Ukrainian hackers attacked private entrepreneurs

Eugene Lubnicki


Ukrainian hackers attacked private entrepreneurs

Recently many Ukrainian businessmen and state institutions were victims of cyberhawks. In the last week by email, many companies began to receive a message. The source of these messages were alleged by the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

About the unusual malware campaigns reported in the press service of the Police. Due to the fact that the attackers carried out address spoofing the sender address in the area the recipient thought that the letter sent from public institutions.

The letter contained a link that allegedly led to the account for the payment of taxes, but when you click on this link to the computer got a virus the Trojan. In turn, for unlocking the files of the scammers demanded a ransom of $300-500 (sometimes more than $1000).

Украинские хакеры атаковали частных предпринимателейWhen you click on the link on the computer loaded a ZIP archive containing JavaScript code, which when executed created an ActiveX component. This component has access to the computer’s file system and loaded BY the malware from the servers that were already pre-hacked.

Virus in the background, encrypted files, according to it is written the list of file types.

Украинские хакеры атаковали частных предпринимателейWhen the encryption process was completed, the virus changed background picture on your desktop computer, notifying the victim about the encryption of his files and created files readme.txt instructions to decrypt them.

In most cases, the attackers demanded for unlocking a computer around $300-500 in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Also in Kiev has reported cases where the ransom was up to three bitcoins, which in dollar terms amounted to more than $3000.

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To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, the postal and telecommunications recommends:

  1. Always check the address of the sender of the electronic messages (service headers);
  2. To use a PGP digital signature. This will protect the correspondence from being viewed by unauthorized persons. Digital signature also ensures that the message is really written by the author and has not changed during transmission;
  3. Never open links contained in the email, if the sender is unknown;

To use shadow copy files. Even if the files are encrypted, You will be able to restore them.

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