Teaser Pixel 2 has found an unusual Easter eggs

Recently Google announced that the presentation of the new smartphones will take place on 4 October. In American cities began to appear on billboards with the announcement of this event, and on the corporate website Made by Google lit teaser, which States that if you were thinking about switching phones, you should wait 4 Oct. Fans began to study the code of the page trying to find some information about future updates and in the end I found something very unusual.

In the page code-the teaser of the new smartphones was discovered photo cookies. Most interesting is that it’s not Oreo, in whose honor was named the eighth version of Android.

Google Pixel 2

Thanks to the EXIF data of the photos it became known that the photo was taken in Google’s building 43 in mountain view. As camera models stated “Google is not so easy ;)”, and comments — “Stay tuned 4 October.”

Earlier it was rumored that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be available with Android 8.1. Perhaps Google decided to change the name of this version of the OS with Oreo to some other.

Source: gsmarena.com

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