11712 Valve added to Dota 2 storyline campaign

Valve added to Dota 2 storyline campaign

Popular MOBA game Dota 2 from Valve finally got a campaign designed for four people. As one of four defenders the player will have to defeat the ancient evil that has awakened in the depths of Dark reef. The first act of the campaign, called “Sands of destiny”, is now available to all owners of “Combat badge”, which became known in may of this year.

Dota 2

In the first act of the campaign you will need to find and slay Riga Defiler – dark creature Dashing the depths. During the passage you will be able to get unique artifacts, not previously encountered in the universe of Dota. Your progress will be evaluated by the stars: for one or two stars you will be awarded battle points for pass, while three stars will open access to the Treasury down and out of the depths. In the Treasury you will find it extremely rare for courier Baby Roshan Desert Sands. During the campaign you will also be able to perform special achievements the Dashing pool and earn additional battle points.

The second act of the story campaign, Dota 2 will be released in July of this year. In it, players will have to fight by a Spirited cheers. Purchase “Battle pass” 565 rubles, you can at this link.

Source: destructoid.com

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