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Trends in Instagram no 2. Halloween: the best ideas for transformation and photo

Acknowledge such a holiday as Halloween? Then you our selection of the best creepy metamorphosis and ideas for creative photos, so that was something to remember.

Scary clowns and zombies, witches and demons, from which grows cold blood, torn skin, bloody trends, incredible optical illusions from the masters of makeup and transformations of the characters of the popular horror films. In General, get inspired and create your nightmare.

Хэллоуин-31 октябряThe contents

  1. Bloody arrows to the envy of Hitchcock
  2. Experiments with makeup and POM-poms all over your face
  3. Such different images
  4. More photos, interesting photos

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Bloody arrows to the envy of Hitchcock

Кровавые стрелки-идеи для Хэллоуина фото 4

Cut arrow is a new beauty trend in Instagram born in anticipation of Halloween. Already scared off this beauty!

On the eve of Halloween in Instagram was born a new beauty trend – the bloody arrows or “cutters” from horror movies. Perhaps this is the perfect eye makeup for a party on the eve of All Saints Day.

Кровавые стрелки-идеи для Хэллоуина фото 3

Hitchcock would be proud of: bloody “cutters” from the horror movies today are not just a fashion accessory for a Halloween costume, but a real beauty movement. We can say that this is the latest trend in Instagram. Well, or scream of terror. To make these arrows on the eyes is not so easy. But if it does, you will have to fear

Many famous bloggers have already tried bloody fashion. If you want to repeat their experience, armed with black eyeliner and shadows.

For cartoon versions of these arrows that look doesn’t hurt, draw two parallel lines. One with a thick end. Connect lines so that the inside of the left space that you want to paint grey or white color, with glitter.

Кровавые стрелки-идеи для Хэллоуина фото 1For realism, a drop of blood around. Of course, fake. This can be, for example, beetroot juice, plain lipstick , or special dyes.

Кровавые стрелки-идеи для Хэллоуина фото 2In the style of a Halloween look and wrapped around each other arrows – liner in the form of a spiral. In this Instagram trend is called the arrow of ivy.

Дикий плющ-стрелки макияжAuthor – Helix Eyeliner. The point is to draw up a sharpened arrow, and then entwine it with the other line, made, alternatively, in a different color. This 3D technique creates an optical illusion.

Дикий плющ-стрелки макияж фотоThe stylish witch will look nice and this option.

Halloween-Sally eyesFor transformation enough black eyeliner or eyeliner. But eyebrows can beat color.

Halloween-образ ведьмыIf the hands are classic, add to the image of “vampire” contact lenses.

Вампирские линзы-фотоA vampire, by the way, can be old.

Идеи для Хэллоуина-образ старого вампираAny “dark” look at the suitable make-up technique with sharp arrows.

Макияж на Хэллоуин-острые стрелкиWhile for the “black widow” makeup with a web.

Макияж на Хэллоуин-острые стрелки-паутинаAnd generally, black eyeliner to create a mystical image is indispensable.

Идеи для Хэллоуина-мистический макияжSo, they can, for example, randomly shade the area around the eyes.

Подготовка к Хэллоуину-королева пауковInteresting witch costume, vampire or any other guest from the other world and go to scare people.

Experiments with makeup and POM-poms all over your face

It might surprise you and another Instagram trend – caviar lips. On the eve of Halloween-2017 it is gaining momentum.

Икорные губы-макияж тренд Instagram фото 3This lip art imitates caviar on the lips. An idea born in the head of an American of Ukrainian origin Vlada Haggerty. Among the artists she Vladamua one of the first was able to make a career thanks to Instagram, taking a narrow niche between pure art and commercial makeup.

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Икорные губы-тренд InstagramOther talented make-up creatives happy to have picked up the trend.

Икорные губы-макияж тренд Instagram фото 2If you are preparing for a Halloween party, want to repeat caviar sponge, arm round 3D balls or spheres: microbusiness, pearls, sequins. Decorate the lips can be any oversized particles. And Vlada Haggerty proved that it is beautiful.

Работы Влады Хаггерти-украшение губ пайеткамиAnd for children on Halloween.

Макияж губ для детей-идеи для ХэллоуинаTrue works of art creates on the lips and talented Spanish photographer and makeup artist Eva Senin Pernas.

Eva Senin Pernas-lip artWorking in the original technique of lip art, she decided on a Halloween-creative.

Lip art-для ХэллоуинаThe user Instagram missjazminad more than one million subscribers. On the page of indescribable beauty!

Макияж губ-подготовка к ХэллоуинуFor Halloween you can paint on the lips and… the third eye! And it will be an original addition to any mystical image.

Макияж губ-третий глазAppropriate to Halloween, and the lips of the wound.

Кровавые губы-идеи для ХэллоуинаBy the way, the nails can also be bloody.

Кровавые ногти-фотоAnd that your image was complete and whole, do not forget about the manicure. Below ideas for inspiration.

It’s all blood and fangs, vampires and ghosts, contrasts, Gothic, bones and skulls, bats and pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders.

Online you can find workshops with detailed photo instructions. Below is one of them.

Before All Saints ‘ Day promoted another controversial trend Instagram. So, we propose to glue on the face… POM-poms. In 2010 they appeared in the collections of leading fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Fendi, and now, Yes, and on the faces of the bold beauties of experimenters from Instagram.

Тренды Инстаграма-помпоны на все лицо фото 1

Тренды Инстаграма-помпоны на все лицо фото 3

Such different images

Идеи для Хэллоуина-образыFor a party to All the Saints decided to be, so to speak, dressed up: costume, makeup, hair – all you need to consider and reconcile in a single image.

Страшный макияж-подготовка к ХэллоуинуAnd Instagram lots of examples to follow. Consider the most interesting, including their components, which may wander from one image to another, making the night terribly beautiful.

Хэллоуин-образы и идеиMake-up for Halloween often involves wounds and torn skin. Fake. And the more blood, the better.

Идеи для Хэллоуина-макияж разорванная ранаMakeup artists and makeup artists use special mesh with the effect of exposed ligaments and muscles, silicone pads, dyes, cosmetic creams and artificial blood.

Looks terribly on the face and many eyes. We recommend to practice drawing the hand, and for a more realistic look using false eyelashes.

Halloween-многоглазкаSugar skull is a symbol of the Mexican Day of the dead. It is a classic hellouinskie makeup. In the image there are patterns, applique with sequins, glitter and rhinestones, wreaths and floral hair clips.

Halloween-сахарный черепTraditional Halloween motif – the skull is especially spectacular in the neon version. Colorful and incredibly beautiful!

Halloween-неоновый черепIn this case, useful fancy contact lenses.

Карнавальные линзы для глаз-фотоAnd yet the demon can be.

Using neon thread, you can beat the image of captain Barbossa from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. They “revive” the makeup.

Halloween-Капитан БарбоссаOriginal look of an optical illusion: splitting in half head, all fall on the person or monster that is chosen out of a black hole instead of a face, and so on.

However, to master the technique of creating 3D effects make-up needs a lot of practice. Very much. If you are confident in your skills, better hire the services of professionals.

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Halloween-макияж иллюзии фото 5Another classic Halloween – the image of the clown. The masterminds are, for example, Pennyways of “It”, which this year led the TOP 10 most popular Halloween costumes, and enjoy twisty from “American horror story”.

Halloween-образ клоунаIn Instagram many pictures with different clowns

Идеи для Хэллоуина-жуткий макияжAwesome smile, red eyes, huge teeth… well, hide your children.

By the way, the clown can make wavy lips. And this is one of the trend of Instagram.

bonniecorbansfx-клоун фото 2

bonniecorbansfx-клоунAttractive and the image of the white Queen. Also possible options, and as sinister, and quite friendly.

Снежная королева-образ для ХэллоуинаFor snow beauty characterized by bright hair, bleached, almost lifeless, face, black or red eyes, accents are kind of bulky false eyelashes, crystals and contouring in cold tones.

Halloween-образ белой королевыWarm color schemes usually image of a forest nymph. Sometimes it’s beautiful.

Halloween-образ лесной нимфыAnd sometimes terrible. With eyes without pupils really scary.

Halloween-лесная нимфа идеи для праздникаThere is not enough without quality contact lenses.

Цветные линзы для Хэллоуина-фотоIn preparation for Halloween you can use is always current space theme. We even Easter eggs did the galaxy.

Typically, for a galactic makeover choose pink, blue and lilac color. Among the items that will complement the makeup, you can be a star drawn with a white pencil, or lined them in the form of sequins.

The picture can fill person only partially. Welcome strict schedule.

Halloween-galaxy collaborationYour space may be.

missjazminad-космический образSpace can be combined with lightning. Take a look – it’s creepy!

Идеи для Хэллоуина-космическая девушкаIn General, they, lightning, loved by make-up artists on Halloween.

Идеи для Хэллоуина-лицо на молнииA win-win for makeup for a ball of evil – streaks of blood on the face (props!) and tears (also not real).

Подготовка к Halloween-искусственные слезы

Halloween-макияж белые ресницыOr red with red.

Halloween-красные ресницыTo do makeup for Halloween can be inspired and quite glossy examples.

A lot of glitter, star dust on eyebrows, black lipstick (finally took!) – it turns out brilliantly scary.

Halloween-блестящий образFor fans of pop art style has their own versions.

Идеи для Хэллоуина-парень в стиле поп-артAnd below are a selection of options for those who Halloween want to be, so to speak, in the subject, but may not allocate sufficient time and resources to prepare the image. 10-15 minutes, low cost – and you…

Scarecrow or Scarecrow. As an option. Such a simpleton from “the Wizard of oz.” Makeup needs only a black pencil. Pay attention to the line of growth of the lower eyelashes, the nose, highlight “torn” mouth. Will complete the look of your favorite jeans, a cozy plaid shirt and a hat with a wide brim.

Подготовка к Хэллоуину-пугалоThe Queen of hearts. In this manner the first thing vypilivaya face, including the lips. You will need a very light concealer or base makeup. After that, draw a long arrow at the center of the lips – scarlet heart.

Подготовка к Хэллоуину-Дама червейMermaid. Imitation of scales on the face can be done with the help of tights in a mesh and mother-of-pearl green, blue, turquoise and blue shadows.

Подготовка к Хэллоуину-русалка

Хэллоуин-образ русалкиBy the way, for a fashionable mermaid would be ideal Navy tights Lyrics Matoshi.

Лирика Матоши-морские колготкиZombies. It’s probably stamped Halloween. The makeup for the zombies is simple, because you do not have to bother with arrows symmetry and beauty of the lips. Casually blend gray shadows on the cheeks and under the eyes, the arrows on the eyes, maybe even lipstick. The finishing touch on the fan – purple black eye.

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Подготовка к Хэллоуину-зомбиFor those who want to watch video on the creation of interesting images, suggest, for example, user experience Instagram grimvideo.

Impressive Wendigo.

grimvideo-ВендигоAnd the old shaman too.

grimvideo-шаманAnd as you Lord Volan de mort fantasy of JK Rowling?

grimvideo-Лорд Волан-де-МортThe real horror, and on the page of Bonnie. It is recommended to glance.

More photos, interesting photos

Your image and theme party will certainly need to capture. And then, tell me how to know about this world?

Хэллоуин-страшные костюмыIdeal – photo shoot. But about your smartphone not forget. Surely you they can take a picture more often than a camera, because the gadget at hand.

Фотосессия для детей-ХэллоуинAs for the themed photoshoot, there are many options for both children and adults, both individual and group for a fun kompashek of evil, but also for loving couples. What? And Halloween is a place of beautiful romance.

Полигональная маска дьявола-на ХэллоуинThe photographs transmitted the mystical mood of celebration. In General, you will definitely be something to remember!

Хэллоуин-фотосессияAnd these images can be original. Let they will be and such. For example, one fairly well-known American photographer – Gale Thompson – managed to avoid the trivial cottages, Apple orchards, and coffee houses Starbucks. Selecting as a model for her husband, Ryan, creativita conducted among field funny erotic photography in the genre of dudeoir, which literally translates as “boudoir boy”.

Gayla Thompson-тыквенный мужчина фото 6The man was wearing only rolled up boxer shorts. He strongly covered with pumpkins of all sizes. It turned out great!

Images liked by the public. It is obvious that a sense of humor couple to take away.

Gayla Thompson-тыквенный мужчина фото 3In the collection of the photographer also has other fun photosets with her husband, where he, for example, takes a bath with the flakes and ambiguous posing with hot dogs.

Waiting for Halloween, Instagram has appear cute butt under the hashtag #pumpkinbutt.

Подготовка к Хэллоуину-идеи для фото #pumpkinbuttAnd it is also idea for photo – kids.

pumpkin butt-тренд Инстаграм

Инстаграм-#pumpkinbutt mariwags

Инстаграм-#pumpkinbutt luizabeefamilyWill personnel work with animals. Those can be put directly into the main attribute of the holiday – pumpkin.

Щенки в тыковках-идеи для фотоAlso interesting pictures from the original pumpkins.

Тыквы-атрибут ХэллоуинаThey can even cut a portrait, including your pet.

Портрет на тыкве-фотоPumpkin – very spectacular scenery. Below, for example, with the characters of pop culture.

On the pumpkin even possible reproduction of famous paintings.

Репродукция на тыкве Крика-подготовка к ХэллоуинуIn General, carving a pumpkin is an art.

Резьба по тыкве-декорации для фотосессий и тематической вечеринкиAs painted. Such beauty a sin not to save on memory.

Шедевральные тыквы-подготовка к ХэллоуинуAnd the pumpkin can be collected from the designer LEGO, which is so loved by children.

Лего-тыкваYou can also take bright pictures with the giant pumpkins. In Britain, for example, raised a record – weighing in at one ton!

Тыква в тонну-рекордыWell and experiment with “pumpkin” make-up is not forbidden.

Тыква-макияжOn the eve of Halloween-2016 we are pleased with the frightening and very stylish project with Ukrainian stars, which have become… monsters. Cute monsters.

Onuka, The Maneken, “Kryhitka”, Panivalkova, The Erised, O. Torvald and K. A. T. Y. A. – all they have supplemented their images with headgear #nagolovycreated by costume designer Lesia Patoka.

Also last year before Halloween was filmed in an unusual photo shoot Ukrainian ballerina Kateryna Kuhar. She tried on a striking image of a warrior woman. And it really suits her.

Екатерина Кухар-макияж в стиле voodoo фото 3

Екатерина Кухар-макияж в стиле voodooAs you can see, the images on the subject of Halloween can be interesting. So to be photographed is a must.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget on this day to dance to the Michael Jackson song “Thriller”.

Майкл Джексон-ThrillerIncidentally, it is an occasion to learn the legendary moonwalk J. And we wish you all happy holidays and a cool photo to Instagram. See you!

Хэллоуин-много тыквPhoto credit: ©Instagram, letzmakeupblog.com, pinterest.com, reddit.com , deea-makeup.blogspot.com, redeyeddemon.deviantart.com, voguecitybitch.tumblr.com Vladimir Labenski, Danil Kaistro, Zero Charisma.

Thank you to all the beauty bloggers and Make Up Academy Me for the skill and courage of ideas, creativity and photos of their experiments.

Trends in Instagram no 2. Halloween: the best ideas for transformation and photo

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