TSMC is preparing to test the 7-nm processors for 12 key partners

TSMC Executive officer mark Liu said that in the near future the company plans to test a new 7-nm processors, together with their top clients. We will remind that quite recently, Lew said that their 7-nm process technology is significantly more functional than the Samsung. Upon successful testing, the company plans to begin mass production of 7-nm chipsets in early 2018, and a year later to release his improved version.

TSMC Chip Plant

The list of potential partners in the testing of 7-nm solutions included 12 companies. All currently existing projects of TSMC in the area of the 7-nm processors relate to mobile devices. “Client number one” for TSMC is Apple, and therefore with considerable certainty it can be argued that the iPhone 2018 release from the company giant will be equipped with a 7-nm processor. Gigabyte believe that in the coming year the demand for Chinese smartphones can fall sharply: the new iPhone simply displace them from the market.

7 nm chipset

According to TSMC representatives, the company is quite ready for the increasing competition from Samsung, which recently announced the imminent release of 7-nm chipsets with the use of EUV-scanners, and in the coming years plans to move to 6-nm 5-nm and 4-nm process technology (by 2020). In turn, TSMC spent in 2016 and $2.2 billion on the introduction of new technologies, said his 7-nm process technology is much better and going by 2020 to fully master the rule of 5 nm. The company believes that Samsung is not her opponent, and she will retain the status as the most reliable supplier of new technologies on the market.

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Source: patentlyapple.com

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