19873 Trends in Instagram # 1: experiments beauty bloggers
Trends in Instagram # 1: experiments beauty bloggers

Trends in Instagram # 1: experiments beauty bloggers

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Trends in Instagram # 1: experiments beauty bloggers

They say that beauty will save the world. But the concept that beauty is relative: everyone sees it differently and in their own treats. Including social networks, without which it is difficult to imagine our world. In Instagram, for example, is full of the most incredible beauty experiments. Some of them have become real trends, and they want to try to imagine, others have been controversial: whether puzzling, whether smile. In General, remained cheerful flashmob. Today we offer you a selection of the most incredible beauty trends from Instagram, who “made” this year.

Instagram-тренды модная подборка

Beauty bloggers from Instagram safely experiment with makeup and their way, surprising us with extravagant bows. Let’s see which of them good and applicable to life and which are good only in pictures, that from that abundance, and sometimes of splendor, I want to repeat myself (more than once), and something to forget as a bad dream. So, today overlooked the most incredible beauty trends 2017 from Instagram

The contents

  1. Enraged eyebrows (very different!)
  2. Wavy eyelashes and eyelashes on magnets
  3. What about my lips: continuous wave, marble and toilet paper
  4. Eye makeup with emphasis on the lower eyelid and hands-Changeling
  5. Flowers and butterfly wings on the eyelids
  6. Artificial tears
  7. Kissed by the sun: the artificial freckles and yellow blush
  8. Tattoo on the ears, in the armpits and temporary tattoo for eyes and lips
  9. Here is the manicure: selfie on nails and nails with insects
  10. Almost mermaid: Navy tights that will turn your legs into a tail Ariel

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Enraged eyebrows (very different!)

Before eyebrows was considered the most “predictable” part of the face. Instagram proved that it is not.

Цветные брови-работы креативщиков-экспериментаторов

Цветные брови-фотоFor festivals and colourful party, we offer colored eyebrows.

Starting in 2015, creators, experimenters throw a fresh solution: whether it’s eyebrow one bright color, some kind of unusual shade of hair color, rainbow or Ombre.

Яркие цветные брови-работы креативщиков-экспериментаторов тренды в Instagram фото 2

Instagram-тренды-необычные брови в цвет волосBut if it is difficult to determine the color, you can make eyebrows colored. Rainbow on the face is very bold. Agree? And it can be drawn using a normal eyeshadow. If you want you can find professional set of colored eyeshadow for the eyebrows.

Разноцветные брови-экстравагатный макияжActually, Lady Gaga back in 2011, I realized that eyebrows can be bright.

Леди Гага-цветные бровиHers are even with the glitter. Very shocking!

Тренды Instagram-брови с глиттеромHowever, this trend has not received special popularity in the beauty industry, but definitely memorable.

Брови с глиттером-эксперименты в Instagram фото 1

Брови с глиттером-эксперименты в Instagram фото 2By the way, in autumn 2017 leading makeup artists offering eyebrow and even discoloring.

The metamorphosis of the eyebrows, seized Instagram, showed us and… eyebrow-feathers, divided in the middle and combed in the direction from each other. And the hashtag #featherbrow has appear in the Network.

Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой брови-перья вариантыPerhaps the trend was born in the throes of some girl, desperate from trying to make a perfect edge. And she just split each in half horizontally and combed upper and lower hairs in different directions: up and down.

Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой вариант 2

Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой вариант 3Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой вариант 5It is not excluded that the next trend will offer us a “vertical” division of eyebrows.

Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой вариант 4

Тренды Instagram-брови с разделительной полосой вариант 7In the fall we were surprised and Huda Kattan. Her hashtag #McDonaldsBrows instantly became a meme.

Тренды Instagram-#McDonaldsBrowsIntegrally began to actively spread their interpretations of the braided eyebrows. For wow-effect involved and retouching, and trim, and paint.

Тренды Instagram-плетеные брови вариант 3At least the original eyebrow shaping – carving. He went viral with a light hand of the American artist Alex link.

Тренды Instagram-карвинг бровей вариант 3The shape of the eyebrows emphasizes dark shadows and shaded on the contour of the bright line.

Тренды Instagram-карвинг бровей вариант 2And his eyebrows became wavy.

Instagram-волнистые брови-трендThis styling first shared Jessica Brodersen.

Instagram-волнистые бровиMany liked. In Snapchat there was even a special filter.


Брови-змейкаAnd with the filing of the Instagram fashionista began to use wigs for eyebrows.

Парики для бровей-бьюти-новинка

Парики для бровей-бьюти-новинка как пользоватьсяVideo – beauty-new this year, and salvation for those who can not boast of beautiful and thick eyebrows. And permanent makeup is not needed!

Парики для бровей-бьюти-тренды

Wavy eyelashes and eyelashes on magnets

This is another ambiguous creative autumn-2017 for extravagant look from the famous Danish Jessica Brodersen.

Instagram-волнистые ресницыAnd if you do, be sure to save it in memory at least on your smartphone and share the results under the hashtag #WavyEyelashes. Such footage is not at all!

Will help to make the lashes wavy program for retouching of images Facetune. Yes, not cosmetics. And on the Internet we found no special tools or tongs, allowing them to make spectacular waves on the eyelashes.

In General, creative, smoky eye a La the drunk make-up artist, when wavy everything: eyebrows, lips, and lashes – instagram became a hit.

Beauty-integrally already tried it and lashes on the magnets.

Ресницы на магнитах-новый гаджет для красотыBy the way, there is overhead led eyelashes light up to the beat of tunes from your play list.

Накладные светодиодные ресницы-F. Lashes

What about my lips: continuous wave, marble and toilet paper

Immediately show examples of those notorious trend – various – the wave-brow.

Instagram-squiggle lips

Instagram-squiggle lips photo 3

Instagram-Wavy Lips

If you love bold beauty-experiments, try it and wavy lips. This can be done as the outline of one lip and two using matte, glossy, plain or even different lipstick

For wavy make-up will need Foundation and any concealer. Circuit drawn with a pencil or stick. More details in the video instagram-blogger Jack Emory. Well, lazy in using Photoshop.

Instagram-squiggle lips photo 4

Instagram-squiggle lips photo 6Now in Vogue, and marble lips that are actively promoted in the mass beauty bloggers of Instagram.

Instagram-тренд-мраморные губы фото 2To make this beauty, I need, first, a black liner and white eyeshadow, and secondly, the lipstick. At the end apply a transparent lip gloss.

Instagram-тренд-мраморные губы фото 1

Instagram-тренд-мраморные губы фото 6Suggest to work with a thin brush: make-up is neat and quite wearable. And with this makeup you will not go unnoticed.

Instagram-тренд-мраморные губы фото 4But the option of toilet paper on the lips we have raises a lot of questions. However, I Agassi who started this trend in Instagram, it turned out effectively.

Instagram-тренд-туалетная бумага на губахAnd yet, walking around at Instagram, we noticed examples of reducing the lips and mouth. It seems that the influence of Angelina Jolie weakened. A selection of examples for tag #lipreduction.

Тренды Instagram-#lipreduction

Eye makeup with emphasis on the lower eyelid and hands-Changeling

Bright eyeliner of the lower eyelid has long been considered bad manners, but a new beauty trend of Instagram has proved that it can be quite beautiful.

Instagram-обратные стрелки с акцентом на нижнее векоAnd for those who learned to put perfect eyeliner, I advise you to deploy them 180 degrees (tail cat’s eye is carried to the inner corner).

Instagram-обратные стрелки

Instagram-обратные стрелки фото 2Good eyeliner, skillful hands, a little time and patience – and you are king.

Instagram-обратные стрелки с акцентомPractice and “reverse” eyebrow makeup.

Instagram-обратный макияж бровейAnd in General, to beauty bloggers, nothing is impossible. They can even bring the beauty of the three lipsticks.

Instagram-тренд-макияж тремя помадами

Flowers and butterfly wings on the eyelids

Клумба на лице-цветочный макияжCompetition makeup-bloggers for the kitsch and innovative makeup the palm can be safely given to make-up self-Allie Costello. Girl this spring has graced us with a stunning floral design.

Элли Костелло-цветочный макияж фото 3

Элли Костелло-цветочный макияж фото 4Her Botanical sculptures for centuries unbelievable. By the way, some of them look minimalistic and can be applied in everyday life.

Элли Костелло-цветочный макияж фото 6

Элли Костелло-цветочный макияж фото 7And Marit Isachsen from Norway, another popular beauty blogger inspired by the beauty of nature, with colored eyeliners and liquid eyeliners draws on centuries of colorful flowers.

Instagram-цветочные стрелкиAnd it’s a great idea for a creative photo shoot. Just be a reason to force to work your camera.

Цветочные стрелки-тренды ИнстаграмFlower arrows like many fashionistas of Instagram. See for yourself, follow the hashtag #FlowerEyeliner.

Makeup-тренды в Instagram-цветочные стрелкиAnd today fashionista massively draw on the eyes, the wings of butterflies. And is the hottest trend in autumn 2017.

Makeup-тренды в Instagram-крылья бабочки на глазах

Artificial tears

Искусственные слезы-тренды ИнстаграмThis summer, Instagram has appear crying girls. Fortunately, the “tears” were artificial.

Искусственные слезы-тренды Инстаграм фото 2To create makeup artists use a special paint for the face, activated when in contact with water. They say you can do without it: just to arm a transparent lip gloss.

Kissed by the sun: the artificial freckles and yellow blush

Искусственные веснушки-бьюти-трендThis beauty trend spring 2017. And he boldly declares: freckles need not be ashamed.

Instagram-тренды-искусственные веснушки на лице фото 2

Instagram-искусственные веснушкиThey, incidentally, can be shiny.

Блестящие веснушки-идеи для макияжаFaux freckles we’ve seen at shows Altuzarra and Sies Marjan fashion Week in new York.

“Mark” the sun and the colour blush. The hit of the summer-2017 – yellow blush. The images are bold and bright. Judge for yourself.

Instagram-тренды-желтые румяна фото 1

Instagram-тренды-желтые румяна фото 2

Tattoo on the ears, in the armpits and temporary tattoo for eyes and lips

Тайные татуировки-такая разная модаTattoos on the ears to appeal to those who don’t like to wear earrings. They will be replaced by a neat drawing. It can be on the ear lobe or in the ear. Popular flowers, insects and music. Sometimes I do the labels.

Тату на ушах-тренды ИнстаграмThis summer in Vogue bright drawing tattoos on the skin of the armpits.

Тату-тренды ИнстаграмIn this place, capturing even their Pets.

Тату в подмышечных впадинах-вариант 2

Тату в подмышечных впадинах-вариант 3And for the lips and eyes use temporary tattoos.

Тренды Instagram-временные татуировки для глаз и губ

Временные татуировки для глаз и губ-идеиLips can be and such:

Makeup-тренды в Instagram-губы

Here is the manicure: selfie on nails and nails with insects

Manicure – fertile ground for creatives from Instagram.

Сладкий маникюр-фотоIt seems only recently we enjoyed a mouth-watering manicure with sprinkles for those who like something sweet, but restrict themselves to the power of a healthy lifestyle (commendable!), as already surprise us… selfie on the nails.

Селфи на ногтях-фотоThe decor is simply stunning! And it’s not just covered with a varnish nails, and a work of art.

Селфи на ногтях-волосатые ногти тренды InstagramEach claw – face framed in hair, with your hair and its style. Looks impressive, though certainly not practical.

Селфи на ногтях-волосатые ногти тренды Instagram фото 2But the Australian, Nick of Casati, experimenting with the body parts of insects and other small creatures. Look at how she used the butterfly wings.

Ник Кэсети-ногти с останками пресмыкающихся

Almost mermaid: Navy tights that will turn your legs into a tail Areaeh

The sea is a powerful source of inspiration. And not just for Aivazovsky. Modern designers, who are indifferent to the water, boldly experimenting, not allowing the brain to relax. From Lirika Matoshi (Lyrics Matosi), for example, turned out to be perfect tights for fashionable fairies of the XXI century.

Морские колготки-хвост русалки индивидуальный заказ фото 2

Морские колготки-хвост русалки индивидуальный заказIt’s all here: star-shaped sequins, sparkling stones and flowers, mesh, which in their setting, not so vulgar…

Морские колготки-хвост русалкиObviously, these pantyhose are able to turn your legs to the tail of Ariel, not for every fashionista. Would you?

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