Uber has launched Uber for Freight freight

Mar’yana Makarova


Uber has launched Uber for Freight freight

International company Uber launched Uber for transportation Freight – this was stated by the publication TechCrunch.

About the launch of the new service was known in early may. Then Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, posted a photo of a truck with a sticker Freight. Then there were rumors that perhaps the company itself will purchase a fleet of vehicles and will work with them. However, this was not confirmed and Freight is all the same platform for communication between drivers and those who need to send cargo.

Uber запустил сервис Uber Freight для грузовых перевозок – Uber FreightFunctionally, the Freight application is very similar to the standard Uber app. The driver selects the order, sees the points A and B, the approximate time and cost of delivery. After transporting the driver receives payment within 3-4 days.

According to representatives of Uber, this is the main advantage of the platform for drivers – usually the payment is for 30 days or longer. If the customer does not pay on time the service company compensates for the driver transportation cost out of pocket.

The new service will allow to get rid of intermediaries on the phone who were calling customers and drivers, connected them together and perform many other operations. At the moment Uber Freight available in the United States.

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