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TOP gadgets of the week

Edward Dvornichenko


We offer to your attention our new section. In it we will tell about devices and gadgets that might interest you. So, let’s start!

Smartphone Meizu M5s

ТОП гаджетов неделиMeizu M5s is a smartphone from the Chinese company Meizu, which can offer you enough good features for a very reasonable price. The smartphone is made in a slim metal body with eye-pleasing design. The screen is made by technology IPS, its size is 5.2 inches, resolution — 1280×720. Meizu M5s installed OCTA-core processor with a maximum frequency up to 1.8 GHz, a graphics accelerator Mali T720 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. Camera 13 megapixels with good optics and phase detect autofocus.

Smart watch Pebble

ТОП гаджетов недели Pebble Time is the company’s flagship Pebble engaged in the production of smart watches. With their help, you will be able to receive notifications, switch music, check the weather and much more, not pulling from his pocket a smartphone. Watch suitable for both men and women have a color 1,25 inch display, and the battery can provide up to 7 days of battery life.

Gyrobot ROVER L2 8.5

ТОП гаджетов неделиThe summer is “on the nose”, you need to look for devices which will make your stay even more interesting. ROVER L2 8.5 is one of them. With this giramondo you will be able to conquer the vast expanses of parks at speeds up to 15 km/h and travel up to 15 km away. It is quite compact (740×200×240 mm), allowing to fold it in a backpack. The maximum allowable load is 100 kg.

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Action camera GoPro HERO 5

ТОП гаджетов неделиGoPro HERO 5 is a staple for lovers of active holidays. Cycling, skiing, skateboarding, water sports and much more is what you will easily be able to capture it in good quality. It is capable of shooting at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, 2.7 K 50 fps and 1080p 120 fps. The photo is taken with a sensor with a resolution of 12 MP. For more convenient use on the camera has a 2-inch touch screen.

Velocomputer Ciclo CM 2.2 blackline

ТОП гаджетов неделиIf You are a lover of meloodia, Ciclo CM 2.2 blackline — irreplaceable thing. With it, you will be able to track your current and average speed, distance per day travel time per day, total time and more. The computer includes a three line LCD display. For user convenience, provides automatic start-stop, energy saving mode and change the values in the automatic mode. Bike computer made in a rugged casing with polycarbonate coating that protects from scratches and bumps.

That’s all for now, wait for our new collection next week.

TOP gadgets of the week

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