Apple commented on the curiosity with Face ID during the presentation of iPhone X

Apple commented on the curiosity with Face ID during the presentation of iPhone X

During the presentation of the new iPhone X a curious incident happened, which has caused a huge number of comments both from fans and from opponents of the company’s products. Senior Vice President of Apple’s Craig Federighi couldn’t the first time to unlock the phone through Face ID, because the smartphone is demanded Federighi to enter the passcode.

After the presentation, Apple did not comment on this case, however, excessive attention in the media and numerous messages on the forums, questioning the reliability of Face ID, forced the company to shed light on this during the presentation of the situation.

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In an interview, Yahoo Finance Apple spokesman said that the employees of the company who served Federighi demo iPhone X, does not take into account features of work of the function.

“The Apple employees did not understand that the Face ID feature tried to recognize their faces. There were several unsuccessful attempts, which due to the fact that these people — not Craig. Thus iPhone did what had to do: demanded that Craig’s password. In other words, the Face ID worked like it was supposed to be”, – said the representative of Apple.

It remains to add that similar security measures are present on the iPhone past generations with the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. If you repeatedly against the Home button is “alien” finger iPhone will require the owner passcode.

Recently we told you that Apple has officially unveiled Apple TV 4K.


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