Samsung explained in a low capacity battery Note 8

Samsung explained in a low capacity battery Note 8

As you probably already heard, the Koreans have recently shown the world its phablet Note 8. And all anything, if not for the battery capacity.

All are used, devices from the Galaxy Note always use the battery capacity which can provide a long battery life of the smartphone. In the hull Note 7 was installed the battery the maximum possible capacity for his size. But we all know how that ended. And Koreans decided again to “not get burnt” at this place.

Аккумулятор Galaxy Note 8

The larger size of announced phablet has a battery whose capacity is less than that of the Galaxy S8. 3300 mAh vs 3500 mAh at the latest. Strange, isn’t it? Here and fans of the company wondered. To explain it all decided personally by the Director of the mobile division of Samsung:

“There are several reasons why we decided to use in Note 8 the smaller battery capacity. The main is the use of 10-nm process, which was made the Central chip of the smartphone. Through this step, we managed to increase the efficiency of the smartphone by 30%. Besides, thanks to the established usage patterns of the battery, it will keep 95% capacity, even after two years of work,” said DJ Koh, head of mobile division of the company.

Anyway, the final verdict will be done only after all the journalists will be able to personally experience how many, will work the Galaxy Note 8 in real use, not on paper.

Source: Phonearena

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