Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (7-13 August)

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (7-13 August)

Despite the fact that in summer, in stores Google Play and App Store turns out not so many good applications as we would like, some of them still deserve attention. Present to you the ten best apps that have appeared from 7 to 13 August. If You missed our last TOP 10, follow this link.


Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Linelight Logo

  • Developed by: BT Productions
  • Cost: just $1.99 (iOS), 49,99 UAH (Android)

Every week in the App Store and Google Play published a huge number of games of different genres. Most of these products is a slightly modified version of what we have ever seen. However, sometimes the developers manage to show originality and to offer truly innovative gaming solutions. This discovery came as a BT Studio Productions, which has released a game called Linelight.

Linelight is a minimalistic puzzle game with some elements of platforming. Due to this, the gameplay is varied and not annoying. As a managed object in this game is the glowing line that is able to move only within a certain path marked with straight lines.

Most of these lines and are formed absolutely different game levels — this can be the location, stuffed with a lot of colored switches, or the whole maze, which constantly scurries enemies. The task in each level is roughly the same: reach the gold crystal and to open the passage to the next play area.

In total, Linelight about 200 unique puzzles, which are divided into 6 different worlds. At first glance it may seem that the game has a lot of dangling lines which are not present for the researchers of no value. In fact, this is absolutely not true — developers have hidden from the inattentive eye many hidden locations, which are fraught with unexpected and pleasant discoveries and surprises.

Game Linelight stands out with minimalistic but very nice graphics, quality sound and gameplay that today seems really fresh and unique. Another nice feature of the game is low cost and no in-app purchases.

Download game Linelight from the App Store:

qr-code - Linelight (iOS)Download game Linelight from Google Play:

qr-code - Linelight (Android)Calculator

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Calculator Logo

  • Developer: Simple Machine, LLC
  • Cost: free

Calculator is an arcade puzzle game in which you have to solve math problems using standard functions and the operations of the calculator. Each level has a certain goal that you must achieve over a specified number of moves. On the first levels to be achieved with simple actions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, but then the gameplay will introduce fractions and other more complex functions.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Calculator (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Calculator (3)Download game Calculator from the App Store:

qr-code - Calculator (iOS)Download game Calculator from Google Play:

qr-code - Calculator (Android)Questy Quest

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Questy Quest Logo

  • Developer: Mighty Games
  • Cost: free

At first glance Questy Quest may seem formulaic clicker, but this is true only by half. In this game you will act on behalf of greedy and fearless warrior who goes to fight monsters, while pursuing exclusively material interests. Despite the huge variety of enemies in the game, the main character has only one attack: in the bottom of the screen to run the slider, we need to click on the screen at the time of his passing targets and coins — if done correctly, the protagonist will hasten to give the aggressor a heavy blow.

Therefore, as you know, the whole gameplay is in fact limited to the usual tap, but tapping on the screen must accurately and precisely. The farther into the forest, the toothy wolves — each new enemy in a Questy Quest will get one extra point of health, and later to kill them will be very difficult. Fortunately the game has amplifiers: freezing, reducing the speed of movement of the slider; zip-up, removes a certain number of hit points from the enemy; amp blows, with which the hero can deal double damage, and so on.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Questy Quest (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Questy Quest (3)Download game Questy Quest from the App Store:

qr-code - Questy Quest (iOS)Download game Questy Quest from Google Play:

qr-code - Questy Quest (Android)Warriors of the road

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Воины дороги Logo

  • Developer: Lucky Kat Studios
  • Cost: free

Road warriors is a game from top teams Lucky Kat Studios, which has had the opportunity to celebrate a few cool products. The game Warriors of the road you can without a doubt be called good quality and bright work. The game is extremely dynamic and the furious road shooter with lots of action and explosions, but absolutely no brakes. Your task is to not only to be first in every race, but destroy the road of a greater number of competitors. For every spectacular destruction in the game you will receive gold coins which can be used to upgrade cars and unlock checkpoints in the race. It is worth noting that the game is really cool art and a great soundtrack.

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Download the game Warriors of the road from the App Store:

qr-code - Воины дороги (iOS)Game download road Warriors from Google Play:

qr-code - Воины дороги (Android)Flippy Knife

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Flippy Knife Logo

  • Developer: Oleg Beresnev
  • Cost: free

Game Flippy Knife is a kind of a less secure kind of challenge with the rotation of the bottles. Instead of the usual bottle with a small amount of water at the bottom you will throw into the air knives, axes, daggers, swords and other kind of bladed weapons. The business is extremely profitable and promises you a considerable amount of gold coins, which will unlock new weapons, each of which has its own weight and do spins in the air with an exceptional personality.

All in the game 4 locations, and each of them offers a new experience of interaction with machetes: the location with name “stump” you have to stick a knife in the surface of a huge felled tree; in the location of “home” these knives will travel around the interior elements of the picturesque huts; in the “forest” you will pursue quadcopter, sticking knives in the trunks of the trees; and in the location with the name “Tyr” check yourself for accuracy in hitting static and moving targets.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Flippy Knife (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Flippy Knife (3)Download game Flippy Knife from the App Store:

qr-code - Flippy Knife (iOS)Download game Flippy Knife from Google Play:

qr-code - Flippy Knife (Android)Vista Golf

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Vista Golf Logo

  • Developer: Shallot Games, LLC.
  • Cost: free

Vista Golf is quite a modest, minimalist, but very well made game. The game has quite nice graphics implementation, a huge number of diverse three-dimensional locations, as well as relaxing gameplay that will force you to some completely insane and sparkling action. Just pick up a Golf club and go through the game levels, trying to drive the ball in the hole in fewer strokes.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Vista Golf (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Vista Golf (3)Download game Vista Golf from the App Store:

qr-code - Vista Golf (iOS)Download game Vista Golf from Google Play:

qr-code - Vista Golf (Android)Car Driving School Simulator

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Car Driving School Simulator Logo

  • Developer: BoomBit Inc.
  • Cost: free

Most games in Google Play and App Store on automotive topics have very little in common with the real process of driving in the city. Of course, fun to drive, smashing everything in its path, but in life few people wish to replicate something similar. If you want a really realistic simulation of transport management, be sure to download the game Car Driving School Simulator.

In this game you have to ride around the city by car, to perform various tasks and earn points. Points are given for compliance with the rules of the road and removed because of their violations or accidents.

Of course, the game doesn’t teach you to drive, but she can make to remember that you need to fasten your seat belt, turn on lights, use turn signals and pay attention to traffic lights and traffic signs.

It is particularly interesting that the game has a multiplayer mode. Players from around the world are placed in one virtual city, in which they should go, following the rules. Who earns more points is the winner. All this is very unusual for a mobile game and quite interesting.

Download the game Car Driving School Simulator from the App Store:

qr-code - Car Driving School Simulator (iOS)Download the game Car Driving School Simulator from Google Play:

qr-code - Car Driving School Simulator (Android)Captains: Legends Of The Oceans

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - Капитаны. Легенды Океанов Logo

  • Developer: Hongkong borrete network technology co.,limited
  • Cost: free

A feature of the genre of MMORTS is that the idea of the creation of games are dictated by historical events, which are intentionally embellished or come into close connection with fantasy. In this respect, the new project of the company Borrete Masters: Legends of the Oceans, it is very much different from that of the other. The game takes place in the details of the restored world of the era of Great geographical discoveries of the XV century of our era.

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On your shoulders falls responsibility to take primacy over the little settlement, and try to turn it into a flourishing state with swing for supremacy in the waters of all Seven seas. In order to implement far-reaching plans, you need to create your own fleet, able to attack and withstand the onslaught of unfriendly forces.

Modern trends in game development dictate the rule of universal introduction of action – more entertainment, more reach. In the game the Captains: Legends of the Oceans in priority to the it tactical actions and develop a unique strategy. The power of the fleet carries only 20-30% of success – the rest is the power of thought. The game encourages bold moves users, rewarding them well-deserved resources or victories in major battles.

Do not underestimate and uniform development of its own urban structure determine the attacking and defensive potential of the whole flotilla. As the pumping improve buildings, you’ll get more powerful versions of units that the game is not so much – only four dreadnoughts, battleships, corvettes and cruisers.

The latter represent the basic combat unit because they can attack all the enemies on the battle field. Other ships (except corvettes) act more as extras and support, if you will – “consumables”. However they should not be underestimated: with proper use of the battleships and dreadnoughts can easily “disassemble” a good half of the enemies.

On the strength of the fleet is affected and the skill level of hired captains. Among the entire mass of hardened sailors can meet legendary figures: Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama and many others, write his name in the history of the world. Each of them (and those there are over 50) has unique skills and abilities that enhance the key parameters of the battle builds and the city as a whole.

Maritime cooperation – one of the most important aspects of the game. Development alone is worthy of respect, however, the conflict with the player in a Guild can put an end to the painstaking development of urban infrastructure. To even the odds, you can create your own Association or join an existing clan that is able to support in a difficult situation.

Moreover, as the Guild gives you the opportunity to participate in group battles, the main prize in which – valuable treasures, coins, and necessary for the overall development resources.

Overall, the game Captains: Legends of the Oceans is a non-trivial project. This is the case when every new user can find the one thing that caught him most of all. No matter the realism of it, the combat system or economic component – the project is able to capture the long haul.

Games Captains: Legends of the Oceans from the App Store:

qr-code - Капитаны. Легенды Океанов (iOS)Games Captains: Legends of the Oceans from Google Play:

qr-code - Капитаны. Легенды Океанов (Android)The Lion’s Song

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - The Lion's Song Logo

  • Developer: Mipumi Games
  • Cost: at $4.99 (iOS) 159,99 UAH (Android)

The Lion’s Song is an episodic adventure game from independent Studio Mi PU mi Games, which includes members of well-known company Rockstar. The project consists of four series, which takes place in Vienna in the early twentieth century — on the eve of the First world war.

The Lion’s Song immerses the user into the atmosphere of the Austrian Bohemians — artists and scientists — the beginning of the last century. Along with the main characters, each of which has a unique mindset, you will participate in perepetui their lives, to seek creativity and inspiration.

The creators of The Lion’s Song managed to perfectly show the atmosphere of Vienna in 1914, including due to the unusual visual style, made by Sepia. Unlike many retro-games, abounding colors, The Lion’s Song seeks to minimize the number of colors — something like we have seen in the draft Papers, Please! or Aviary Attorney.

The diversity of the palette image is transferred with all shades of brown and it looks really stylish and beautiful. The game authors have paid much attention to the detail of the picture and its historical accuracy, and musical design more highlights the unique atmosphere.

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The first three episodes tell of the fate of the two girls and boys who are trying to break into the world of high art and fundamental science, along the way overcoming obstacles and creating their own masterpieces. In the first part, entitled “Episode 1 — Silence,” we will learn the story of violinist and composer of Wilma’s, who is poisoned in the Alps in order to find the lost inspiration to complete the piece for a very important concert.

The hero of the second episode — a talented artist Franz Markert, who are able to distinguish between aspects of the personality of people and display them on the canvas. At the same time he may not reveal properties of its own character and portraying other people not only improves their skills, trying to achieve recognition, but also tries to know himself.

The heroine of the third story — Emma Reznicek — a talented mathematician, who is trying to succeed in the world of science. It is quite difficult, because mathematics is not considered an occupation for women, and therefore, it will have to achieve the target, posing as a man.

The final, fourth episode titled “the End” reveals the secret to the prologues of the previous parts and as a result, you are in a train compartment, in which four people going to the front (we remember that the game is set during the First world war) and each of them is somehow linked with Wilma, Franz and Emma. The name of the series speaks for itself — this part connects all three into one story line.

The Lion’s Song is hardly a adventure in the truest sense, rather, it is a visual novel in which the entire inventory is replaced by the replica in conversations with interlocutors and the choice of destination, or object for interaction.

The Lion’s Song inherits one of the chips TV series from Telltale Games, giving players a choice. All choices made in the episode will have an impact on the development of history in the future and the previous series, and from the decisions made will depend on the success of the character. Certain key decisions are displayed in the summary table, and if you wish, you have the opportunity to replay some moments.

The first part is free and its passage will not take much time — about half an hour. But the rest of the series longer and they will have to spend an hour and a half (in this case to play, not trying to get all the possible achievements and not trying to sort out possible variants of events).

Overall, indie project The Lion’s Song certainly will appeal to all fans of interactive stories and not straining adventure. The game has an interesting visual style, unique setting with perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Austria of the early twentieth century and offers several exciting storylines.

Download game The Lion’s Song from the App Store:

qr-code - The Lion's Song (iOS)Download game The Lion’s Song from Google Play:

qr-code - The Lion's Song (Android)App in the Air

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - App in the Air Logo

  • Developer: AITA LIMITED
  • Cost: free

App in the Air is the app to track flights, which is a multi-virtual assistant. Every flight can be divided into four stages: check-in, boarding, take-off and landing. The app tracks each of these stages, offering information about the time it would take to check-in, pre-flight inspection, customs control, etc.

In addition, the application shows useful information regarding the airport, including current weather forecast, information about flight delays, exchange rates and gives you some tips and hints. For example, where the airport is the best coffee shop, Wi-Fi, etc.

To access the status of your flight or to take the opportunity of automatic registration, you will need a subscription.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - App in the Air (1)

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (7 - 13 августа) - App in the Air (3)Download app App in the Air from the App Store:

qr-code - App in the Air (iOS)Download app App in the Air from Google Play:

qr-code - App in the Air (Android)Which of the above games and applications you like the most? Share with us in comments.

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