TOP 5 best fitness bands, according to the version of Hello. Budget – 5000 UAH

TOP 5 best fitness bands, according to the version of Hello. Budget – 5000 UAH

Fitness bracelet – a good thing. And fancy! It usually a personal trainer and nutritionist, and sports social network for like-minded people is a powerful motivation, even the alarm clock, which is unlikely to fly into a wall when trying to Wake you. Often also a stylish accessory that completes the image and allows you to learn about their body and its capabilities a lot of new.

We have already considered the best inexpensive model popular fitness bracelets. Today – about devices of another class, which are more expensive, but a hundred justify the price. Because of this, in fact, was able to earn the love user audience. Like last time, in this Top fitness wristbands are arranged in order of increasing price. Here we go.

The contents

  1. Sony SmartBand 2 (SWR12)
  2. Garmin Vivofit HRM
  3. Jawbone UP3
  4. Fitbit Charge 2
  5. Samsung Gear Fit 2

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Sony SmartBand 2 (SWR12)

Sony SmartBand SWR12-имиджевая картинкаSony SmartBand 2 (SWR12) – accessory status. Thing brand, and it will probably be priced at the proper level.

Sony SmartBand SWR12-дизайн яркие расцветкиSony SmartBand 2 (SWR12) is a new milestone fitness tracker-the creativity of Japanese. The model-predecessor, the SmartBand (SWR10) – was, in fact, a simple pedometer with some extra features. Other Sony SmartBand Talk (SWR30), and even a fitness headset (video review), and Huawei Talkband B1, included in our TOP best fitness bands to 1500 hryvnia.

By the way, is also a great choice. The gadget is available here. Its key feature is the presence of the screen. However, the Sony SmartBand 2 (SWR12) they are not supplied, but the heart rate sensor – Yes. It works in automatic mode, regularly taking the pulse of the user.

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Looking ahead, we think about competitive models Jawbone UP3, which is also in the Top “best of the best”. It measures the pulse in the automatic mode immediately before the awakening of the user, while the Sony SmartBand 2 to six times per hour. In other words, the creation of the Sony more is a heart rate monitor than just a fitness tracker.

As for notification, in this regard, the Sony SmartBand 2 (SWR12) inferior to SMART watches and fitness bracelets with a screen. Gadget for calls to vibrate.

Sony SmartBand 2 SWR12-главные технические спецификацииBut there is compatible with iOS, which could not please the old model SmartBand (SWR10).

Sony SmartBand SWR12-синхронизация со смартфономAlso increased the level of protection against dust and moisture to IP68 standard. In addition, a fitness bracelet set new samozalechivayuschihsya strap without round buttons fastening and the new kernel with the tri-color LED indicator.

Sony SmartBand SWR12-опыт использования устройстваBut most importantly, of course, the presence of heart rate. Sony SmartBand 2 (SWR12) allows you to keep your finger on the pulse, on the pulse of life.

Sony SmartBand SWR12 Black-опыт использованияThe model is available in two colors – black

Sony SmartBand SWR12 Black-дизайнand white.

Sony SmartBand SWR12 White-дизайн

Sony SmartBand SWR12-дизайнPrice*: 1770-2300 hryvnia.

Garmin Vivofit HRM

Steep autonomy in the whole year! Fitness bracelet from a pair of batteries tablet CR1632.

In this Garmin Vivofit HRM, equipped with a heart rate sensor that monitors the user 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Gadget believes the steps taken and calories burned. It tracks the activity level of the user throughout the day. If You had stayed, Vivofit will remind you about that red stripe on the screen, which will grow as long as people don’t start moving.

Garmin Vivofit HRM-расцветки

In this seemingly simple fitness bracelet signed maximum opportunity that is worth a lot. It is convenient and accurate. Still charging is not needed: it just works and collects statistics

Garmin Vivofit HRM gradually complicate tasks to accomplish. This ensures more and more impressive results. To see a complete picture of your progress after you sync wirelessly with Garmin Connect (performed by pressing a single button).

Sometimes you want to share your successes with like-minded friends, it is possible that in an effort to exceed their athletic achievements. And this is extra motivation.

In addition, Garmin Vivofit HRM monitors sleep quality. And the model can take with him into the shower, not to hide it from the rain: waterproof design.

Design Garmin Vivofit HRM is simple and concise. We can say, a fitbit universal. Colors:

Garmin Vivofit HRM Black-дизайн

Garmin Vivofit HRM Slate-дизайн

Garmin Vivofit HRM Blue-дизайн

Garmin Vivofit HRM Teal-дизайн

Garmin Vivofit HRM Purple-дизайн

Garmin Vivofit HRM Red-дизайн фото 3

Garmin Vivofit HRM Red-дизайн фото 2 Garmin Vivofit HRM Red-дизайн фото 4Price*: 2300 UAH.

View detailed information and purchase Garmin Vivofit HRM.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фотоThis is a very nice fitness tracker without a screen.

Jawbone UP3-ассортиментHe’ll be your nutritionist and alarm clock in a quest to set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 4

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 6

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 7We are confident he can do it. The model already has a history of success and victories. It announced in 2014.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 11The usual set of sensors from the accelerometer and gyroscope in the Jawbone UP3 is complemented by two sensors capable of monitoring the physical condition of the user.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использованияThe main feature of the Jawbone UP3 are bioimpedance sensors instead of traditional optical.

Jawbone UP3 red-дизайнThus, the system of control of heart rhythm is based on the measurement of the resistance of the tissues of the human body a weak electric signals. As we already mentioned, heart rate is fixed at the moment of awakening a user when he got out of bed and did not have time to distort the figures a loading dose of caffeine and physical exertion. After a while builds up a graph that displayed sharp changes. And they can a sign of problems in the body. Do not neglect this information.

Jawbone UP3-стильный аксессуар

Jawbone UP3-стильный аксессуар фитнес-трекерBy the way, if to speak about the revival, it should be easy, thanks to the “smart” alarm clock gadget. Multi-sensor quality control system of rest determines the sequence of the phases of deep and REM sleep, fixing their duration. In the morning she reports to the user.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 5

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 8Needed in the fight for good fitness and calorie counter. Data is entered manually or using barcode scanner. After assessing the menu, the app analyzes how it was useful.

Jawbone-продукцияAnd don’t count as much calories as nutrient content. The system offers to adjust the diet.

Jawbone UP3-функциональностьBut Jawbone UP3 first and foremost is the activity tracker. The gadget records all movement – and it is immediately clear when you need to move your body.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 10

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 9Jawbone UP3 from a single battery charge (38 mAh) will last about a week. And this is a great result of autonomy.

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 2

Jawbone UP3-опыт использования фото 3Colors:

JAWBONE UP3 Black Twist-фото

JAWBONE UP3 Indigo Twist-фото

JAWBONE UP3 Teal Cross-фото

JAWBONE UP3 Silver Cross-фотоPrice*: 2600 hryvnia.

View detailed information and purchase the Jawbone UP3.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2-дизайнFitbit is a company which understands what the user needs. She knows what platter should be platter like all right present. Because her devices, everything is thought out, starting from design and ending with ergonomics and functionality.

Many remember the old Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex. And away: Fitbit Charge with concise functionality to a wider audience, Fitbit Charge HR, and learned to measure heart rate, Fitbit Charge 2, announced together with the Flex 2 last year at the exhibition IFA.

Fitbit Charge 2, by the way, people love as soon as the model went on sale. Be careful and you will surely see a person with a Fitbit bracelet on her arm.

Fitbit Charge 2-опыт использованияIt should say that the Fitbit Charge 2 never got decent water protection standards of IP67 or IP68, only from splashes and sweat.

Fitbit Charge 2-дизайн фитнес-браслетаAnd this confirms what a nice bunch Charge is not intended for conquering the elements and extreme athletes, but is suitable for everyday use for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or simply wanting to maintain your body in good shape.

Fitbit Charge 2-стильный аксессуар дизайнHowever, we shouldn’t have separated from your custom audience Fitbit Charge 2 athletes. Them in the model like, for example, interval mode, in which it pulsates, prompting when to start or stop. In the work with “iron” this feature will be very useful. Well, in the favorite cardio fitness club too.

Furthermore, to cater to the athletes (and not only them), manufacturer has enriched the Fitbit Charge 2 special option. This kind of guide Guided breathing Breathing, to increase the effectiveness of training using the normalization of breathing. Applicable, as an option, in the transitions from exercise to rest, or for total relaxation.

Fitbit Charge 2-опыт использования фитнес-браслетаGadget every thirty seconds, monitors the heart rate of the user. It ensures that the correct breathing: not too often and not too deep.

At first it even seems that all these tips are nothing like a real plot against the respiratory system. But after two or three exercises all falls into place.

Fitbit Charge 2-фитнес-трекер для спорта опыт использованияFitbit Charge 2 can anything. So, a fitness bracelet counts steps and calories burned, the distance traveled, measures the pulse. It records workouts and displays notifications – the same incoming calls. There is a small monochrome screen. It makes the gadget similar to a large wrist watch.

In mode “Multisport” Fitbit Charge 2 tracks seven individual workouts including walking, running and even yoga.

How will you use the gadget depends on its autonomy. This is usually around five to six days with continuous heart rate measurement. A decent result.

It remains to say that a branded app Fitbit is compatible with many platforms, even Windows Phone is barely alive.

The interface is simple. From the newcomer – mode Adventures (“adventure”), proposes to reach 15 thousand steps a day. It’s not so easy, comrades. Just get used to 10 thousand steps – recommendations from other fitness trackers and programs-pedometers, as here, all 15! Exactly as you would have been, walking along one of the routes of Yosemite national Park in California.

Йосемитский национальный парк-прогулкаBy the way, did you know that there is one of the most extreme trails? Not everyone would risk it to step.

Йосемитский национальный парк-Калифорния

Йосемитский национальный парк-Калифорния экстремальная тропаAfter reaching the “walking targets” Adventures opens the panorama of the place to which the user is so hard to get. No, not your dishes with dumplings for dinner, unfortunately or maybe fortunately.

Panorama can be found under Landmarks (“Landmarks”). And it’s not just a picture, so to speak, for show, and made real-time photo. The user holds the smartphone in front of him, opens the, twirls around its axis, contemplating the beauty, as an option, Niagara falls (best viewed from the canadian side).

Fitbit Charge 2-стильный и функциональный аксессуарThe one who did a good job, warming up, walked – in a word, exhausted, usually no problem falling asleep. 2 Fitbit Charge will track the user’s sleep and quiet Wake him up. Yes, it is quiet, gently vibrating on your wrist. A very sensitive approach, and not have to jump up in a cold sweat, bursting with tenacious arms of Morpheus. And sleeping next to a man will be satisfied: it will not be disturbed.

However, if you are in the morning and can sleep through anything, hardly gentle buzz Fitbit Charge 2 will help in time to get to work. There would be adjustment of the vibration motor to provide…

However, the author of the text to finally understand the secrets of a cheerful morning: how easy to Wake up, stretch in bed, how delicious is the coffee, and begin the active day. But this is not now, another time, but definitely will.

2 Fitbit Charge is available in three standard sizes: S, M, L.

Fitbit Charge 2 Plum-внешний видChanging only the length of the strap, the dimensions of the module – no.

Fitbit Charge 2-дизайн фитнес-браслета фото 2Select model:

Fitbit Charge 2-стильный аксессуарPrice*: 4300 hryvnia.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit2-расцветкиIt is a novelty last year. My first interesting model – fitness wristband with a curved screen Samsung Gear Fit – the manufacturer has shown in 2014. Then long silence. It seemed that he decided to close the project, but in June 2016, Samsung showed the world a cool fitness bracelet Gear Fit 2 with better functionality and the same curved screen. And it’s not just a screen but a real Super AMOLED with a diagonal of 1.5 inch.

Colors are several:

  • classic black – for all-all

Samsung Gear Fit2 Black-front

Samsung Gear Fit2 Black-экран Samsung Gear Fit2 Black-ремешок Samsung Gear Fit2 Black-застежка фото 2 Samsung Gear Fit2 Black-дизайн фото 2

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pink-front

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pink-экран Samsung Gear Fit2 Pink-браслет Samsung Gear Fit2 Pink-дизайн фото 2 Samsung Gear Fit2 Pink-дизайн фото 3

  • rich blue is for boys and those who want to the sea.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-front

Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-экран Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-дизайн фото 1 Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-дизайн фото 4 Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-дизайн фото 2

Samsung Gear Fit2 Blue-дизайн фото 3Thanks to GPS, going for a run, you can leave the house your smartphone. The gadget will track steps taken and calories burned in real-time.

Samsung Gear Fit2-фитнес по GPSAnd even monitor your heart rate and share information about the progress of a user’s activity.

Samsung Gear Fit2-пульсометрAnd entertain, of course. For example, your favorite music through a standalone music player.

Samsung Gear Fit 2-для спорта

Samsung Gear Fit 2-для спорта фото 3To save music on Samsung Gear Fit 2 has 4 GB of permanent memory. And, you can change the mood of the theme.

Samsung Gear Fit2-темыBattery fitness bracelet is characterized with a capacity of 200 mAh. To charge the device need to once in three days. If actively to use GPS and heart rate monitor, more often.

Price*: 5000 hryvnia.

* Prices are as of 5 may 2017.

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