Next year iPhone will be with two SIM-cards and LTE Gigabit?

Next year iPhone will be with two SIM-cards and LTE Gigabit?

As stated by one Korean analyst, next year Apple will do my best to catch up the speed of loading data with such smartphones, like the Galaxy Note.

The expert KGI Securities said that at the moment the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have a maximum download speed for LTE of up to 600 Mbit/s. Yes, this is the peak speed, none of the operators are not able to provide. But, as shown by a recent experiment, even now, the smartphones of the Korean company load data from the network is almost two times faster than Apple’s smartphone.

More rapid antenna modules, which is going to use the Cupertino-based company will support the standard 4×4 MIMO, instead of the current 2×2 MIMO. Theoretically, this should also improve coverage in poor areas of the network. But the highlight that such a standard Apple is trying to achieve in conjunction with Intel, and not, as before, with Qualcomm.

The expert also said that given the transition to Gigabit LTE, and the company will finally begin selling smartphones that will support work with two SIM-cards.


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