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In the river has changed rules Uber

World-renowned service to order the car, Uber operates in the river from March 2017. The main “chips”, which the service has managed to seduce users were the accessibility, modernity, reliability and convenience.

Despite the many benefits, some criticise the club, the new cab for violation of the terms of arrival of drivers, which sometimes significantly exceed the waiting time a regular taxi. Drivers often have to explain how to get to a place where you go and where is the end point of the route, he may not know.

In addition, some drivers have learned to game the system, leading to increased initial cost of trips.

In October, the service introduced new rules and reduce the time of free waiting taxi with the standard for the majority of services 5 minutes to 2. In addition, decreased and the time during which it is possible to cancel the trip. Now it can be done in less than 2 minutes after ordering.

“To reduce waiting time for drivers, we are introducing a per-minute fee for passengers, which will be charged in 2 minutes from when the driver arrived to the landing site. We also reduced the window of trip cancellation. You now have 2 minutes instead of five, free to cancel the trip”, — the press-service of Uber.

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In the river has changed rules Uber

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