Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (17 — July 23)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (17 — July 23)

For the period from 17 to 23 July in stores Google Play and App Store appeared a considerable number of interesting applications, the best of which we’ve added to our weekly “top ten”. If You missed our last “TOP 10”, follow this link.

Street Heroes

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Street Heroes Logo

  • Developer: INFIPLAY
  • Cost: free

Because of the large variety of puzzles, quests and games of “three in a row” we seem to have completely forgotten about such a cool genre, like a fighting game. And, by the way, quite undeservedly — now similar games, there are many, however not every can tighten as a product, which will be discussed further.

The game is called Street Heroes not so long ago stormed the vastness of the App Store and Google Play, and has managed to acquire an impressive player base. It is not surprising, because the developers essentially connected so loved by many old and modern fighting games have implemented them in the same game with fancy graphics, storyline and so on.

To start playing, no need to go through tedious registration process — just come in with the same Game Center, and you can join the fight. After a short demonstration of the main features of the game you will be given a complete carte Blanche from the storyline, of course, will not depart, but in addition fights in the game has many other interesting features.

The player is available 20 characters, each of which has unique skills and abilities. Looks very funny reference to famous characters like Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson, which is very similar to some heroes. The characters and simple: attack up on the top right of the screen, two taps at the same time — receiving unit, and the accumulation of rage appear best kicks that you want to select in the lower left part of the screen.

Each player has its own team of heroes with which he is the head of the game, while characters from time to time may change — for example, if to join the team defeated the fighters out cards to new members. A very important role in Street plays Heroes tactics: if the time to choose a character and give it to store energy, which is necessary for the crown beats, you can make your team practically invincible. In addition, the characters behave differently to each other, and some characters, for example, give bonuses when used with other.

Characters can be improved and pump to not only successfully pass the chapters of the game, but not to be a weakling in the tournament — the last open at once, you will need to gain experience to unlock it. In between battles, and the character to improve, and diamonds to spend to restore power and open the card with a new character.

Separately want to mention graphics in the game look cool, not only the arena and the players, but the animations of punches, blocks and special moves during battle. In addition, the game completely Russified, including the Russian voice is present. To play really not only interesting, but nice, have to give credit to the developers. On the one hand, everything is consistent, and doesn’t know whether the bear your team next battle.

Since this game is available for free, it is logical to see here in-app purchases. Donati, though many, but you will be able to go through many levels and collect a decent team. Are in-app purchases, for example, for leveling at low levels, or if the well does not come to pass battle.

As the graphics in Street-level Heroes, the game is quite demanding on the hardware. If you missed the good old fighting games, be sure to download this masterpiece!

Download game Street Heroes from the App Store:

qr-code - Street Heroes (iOS)Download game Street Heroes from Google Play:

qr-code - Street Heroes (Android)SpaceTapTap

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - SpaceTapTap Logo

  • Developer: Cho MinHyuk
  • Cost: free

Lately in the App Store and Google Play there are more games that are absolutely meaningless and endless. These games are not endowed with a plot or some kind of extreme coaching mindset idea. They are created only in order to waste your time, but even these games are getting better and more interesting. Game SpaceTapTap is one of the best representatives of their genre.

The first thing that conquers in SpaceTapTap is the lack of 8-bit graphics, which is so often used in time-killers. The second advantage of the product is quite an original idea.

You have to fly up on a rocket. On the way the spacecraft will come across a variety of the body. You can smash them about the ship and finish the game, and can fly through their orbit, changing the direction of flight. Task – to fly as far as possible.

To fly far away from the bodies will not leave. They will try to destroy your ship, and to fly far enough, you will have to actively tap on the screen.

Of course, the game has diamonds of different ship models that you can buy for the money, and advertising. In this kind of games without it anywhere…

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - SpaceTapTap (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - SpaceTapTap (3)Download game SpaceTapTap from App Store:

qr-code - SpaceTapTap (iOS)Download game SpaceTapTap from Google Play:

qr-code - SpaceTapTap (Android)To the Moon

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - To the Moon Logo

  • Developer: D. X. Network Inc.
  • Cost: $2,99 (iOS) of 73.00 UAH (Android)
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Indie games not everyone likes. At the mention of such projects in the imagination is often a picture of some cheap crafts, with a sad, dramatic story and the primitive pixel graphics. However, among such creativity often come across games that resonate in the hearts of the General public. For example, a project in the genre of adventure “To the Moon”, which developers have recently moved to mobile platforms iOS and Android.

The game’s plot is pretty interesting. In the future scientists learned how to rewrite the memory of people. One application of this discovery was the ability to edit memories of a single person so that he, contrary to the real situation, believed that he lived his life happily, realizing all their dreams. Due to the fact that such interference in the depths of consciousness turned out to be a costly procedure, it is usually were ordered just before his death. This gave the opportunity to the person, at least at the end of his existence, to feel that he had a great life and managed to embody in a reality all their dreams and desires.

We see the main character – a man who is at death, which is surrounded by those same scientists. They are ready to start the editing process memory, because thrown with him a few words, and trigger mechanism for the replacement of memories. Character is decades younger, and all drop-down possibilities in his life get a new chance for implementation. Old man with a childhood dream to visit the moon and, thanks to this journey into his past is to rewrite it anew, to live it the way he wanted it.

So, the player will be with the main character to participate in the most memorable events of his life — will be able to trace the path of the character from the cradle to old age. Along with the main character he will witness the simple joys and sorrows, have lots of light moments and can observe of the successes and failures of an ordinary man. Sounds maybe boring, but in fact project To the Moon surprises with its special spiritual mood, which rarely is found among the products of the gaming industry.

Their offspring, the developers belong to the genre of JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game Japanese role-playing game). However, examples of this genre, it is distinguished by its peaceful: no fights, shootings and other combat elements. But in the project there are many simple puzzles and interesting locations that should be investigated. Graphics, of course, far from perfect, but in this case it plays a secondary role, and fits perfectly into the overall picture. We should also mention a wonderful soundtrack.

Download game Drop Wizard Tower from the App Store:

qr-code - To the Moon (iOS)Download game To the Moon from Google Play:

qr-code - To the Moon (Android)Lumino City

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Lumino City Logo

  • Developer: State of Play Games
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS), of 132.00 UAH (Android)

Lumino City is a puzzle adventure that is a sequel to the original game Lume. The development project lasted for three years. The visual component of the game is a hand-made decorations, created from cardboard, wood and miniature bulbs.

The developers focused on the visual imagery, brought it to perfection, what can be said about the gameplay — the game is very original, but easy enough.

History Lumino City begins with the kidnapping of the grandfather of the main heroine, girl, Lumi. According to the rules, she goes to find him, overcoming obstacles along the way, and opening the story puzzles. The initial reason for kidnapping not explain during the passage, but right at the end credits.

The visual component was literally created by the developers manually – from rags, cardboard and miniature bulbs. It is this feature of the game is its main “chip”. All the details of the game world is so wonderfully crafted that there is a desire to continue the passage solely for the sake of admiring the scenery. In this respect, Lumino City – a truly exemplary game.

But the puzzles are not so simple. They are sometimes so easy that I lost the desire to solve them. Sometimes the control of the main character quite picky – detects movements only in specific points.

In General, Lumino City is undoubtedly original and colorful project, but it lacks some properties to become one of the best in its genre. In fact, the whole game only keeps the visual component. But you can’t say a single bad word. This alone it is worth to take a look that represents this project.

Download game Lumino City from the App Store:

qr-code - Lumino City (iOS)Download game Lumino City from Google Play:

qr-code - Lumino City (Android)A Planet of Mine

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - A Planet of Mine Logo

  • Developer: Tuesday Quest
  • Cost: free

The most successful examples of mobile games is a project that recreates traditionally difficult genres on touch devices. It is to such representatives is the new game A Planet Of Mine from the Studio Tuesday Quest, developed in the genre of 4X-strategy, or global strategy.

In the game A Planet Of Mine, users have to colonize different planets. Suggests starting with one planet, the people who must perform various tasks, for example, to harvest or to build buildings. The planet itself is made in the form of a two-dimensional cylinder divided into different plots of land. The segment on which is located the mountains, suitable for construction of mines, areas with water bodies can be used for the construction of wells, segments with forested areas to replenish stocks of food, etc. the Whole game is in portrait mode and to the wheels of the planet, you can easily reach it with your index finger. In fact, it can easily play with one hand.

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Management in the game by using the taps, and both short and long. For example, long-pressing is used for different actions, for example, the purchase of various items. Thus players will be more difficult for the mistake to buy or create something unnecessary.

Time to A Planet Of Mine measured slow rotation of the planet clockwise, but if you want to hurry to complete the construction of the building or any other task, the movement of the wheel can be accelerated by pressing on it with your finger.

At first the game is unclear exactly what to do. So be prepared for the fact that to grasp all the subtleties of A Planet Of Mine will take a few attempts.

A Planet Of Mine is difficult to name an equivalent strategy for consoles and the PC, but it has more depth than it seems at first glance. Here everyone will find something to do whether it’s exploring the Solar system, the conquest of other planets, establishing cooperation with other colonies, etc. the Game is free, however new modes and races you can open only if you make a purchase. Any purchase will also open the other game modes.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - A Planet of Mine (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - A Planet of Mine (2)Download game A Planet of Mine from the App Store:

qr-code - A Planet of Mine (iOS)Download game A Planet of Mine from Google Play:

qr-code - A Planet of Mine (Android)Broken Age ™

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Broken Age ™ Logo

  • Developer: Double Fine Productions, Inc.
  • Cost: just $1.99 (iOS), 109, 99 UAH (Android)

The name Tim Schafer is well known to anyone igroman. A native of LucasArts, who opened his Studio Double Fine, often pleases fans of non-trivial games own products. The game Broken Age has gained popularity worldwide and is now available at a considerable discount.

The reason for the popularity of the game Broken Age, which was launched on Kickstarter, is a complex of features due to a non-trivial approach to the work of Tim Schafer. Abandoning the quest saturation of difficult puzzles, the developer focused on story, characters, and details of the game. This does not mean that the game has no challenging puzzles — they are, but sparing the intelligence of the gamer. “Okazualivanie”, that is, the simplification of the passing game, was not an end in itself but was subordinated to the requirements of the plot.

In Broken Age is the story sets the tone of the entire game, and that, on the basis of its twists and turns appear puzzles with puzzles. This may deter potential players, but in the reviewer’s opinion, Broken Age is in the plot plan outstanding game and in future it is quite possible its adaptation.

The game has two main characters — teenagers Shay and Vella. In the story, tired of aimless exploration, pilot Shay is looking for some loophole in a world filled with events and adventures, not an illusion.

In contrast to the guy, the girl Vella quite a busy life. When meeting with this character, before it just gets the task of salvation from the sacrifice of the beast. Striving for a calm life, Vella will get into the history with every step. Both characters, following in her path, will meet only at the end of the game.

Actually, the game does not end, what I recall the inscription “to be continued”.

Download game Broken Age ™ from the App Store:

qr-code - Broken Age ™ (iOS)Download game Broken Age from Google Play:

qr-code - Broken Age (Android)Object 17

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Object 17 Logo

  • Developer: ROM Games
  • Cost: just $0.99 (iOS) free (Android)

Text quests are a rather special genre of games. Despite the fact that the game industry and then delights us with a fascinating big-budget innovations, the number of fans of interactive stories has not diminished. Is not decreasing and the number of releases, invariably attracts the attention as a gaming community and critics.

In the game Object 17 we have to help a character to deal with complex and potentially dangerous situation. This time the main character is a nameless clerk, living an extremely boring life, most of which takes unloved job. One day, returning home at night in a dark alley, he gets something heavy on the head, loses consciousness, and then wakes up in an unfamiliar old room.

Beside him he finds a messenger with a single contact, which he hastens to write, appealing for help. From that moment the game takes the user. He will tell the character where to go and what to do. Every decision taken by the user may have for the hero unpleasant consequences, up to death, because it is important to think through every step.

So, obviously, the clerk someone was kidnapped. And the player will not just help the guy get out of prison, but also to find out why someone would want this boring type. The danger will lie in wait at every corner, but almost always the user will be able to save the main character. And if you still keep alive the guy does not, you can always start the game over or since the last decision.

On the positive side can be noted the oppressive atmosphere and good storyline — fans of suspense should be like. The game is designed for two or three days, because the intrigue will be kept for a long time. On the other hand, the developer went overboard with forcing this intrigue: responses from the main character in the most intense moments come not at once. Over time, this is totally unnecessary delay of the game becomes a bit annoying.

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Also, for all its virtues, not to mention the unfinished ending. No open endings, but no catharsis from junction. However, questions to the end, the developer promised to resolve in the Object 18 is the sequel to the game in question.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Object 17 (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Object 17 (2)Download game Object 17 from the App Store:

qr-code - Object 17 (iOS)Download game Object 17 from Google Play:

qr-code - Object 17 (Android)Ducktales

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Утиные истории Logo

  • Developer: Disney
  • Cost: just $1.99 (iOS), UAH 132,99 (Android)

Ducktales: remastered is another remake of the game created based on the cult animated series of the 80-ies of the last century, Disney has been developed specifically for users of iOS and Android platform. Duck tales is a colorful game with a great storyline and plenty of recognizable images.

Created with care for those who are nostalgic for the days of carefree childhood and the delight in the eyes ready to empathize with a textbook miser Scrooge McDuck. The richest duck in the world, following the call of the irrepressible greed, goes to surf the planet and its environs, according to the tradition, ignoring the fact that treasure hunters and so much more than one.

To deal with emerging problems must help a trio of nephews. Not superfluous will be the ability to collect are imbued with the magic gems and personal courage – when begins the fight for the last dime, nothing can stand in melee against an elderly trillionaire and his trusty cane.

For those who find it difficult to see in Scrooge’s ideological heir to Indiana Jones there is a simplified mode of passing. It is also useful for the younger generation who is not familiar with the animation hits of the last century.

“Duck tales” was released in 1987, and then came the 8-bit games on a Dendy, adaptations for Gameboy, countless comics and fanfiction. A real layer of history, cultural section, rich story and an instructive story – is a sin not to move the franchise on iOS and Android.

Without further ADO, the developers borrowed the key characters and ambiance of the original project, but considerably improved what is happening. First, completely redrawn the picture, and secondly- a new voice with the involvement of Hollywood celebrities. Thirdly, declared full support for gamepads, that will be useful during the critical rendezvous with the bosses. And finally, the many references to original content in the form of screenshots, sketches, mini-movies, and most of them will be disclose only after accumulating a certain amount of bonuses.

The game is also supported by consoles, Apple TV 4th generation and newer.

Download game ducktales from the App Store:

qr-code - Утиные истории (iOS)Download game ducktales from Google Play:

qr-code - Утиные истории (Android)DogHotel: kennel for dogs

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - DogHotel. питомник для собак Logo

  • Developer: Tivola
  • Cost: free

DogHotel: kennel for dogs is a very specific business simulator in which you will learn not only to manage the real hotel for dogs, but also to perform it duties of ordinary workers.

You have to engage in full-care private nursery, and to learn how abilities should take care of his guests (to comb them to train, walk, wash, feed, entertain, and so on), and perform all the orders of their wealthy owners, who are willing for fulfillment of their desires to pay huge amounts of money. By the way, these funds can not only increase the number of seats available at your institution, but also to Refine it (to purchase new enclosures, open additional food for guests, replace WC, perekleit Wallpaper in the office, and so on).

In General, if you like Pets, and dogs in particular, a game called DogHotel: kennel for dogs should come to your liking.

Game download DogHotel: kennel for dogs from App Store:

qr-code - DogHotel. питомник для собак (iOS)Game download DogHotel: kennel for dogs from Google Play:

qr-code - DogHotel. питомник для собак (Android)Helicopter Sim

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (17 - 23 июля) - Helicopter Sim Logo

  • Developer: RORTOS SRL
  • Cost: free

The largest use of helicopters found in the armed forces of all countries, as they are perfectly suited to supply the troops with ammunition, transportation of troops and wounded soldiers, and the same can easily not only to conduct intelligence operations, but also to attack the enemy forces using rockets and machine guns mounted on Board. By the way, this is all we are telling you for a reason, as the game Helicopter Sim will offer you to become a combat helicopter pilot “HAWK SH-60B”.

You immediately without further ADO enroll in group “HELLFIRE SQUADRON” and offered to perform no less than 30 exciting missions, consisting of more than 90 combat missions (evacuation of the wounded, cleaning of territories, landing on aircraft carriers, the delivery of weapons, and so on).

Now let’s talk about the convenience of management and in-game Helicopter Sim. First, to lift and hold the bird in the air, you have to learn at the same time use the accelerometer to move back and forth, two pedals to turn around its axis, and the wheel for changing height. Second, you can fire two guns located on the sides of the stern and rocket launchers. And thirdly, never forget about the save button of countermeasures that will save your life from direct exposure to thermal rockets and missiles RPG.

Download game Helicopter Sim from the App Store:

qr-code - Helicopter Sim (iOS)Download game Helicopter Sim from Google Play:

qr-code - Helicopter Sim (Android)Some of these games and applications you like the most? Share with us in comments.

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