TP-Link begins selling in Ukraine cloud camera NC450 and compact USB charging UP540

TP-Link begins selling in Ukraine cloud camera NC450 and compact USB charging UP540

Company TP-Link, a global provider of reliable network solutions, displays on the Ukrainian market cloud-based rotating camera module and HD and universal charging for mobile devices.

TPLink NC450

New cloud camera allows you to obtain videos in high resolution HD (720p) and will provide you good quality images even in complete darkness. In addition to the video function NC450 makes possible two-way communication: using the built-in microphone and speaker, the user can carry on a conversation with friends, relatives or colleagues, talking with a small child and even communicate with a pet.

NC450The camera lens is placed on the movable module. As a result, the camera angle is 360 degrees horizontally and 150 degrees vertically. For video recording, use a memory card MicroSD, and control, configuration and video surveillance are performed using proprietary applications tpCamera. The owner NC450 will be able to remotely change the direction of shooting at any time convenient to him.

Another benefit of the cloud chamber steel safety function: when it detects sound or motion is configured appropriately, the camera will instantly send you a notification via email or FTP.

TPLink UP540

This 5-port USB charging will save you from having to keep on hand several chargers that are regularly used in every family. In addition UP540 will become an indispensable companion for the traveler because of its compactness it will not take much space in your Luggage.

UP540Among the functional features of the gadget worth mentioning is the quick charge function with output 5 V/2.4 A, universal compatibility with gadgets that charge via USB-interface, as well as protection against short-circuit, electrostatic discharge and power surges.

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