10110 Top 50 apps for the modern lady
Top 50 apps for the modern lady

Top 50 apps for the modern lady

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Top 50 apps for the modern lady

Entering the Game in search of something needed, the person is lost from a huge variety of apps day in and day only multiply.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Смартфон в рукахIn order to simplify the search (and with it life), we chose 50 of the most useful and relevant applications for today’s girls and women in different areas: fitness and beauty services for Housewives and business ladies, interesting offers for traveling and for every day.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Стиль

The contents

  1. Beauty and style
  2. For the benefit of the body
  3. For good shopping
  4. Time management and Affairs
  5. Additional services for your
  6. For travel and travel
  7. Something to read
  8. For responsible and economic
  9. Every day

Beauty and style

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Приложения для красотыManicure ideas 3000 — all to create a flawless manicure. Current ideas for manicure, stylish and fashionable nail designs, practical advice. For convenience the photos are separated into 73 categories, and all of them in the app about three thousand. It’s hard not to be inspired.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – МаникюрPersonal care — beauty-app shares user secrets and tricks that will help you correctly care for your body, face and hair.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – МакияжVirtual makeover Mary Kay — a handy application for safe experimentation with his looks. Upload your photo and change your way by using numerous combinations of different techniques and tones of makeup, lip colors, hair colors, hairstyles and accessories. Everything You’ve been afraid to do, you can now do virtual. And, by the way, totally free!

For the benefit of the body

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Питание и диетаFitness plan for 30 days — simple and effective exercises which you can perform anywhere and with any level of physical fitness. 30-day plan developed by a professional fitness trainer, and is based on scientific advice.

Using it for only a month can significantly improve your fitness and health. According to Google Play, this is the best app for Excel 2016!

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ФитнесMy diet coach — with a virtual personal trainer to achieve their goal is much simpler: it motivates, helps fight cravings, exercise laziness and other obstacles to the dream. For efficiency, the application allocates the motivating arguments, recommendations, reminders, monitoring of implementation of tasks, and even virtual rewards for achievements.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Фитнес для домаHow to lose weight in 30 days — the app offers a course of 30 days, which will say goodbye to excess weight. The daily plan includes simple exercises, the implementation of which will lead to a slim and patanatomy body.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ПробежкаWomen’s calendar — best Android app to keep track of the female cycle. It is helpful to track the period of ovulation, the favorable days for conception and the possibility of pregnancy. The calendar offers many more useful functions and happy nice design.

Lose weight together. Calorie diary is one of the most popular applications to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Write down what you eat, count calories and lose more weight!

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Правильное питаниеDiary of body weight — aktiBMI. Will help you to calculate the body mass index (BMI), and the calculations and charts will show how many pounds you need to lose or gain to your ideal weight. Also included in the application diary weight control, which records all the achievements on the way to the ideal figure.

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Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ЙогаYoga Studio — if You are passionate about yoga then You have the chance to get a handy app to practice at home. The application has videos and detailed descriptions of many poses and asanas.

For good shopping

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ПокупкиCost accounting — a nice service for personal Finance and home accounting. Keep track of expenses and income has become much more convenient!

yoCard — keep all your discount and bonus cards in the smartphone. No longer need to carry in your wallet a whole pile of plastic cards.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ШопингAliExpress Shopping App — the most popular service for reasonable shopping. Millions of products from thousands of brands! Great prices and delivery all over the world right in your pocket.

Lamoda — fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances with incredible discounts. Many favorite brands: Nike, Adidas, Zara, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, LOST INK, Topshop, New Balance, Converse and hundreds of others.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Покупка одеждыBonprix clothing and accessories for the whole family and for any occasion. Affordable fashion and a single price for all sizes. A wide range of products from different brands and convenient functions for your purchases.

The IKEA catalogue is the application that offers to download the most recent IKEA catalog and a bunch of additional publications. They can find lots of inspiring ideas for decorating house or garden.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Идеи для дома

Time management and Affairs

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – МедитацияAlarm clock Alarm Clock — a simple and intuitive alarm clock with a flexible intelligent algorithm for alarm activations. Let every morning be good!

Timer — beautiful and handy timer that will help you to accurately keep track of time in different situations. For example, for cooking or the time frame when you can wash off the mask with hair.

Wunderlist: to-do lists . to-do-list where you can jot down your ideas, tasks and plans for the future. His plans and purposes can be easily shared with friends and colleagues.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Девушка со смартфономGoogle Keep — notes and lists — universal virtual Notepad where you can store any kind of data. Write down plans and ideas, receive reminders at the right time or place. When you create voice notes in Google Keep automatically converts them to text. You can also take pictures of documents, posters or recipes, so you can quickly and easily find.

Google Calendar — sensible daily planning in order not to waste time and spend each day with benefits. A variety of useful functions and attractive interface is easy to teach to plan every minute.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Приложения для деловых ледиEvernote is an indispensable tool for storing all notes. And besides, no need to keep in mind on which device you saved some data — after synchronization, everything is stored in Evernote.

Tracker habits Loop — helps to “make friends” with useful habits and achieve long-term goals. Charts with a high degree of detail along with accurate statistics will display how your habits have become fixed.

Additional services for your

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Дополнительные сервисыThe Wallpaper (HD Wallpaper) — a huge number of free Wallpaper with high resolution for the main screen and the user interface. It is available and themes.

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AppLock is the most popular program in the Play Market to lock apps. With its help, you can protect any application from unauthorized access with a password, a pattern or fingerprint (Android 6.0 and above).

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Девушки с телефономYandex.Drive — free service-the vault, through which any encrypted content (documents, photos or videos) available to you from anywhere in the world. For file access you need only Internet connection.

For travel and travel

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ПутешествиеMAPS.ME — Offline maps — fast and detailed offline maps with step-by-step navigation. The service will be difficult to get lost in any (even unknown).

Yandex.Taxi — taxi in one click, without calling and waiting on a dispatch line. Smart app finds free car next to you, so taxi won’t be long in coming.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ВенецияTripAdvisor: hotels, restaurants — detailed and feature-rich service for a comfortable travel. Buy cheap airline tickets, booking of hotels and restaurants, the best entertainment and the most interesting sights in many cities around the world. The application provides photos, maps and thousands of user reviews.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ЧемоданAirbnb is the app for easy and fast search of comfortable housing with a filter for the cost, facilities, location and other parameters. More than 190 countries and more than 2.5 million apartments!

Something to read

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – КнигаWoman.ru — one of the largest online portals for modern women. Thousands daily updated articles on various topics: the latest news in the world of beauty trends of the season and new collections of the most popular brands, news from life of stars, articles on the psychology and career growth, reasonable and practical tips for every day.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Девушки со смарфтонами

Bookmate — 50 000 free and more than 850 000 books subscription. New items and best sellers, classic literature, books about business and self-development. The app syncs with your tablet and computer, so all selected books and notes will always be at hand.

Pinterest is a unique service for virtual bookmarking, which will save the most interesting ideas. Huge catalog of motivating ideas from Hobbies and Handicrafts to cooking, from interior design to travel planning.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Приложение для чтенияFBReader application is a reader for electronic books for the most popular formats: fb2, fb2.zip, ePub, azw (mobipocket), rtf, html, plain text. Installing the free add-ons, using FBReader can open files PDF and DjVu. The stylish design of virtual library is presented in the form of bookshelves. In addition, you can customize the interface to your liking and even set your own backgrounds and fonts.

For responsible and economic

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – УборкаRecipes from Pillsbury.ru — cookery is one of the largest portals of the Runet. More than 100 thousand recipes for all occasions – from a low-carbohydrate diet to high-calorie meals “male” snacks! What’s more important – all recipes with photos, ratings and user comments.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ГотовкаWhat’s cooking? — the perfect app for any hostess! With it, you can easily find the recipe under the existing refrigerated foods. Transfer the ingredients available in the app and choose meals that they can cook.

Hostess. Tips and recipes is a handy universal guide for girls who care about themselves, their family and their home. Many recipes (from everyday to festive dishes), tricks for cleaning the house, decoding of pictograms for washing and many different Goodies.

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Shopping list – Buy me a pie! — simple and intuitive shopping list that will save buyers from paper slips and the entries in the standard Notes.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Список покупокFlashlight — the developers promise in your app brightest led flashlight for smartphones with user-friendly interface, which resembles the management of this flashlight. In addition to controlling brightness modes strobe and flicker.

First aid kit — the set of instructions for the most common medicines. In the application there are more than 7000. If You’ve accidentally thrown away or lost the user manual from their medicine, now it does not matter – all the necessary information is just at hand.

Every day

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Приложения для AndroidInstagram is the most convenient service to share with your friends what is happening near you throughout the day. The community has more than 500 million users worldwide! Follow your friends, colleagues and relatives to be aware of their news. Find the accounts of people from different countries, who publish interesting posts.

Retrica is a powerful camera with which you can capture the best moments of life and make them unique. Lots of creative templates, tools for collages and creative photo processing, hundreds of filters and effects. All photos can be instantly shared with friends on the most popular social networks. By the way, the application are already more than 250 million people.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – СелфиGismeteo weather application for Android with cute design and realistic backgrounds. Gismeteo shows precise weather forecasts on days with an hourly schedule, an indicator of sunrise and sunset, as well as weather, nearby and in selected cities around the world.

Google Translator is your one-stop app for instant translation. Available for over 100 languages online 52 or language without Internet connection. The application provides the translations typed and copied text and the photograph in the camera mode.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – ПереводчикHoroscope — horoscope for every day which will prompt a successful arrangement of stars to you or will warn you about possible trouble.

Duolingo: Learn languages free is the most popular app in the world for learning English, French, German or Italian languages. Duolingo will help you to improve your skills in reading, speaking, writing and listening.

Learning occurs in games, and for achieving results and goals app “congratulations” to a new level. Completing simple tasks can significantly increase your vocabulary and improve grammar.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – Девушка в кафеMemory training and brain — is a simple and addictive game to train your memory, concentration and attention. Can act in them, even the children! You can compete with other players or use the app in offline mode. To give a few moments for self-improvement is possible on the way to work or school.

IMDb — great app for lovers of modern cinema. The service is available thousands of pages of movies, cartoons and TV series with trailers and reviews of the audience. In addition, the IMDb will not allow you to skip the premiere of the anticipated film, will help you to find the nearest cinema and buy a ticket.

Топ-50 лучших приложений для современных леди – СмартфонMandala coloring pages — fun and relaxing app for relaxing after a hard day. Hundreds of mandalas-coloring pages with different levels of difficulty.

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