Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (may 8-14)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (may 8-14)

For the period from 8 to 14 may in Google Play and App Store there were many interesting applications, the best of which are traditionally included in our weekly TOP 10. If You missed our last “ten”, follow this link.

Agent A

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Agent A Logo

  • Developer: Yak & co
  • Cost: just $0.99 (iOS), 10.0 UAH (Android)

Often games, the outcome of which makes radically reconsider its attitude towards it as a whole, raise legitimate concerns. Game Agent A is no exception to these rules until the final is an exceptionally stylish and exciting puzzle game in the genre of “point-and-click”, devoid of most shortcomings, which often err projects in this category.

In puzzle Agent you will be offered A “try on” the identity of a secret agent, to find and neutralize a cunning and dangerous spy ruby La Rouge. Last may, the creators thought, as a kind of variation of “femme fatale”, but the track record of its outrages deprives her of any hint of charm. In particular, in the beginning of the game it becomes known that she blew up the whole ship and sent to the light without a small squad of innocent people.

Despite the fact that the villas open directly on to the beach, the waves of which still carry fragments of the same blown-up boats, intelligence agencies can not find a trace criminals. And only the Agent And seem to be able to find the source of daring espionage machinations.

As in all “point-and-click” adventure game, in Agent A you have to look for items, collect them and, from time to time, combine with other items to solve puzzles. All the action will take place in the mansion ruby La Rouge, numerous rooms and spaces which must be searched, trying to find herself as the villain, and the evidence of her involvement in espionage and murder.

What is really impressive about the game is some kind of inherent harmony – it seems that there is nothing superfluous. However, no Agent A and a complex of mysteries, but each of them is directly connected with the plot and focused on the process of capture of the villain, which somewhat shifts the focus directly from the puzzles. At the same time of meet items there are no excess, contrary to the logic of the narrative and the game in General. The office is also the most thoughtful and extremely easy to learn.

And precisely because of this universal skladnosti and lack of roughness, the project is unlikely to encourage those fans of the genre, who see the beauty in the difficult mysteries. Here will not be such as will not be in Agent A and explosive plot twists. Quiet, quiet and exemplary “smooth” gameplay, where every detail is in place and does not predict any surprises – good or bad.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is the first episode of the game, but in the process of passing you nobody will tell. Waiting at least a hint of the outcome will cruelly cheated in the final. And this is probably the biggest surprise of the project. If the first episode ended at least one storyline, there’s no question the game would not have arisen. But since the developers did not care to invent normal ending, after the passage creates the impression that spent puzzle time was spent in vain. The only hope for the following episodes, as the game is really worthwhile.

Download game Agent A from the App Store:

qr-code - Agent A (iOS)Download game Agent A from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Agent A (Android)Skyblock — craft your island

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Skyblock - craft your island Logo

  • Developer: Playstarz Inc.
  • Cost: free

SkyBlock: Craft your island is a variation on the theme of Minecraft, both in graphic style and game. However, the effect in this case is not on the surface, and some “air” Islands.

To move from one location SkyBlock: Craft your island to another to perform certain tasks, so a sandbox game is difficult to call. In the end, you can get wings that allow to fly between the Islands. For fans of competition, there are cooperative modes via the Internet or Wi‑Fi with people nearby.

Download game Skyblock — craft your island from the App Store:

qr-code - Skyblock - craft your island (iOS)Download game Skyblock — craft your island from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Skyblock - craft your island (Android)Sitomania: Building A City

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Ситимания. Строим Город Logo

  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Cost: free

This project is perhaps the best city building game. This is your chance to build the most beautiful city in the world. Build, expand the territory, change of plan – the city’s fate in your hands! Do not stop there: hire agile characters, add them to your collection and watch as everything develops.

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Construct the best buildings and turn your quiet town into a bustling metropolis. Don’t forget to build in your city’s best sights: Eiffel tower, tower of London, or the leaning tower of Pisa (everyone will find something for yourself) and make it attractive to tourists.

Collect a bunch of amazing characters with unique abilities. In the future we can expect smart fork, floating airships and a selfie, but so far the 21st century is gaining momentum. This is clearly evidenced by the ability to build and synthesize the building in the best modern skyscrapers and open specialization. The opening of each specialization allows your city to develop in different directions: the nature conservancy, Commerce, Education and Culture. Choose what best fits your strategy.

Download game of Sitomania: Building a City from App Store:

qr-code - Ситимания. Строим Город (iOS)Download game of Sitomania: Building a City from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Ситимания. Строим Город (Android)To the Moon

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - To the Moon Logo

  • Developer: D. X. Network Inc.
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS), 134,99 UAH (Android)

For those of you not familiar with the original, To the Moon is a mobile version of a very highly appreciated by the press indie RPG with classic graphics and innovative story. Its main characters are two unusual doctor, helping the dying to live again a part of life and to fulfill one of the most important dream that they once missed.

This time their client was the old johnny, who, as it turned out, once wanted to become an astronaut that will fly to the moon. It would seem, the usual dream is to fulfill our heroes, however, all is not so simple. Why? It will be revealed with each new step in the immersion of doctors in the past johnny, because that is where lies the main secret of the patient, which we learn only at the very end.

The developers of To the Moon tried to make a classic graphic role-playing game, even a little reminiscent of the old JRPG. However, this is only stylization, cool backgrounds and textures, even in 16‑bit style, give it. The gameplay itself is quite diverse, it is a truly a story that evolves depending on your actions.

Download game To the Moon from the App Store:

qr-code - To the Moon (iOS)Download game To the Moon from Google Play Market:

qr-code - To the Moon (Android)Injustice 2

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Injustice 2 Logo

  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Cost: free

Recently in Google Play and the App Store became available for download mobile fighting game Injustice 2, which combines the key superheroes and villains of the DC universe. In this game You will be able to form a team of your favorite characters, making side-by-side to fight Batman and the Joker, Harley Quinn and Bane, Deadshot and the Flash, and many others.

The game worked the same team of developers that have moved to mobile platforms Mortal Kombat X — NetherRealm, which removes questions regarding the reasons for the similarity with the MKX, Injustice 2. Even though the game was pretty dynamic and interesting. It offers equally a quick battle mode 3 for 3 with leveling and different variants of the same characters.

The creators believe that Injustice 2 is a huge step forward in all directions. The game offers to learn a new dynamic controls that allow you to jump, Crouch, shoot, and perform the epic super arts, and is famous for Injustice. All this is true, but you should not expect full freedom in management. All traditionally tied to the endless swipe and tap on the screen.

In the campaign of Injustice 2 continues the storyline of Injustice: Gods Among Us. In the future Batman and his allies will try once again to build a United society, but they are opposed by those who dream of the return of dictatorship of Superman. In the midst of this chaos arises a new danger that threatens the very existence of the Earth.

You repeatedly have to prove your skills, unlock new fighters, win awards and learn new techniques. Regardless of ranking, each character can be strengthened and even to teach new skills. Makes sense to initially invest in a couple characters of low rank to help you get more threat of the hero.

Download game Injustice 2 from the App Store:

qr-code - Injustice 2 (iOS)Download game Injustice 2 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Injustice 2 (Android)Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Riven. The Sequel to Myst Logo

  • Developer: Cyan Worlds
  • Cost: is $3.99 (iOS) 109,99 UAH (Android)

Riven: The Sequel to Myst is a mobile and highly improved version of sequel to the quest Myst, which even surpassed the first part. As in the case of the original transfer to smartphones, here conducted careful porting with the improved graphics quality of the game and commercials.

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The plot of Riven: The Sequel to Myst continues after the end of Myst. Our hero, referred to only as the wanderer, enters the world of Riven, created by the mad Gene, where he planned to rule as God. There are character meets the son of the villain of atrus, who wants to free this world and some other neighbor, and at the same time to save the beautiful Catherine. This girl was dedicated to his wife Gene, however, fell in love with atrous.

So traveling on the five Islands of Riven on Maglev and four dimensions with the help of books, the Stranger and have to find a way to drive a Gene into a trap. At the same time, inattentive all these wonderful and very memorable places and the wrong decisions can lead to bad endings. In total the game has 9 different endings, each very different from the other.

Download the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst from the App Store:

qr-code - Riven. The Sequel to Myst (iOS)Download the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Riven. The Sequel to Myst (Android)Dream League Soccer 2017

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Dream League Soccer 2017 Logo

  • Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.
  • Cost: free

Simulation is currently very popular: there are simulators of bread, and simulation of stone, and where the same without sports. Dream League Soccer 2017 is a football simulator with its own characteristics both in terms of gameplay and in terms of graphics.

The developers of Dream League Soccer 2017 as “a revolution in the field of sports”. Well, you can’t disagree with this statement, because the game is really good.

After You have installed the game, you are greeted by two eminent footballer shot is not the best way both out of breath, something intense. Well, after one tap on the screen, all this mess will change the main screen of the game. It 6 main keys, three of which are game mode, let’s go through each mode separately.

The first is the game with the bot in any League. A lot to tell about this won’t because everyone knows how to play with the computer. Write only about what artificial intelligence has become smarter than previous versions. Here’s the online version is much more interesting than usual, because to play with real people, with suitable rank. The third regime can be called pumping their own team. It is clear that it is not without Donati, which are a dime a dozen. There is still a free game, it is essentially no mode, and just practice.

Control Dream League Soccer 2017 easy with which to understand even a three year old schoolboy, and at the beginning of the game is given a little training. Only after a long game fingers start to slide across the screen, and therefore, random clicking happens very often. The joystick is not at all convenient because the finger continuously moves down with it. Better for this case to buy a special gamepad.

Setting the game is very flexible, it is convenient to choose the scale of the map, from what angle it is, but variations of control are almost there, that, of course, only sad.

Graphics on high, insert after goals, for example, looks pretty realistic. Gameplay is so dynamic that blink of an eye, and the ball is already on the other side of the field!

Download game Dream League Soccer 2017 from the App Store:

qr-code - Dream League Soccer 2017 (iOS)Download game Dream League Soccer 2017 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Dream League Soccer 2017 (Android)Extreme Car Driving Simulator: San Francisco

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Extreme Car Driving Simulator. San Francisco Logo

  • Developer: AxesInMotion S. L.
  • Cost: free

Car Driving Simulator SF is a racing arcade game, developed three-dimensional locations of the city, employed in various competitions, contests and competitions: game events unfold in San Francisco, in the city, where life does not cease. Before joining the gang of street racers you have to pass a series of tests – this race through the streets and jumping on trampolines on the roofs of houses and garages and collect various items hidden on the map.

The basic keys in Car Driving Simulator SF located on the screen of the mobile device is and the gas and brake pedals, and the hands to rotate and position in space, the icon with the camera that defines the view of tracking the car. Still available in small settings, like ABS and TC is the shift of the braking system, clutch control. To go into details, beginners should not, while the professionals will definitely enjoy the added complexity.

Nice feature the race – multiple anti-aliasing, dynamic change of day and night, work on small parts and a nice range of drawing objects.

Download game Extreme Car Driving Simulator: San Francisco from the App Store:

qr-code - Extreme Car Driving Simulator. San Francisco (iOS)Download game Extreme Car Driving Simulator: San Francisco from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Extreme Car Driving Simulator. San Francisco (Android)Naviaddress

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Naviaddress Logo

  • Developer: Naviworld
  • Cost: free
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Recently, the network appeared a huge number of different mapping apps, but their main disadvantage is that they are all made as “a blueprint”: and if, for example, you need to explain to the friends meeting place, which is difficult to find, none of the usual applications they won’t help you.

Naviaddress is an application that allows you to navigate in this vast world, accurate to one square meter. The main feature of this app is the ability to assign address anything, even a tree in the Park near the house. For evening rendezvous well, just most of it, especially for such cases you can hide ‘ on the map. In fact Naviaddress is a global digital addressable system that assigns to each place in the world a unique digital address.

Digital address much more thoughtful and accurate than a postal address, it does not have to bother with coordinates. It contains up to 6 digits after the so-called “container”: the latter contains the country code and area code, as well as the short address of the facility. To the same numeric address can be created not only for, but also the events, and this is an important advantage over other map services.

To make it even more convenient to use cards, it also includes the ability to call a taxi using Uber. Provides the ability to share created his or someone else’s address with the help of social networks and messengers (perfect for loud parties), and you can add to favorites any address.

Besides the fact that the address can be convenient to share, it is worth noting a convenient search field that simplifies navigation. No need to wait when you load another map app (especially since there are not actual cards), everything here is fast — found the place, opened a photo, Orient. By the way, Naviaddress each user has his own profile where he can set the visibility on the map, use the feedback and so on.

We can safely say that this app makes you rethink your attitude to the cards. Don’t want to open something else, besides the program is available for free.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Naviaddress (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Naviaddress (3)Download the app Naviaddress from App Store:

qr-code - Naviaddress (iOS)Download app Naviaddress from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Naviaddress (Android)Badoo

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Badoo Logo

  • Developer: Badoo Software Ltd
  • Cost: free

It is difficult to count the number of cases where the guy saw in the street a pretty girl did not take the time her contacts, and then tried unsuccessfully to find it in social networks. With the development of technology to search for people has become easier and this will help you app Badoo.

Not so long ago a well-known Dating service has fully restarted: now he has a convenient and simple app for iOS and Android, which became brighter and much easier to use. The application is divided into four main sections — “the People nearby”, “Users”, “Chat” and “Profile”. It is through the first section and searches for the mysterious stranger or the stranger.

Badoo users who have been with you during the day, stored in the app and highlighted in purple icon — they are also called “Crossing”. Why? Just You can one-click to open the profile of that user to see exactly where You crossed paths with him. And, of course, immediately start communicating — for example, with a small gift.

The app is available lots of profiles of real girls and young people, where you can find information about the user, his photographs and, if you are interested, to contact.

Special attention deserves the section with profiles to swipe. Here Badoo offers you the profiles of girls or young people who can either pass, using a swipe to the left, or to get to know them better if the type was to your liking.

And, of course, will not go away the main social component of the application — chats. If You have sympathy for the user, can contact him in chat, which provides for the possibility to share media files, location and even send gifts.

Obviously, after restarting the app has become much easier and more interesting, and with the introduction of “Intersection” no need to be afraid to lose sight of the beautiful stranger — in the evening I will write to her to chat. The app is available absolutely for free.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Badoo (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (8 - 14 мая) - Badoo (3)Download the app Badoo from the App Store:

qr-code - Badoo (iOS)Download app Badoo from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Badoo (Android)Which of the above games and applications you like more? Share with us in comments.

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