This exciting TD‑strategy looks like a brand new word in online games, it is likely that soon it will have clones. And once the Clash of Clans, and then have a Clash Royale. All they are is a kind of the pioneers of fresh mechanics, able to attract millions of players.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Survival Arena

To download the game Survival Arena from the App Store:

qr-code - Survival Arena (iOS)Download game Survival Arena from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Survival Arena (Android)Tower Defense: Alien War TD

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Tower Defense. Alien War TD Logo

  • Developer: Do Tu Anh
  • Cost: free

Defense: Alien war TD is a quality strategy game where You fight alien creatures. Prepare to battle with them is not going to be easy, but to stop the invasion after all, someone is bound.

You will find yourself back in the year 2850. At this time, the easier the movement between galaxies. Because of this, many beings from different planets immediately rushed in search of energy sources. For survival thanks to the remarkable evolution of the alien creatures the power to turn into energy for various organic substances. Because of this massively destroy everything that comes their way. Now mankind need all the strength to fend off enemies in order not to die, and not give our own planet to the wolves. If You are a fan of games with defense towers then read on.

The storyline tells us that people were able to make new weapons, but also enough to develop it so that it could kill the aliens. Become an integral part of the Alliance of humanity to stop the invasion of the arrogant of creatures. Show me that people are so just in themselves do not give offense. Use a variety of weapons systems, do a surprise attack, constantly increase their destructive power. Your strategy must be reasonable, because the enemy is not stupid and his power is huge. Develop your own logical, strategic thinking to achieve desired results.

For defense You will be able to use landmines, bombs and ultracold air flow. When tired to fight, let the battles, air Alliance, consisting of five aircraft. A nuclear bomb certainly will teach the invaders. Don’t miss the opportunity to burn enemies, applying for this self-propelled artillery.

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Graphic design in the game “Defense: Alien war TD” is quite lively and beautiful. The team of creators have tried to do everything at the highest level. Sound effects in the game are chosen very well, are unobtrusive, and perfectly fit into the game atmosphere.

Download game Tower Defense: Alien War TD from the App Store:

qr-code - Tower Defense. Alien War TD (iOS)Download game Tower Defense: Alien War TD from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Tower Defense. Alien War TD (Android)Corridor Z

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Corridor Z Logo

  • Developer: Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
  • Cost: free

One day in the most ordinary weekday, one of the average schools during chem class the incident occurred, in which most students and their teachers have become the walking dead. Yes, imagine, on all floors of this wonderful institution began the chaos, the blood flowed freely. Fortunately someone managed to get to the phone and call in the national guard. Unfortunately, all the fighters, who arrived on call, ate, and managed to survive only Sergeant Williams, who were locked together with two pupils in one of the classrooms on the third floor.

In the game “Corridor Z” you will alternately play for each of the three characters (Logan, Williams, and Megan) and make dashes from one area to another, and do it until You are going to get out of this wretched building. By the way, the gameplay in this new product is implemented as in an ordinary runner, but unlike most similar projects in this masterpiece the main character running at the camera, and you only need with the swipe in time to collapse on the turns, and throw standing along the walls, the objects on the floor, in order to somehow slow down their hungry pursuers with rumbling stomachs.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Corridor Z (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Corridor Z (3)Download game Corridor Z from App Store:

qr-code - Corridor Z (iOS)Download game Corridor Z from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Corridor Z (Android)Evoland

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Evoland Logo

  • Developer: By Playdigious
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS) 144,99 UAH (Android)

Evoland is a truly unique game, which not so long ago as his debut project was presented by the guys from “Shiro Games”. According to her story, you need to take control of a brave knight from the once legendary order of the Dragon, and try to use it to protect the land and citizens of the Kingdom “Terra monsters” from the attacks of the enemy. In General the story as a plot, nothing special in this ingenious no, what can be said about the gameplay.

The main highlight of this game was the fact that it is not just an ordinary game of the genre “RPG”, and most of this visual encyclopedia of the gaming industry over the past 20 years. So, in other words, at the beginning of the project you expect a 16 bit graphics with pixel drawing, like the first primitive PC, which over time will get better and better, to find new tones and music, to acquire such features as: saving, smooth scrolling, turn-based battles, items, RPG, and so on up to modern 3D graphics with astounding special effects. In General, during the game You will see with your own eyes how primitive games were gradually developed and transformed into tricked-out projects console level.

To download the game Evoland from the App Store:

qr-code - Evoland (iOS)Download game nimble quest from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Evoland (Android)Helicopter Sim Pro

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (29 мая - 4 июня) - Helicopter Sim Pro Logo

  • Developer: RORTOS SRL
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS) 139,99 UAH (Android)

The largest use of helicopters found in the armed forces of all countries, as they are perfectly suited to supply the troops with ammunition, transportation of troops and wounded soldiers, and the same can easily not only to conduct intelligence operations, but also to attack the enemy forces using rockets and machine guns mounted on Board. By the way, this is all we are telling you for a reason, because the game Helicopter Sim Pro serves to be a pilot of combat helicopter “HAWK SH-60B”.

You will be placed in group “HELLFIRE SQUADRON” and offered to perform no less than 30 exciting missions, consisting of more than 90 combat missions (evacuation of the wounded, cleaning of territories, landing on aircraft carriers, the delivery of weapons, and so on).

Now as for the controls in the game “Helicopter Sim Pro”. First, to lift and hold the bird in the air you will learn how to simultaneously use the accelerometer to move back and forth, two pedals to turn around its axis, and the wheel for changing height. Second, you can fire two guns located on the sides of the stern and rocket launchers. And third, never forget the save button of countermeasures that will save your life from direct exposure to thermal rockets and missiles RPG.

Download game Helicopter Sim Pro from the App Store:

qr-code - Helicopter Sim Pro (iOS)Download game Helicopter Sim Pro from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Helicopter Sim Pro (Android)Some of these games and applications you like the most? Share with us in comments.

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