9487 Valve has unveiled the start date of the summer Steam sales

Valve has unveiled the start date of the summer Steam sales

Seasonal sales on Steam – one of the most important events for all service users. Within a week or two thousands of games to get different discounts, becoming attractive targets in the eyes of gamers. As the summer is approaching, many start to speculate on a summer sale. Valve has not yet officially announced a date, but the coveted date has already managed to seep into the network.

As usual, the leak occurred due to emails that Valve send in advance to the publishers and developers with the aim to inform them the exact time of the sale. If you believe the leaked screenshot, the new summer sale will begin on 22 June and finish 5 July. This period seems quite plausible and almost the same as it was last year.


We will remind, during last year’s summer sale, Valve has reduced the price of 12.5 thousand games. For comparison, in 2015 the number of participants in the action games totaled only about 4 thousand. It is expected that this year the discounts will be even greater. It is worth noting that many users of the latest Steam sales seemed a bit boring, as lost the lightning discount. Gamers expect new mini games and other activities in the framework of the upcoming summer sale.

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