11567 Valve closed Steam Greenlight

Valve closed Steam Greenlight

Valve закрывают Steam Greenlight

Valve has closed the Steam Greenlight platform, at the same time, saying the transition to the new Steam Direct.

The value of Steam Greenlight in the history of game making

Platform Steam Greenlight was launched on August 30, 2012 and was a ray of hope for numerous young studios who do not have enough budget to implement all their ideas. The essence of the project lay in the fact that the players themselves could evaluate the prospects of a game, thus helping the team to Valve with their selection for publication on the Steam platform. For all time of existence, Steam Greenlight has helped to fulfill the dream of many studios, published on her game received more than 90 million votes. About 10 million players took part in the vote, and more than 63 million users played games that appeared on Steam via Greenlight. Some of the releases now are in the top 100 sales on Steam.

The king is dead. Long live the king!

A week later, on June 13, will begin work Steam Direct replacement Greenlight. The main feature of the new platform is the simplified system of publication for a new project. The developer need only fill in the digital documentation and complete the identity verification. After filling in the documents, the developer will require a contribution of $ 100, for the publication of a separate game in Steam. It will be reimbursed after the sales of the game reached $ 1,000. If the developer has partnered with Steam for the first time, you will need to wait 30 days from the date of payment of the fee until the personal information submitted will be acknowledged. In other words, increasing control, and the number of frankly poor quality of the product should decrease. This is all we know about the new Steam Direct, we will learn more of the 13th of June.

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