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Cycling autumn. 25 reasons to love the bike

Riding a bike is cool. And how many pluses! Beautiful athletic form and great entertainment, with magnificent views, which are often not reachable by feet, good health and healthy lungs – and it is only the foot of the mountain of advantages. And on top of it you can’t believe it, enhanced memory, harmonious relationships with loved ones – Yes, the bike and this will help – and the feeling of absolute happiness.

So catch 25 reasons to buy a bike, sit on it, spin the pedals and love is a two-wheeled vehicle entire body and soul.

Осенние покатушки в парке-велосипед

Probably all of us in childhood liked to ride a bike. It makes sense not to give it up as adults. Yes, there will always be excuses, but reasons to ride your two-wheeled friend, and often his “walk” is many times more

The contents

So much “for” and none “against”.

Cycling is conveniently

First of all, it should be said that in our hectic and dynamic time when in traffic jams forced to spend part of the day, it is better to use for getting around the city bike.


Freedom of movement on the bike will allow you to travel wherever possible. The roads, roads (don’t ignore the bike lanes), sidewalks – everything is open for bike and its owner

You can drive it on any roads and paths, avoid obstacles, and the same tube. You can drive where not pass and did not get on the car, to get to your destination and see what you want to.


The bike is fast

Велосипед-и скоростьAnd when you consider that the average speed of the car with all these traffic jams and numerous traffic lights no more than 20-30 km/h, the bike will be able to get from point A to point B is no less promptly than by car.

The bike is reliable

Велосипед-и закатNot for nothing is the expression “don’t reinvent the wheel”. This vehicle is so reliable, simple and clear, that runs like a Swiss watch.

However, this statement applies only to high-quality models are time-tested brands, not so-called “Asanbekov” – those, which are collected without the control and supervision of low-grade materials and components.

The bike is available

Of course, everything is relative. For example, in comparison with the machine, it is quite affordable to purchase. However, do not pursue cheap: a good bike can cost “pennies.”

Immediately remember another argument “for” Bicycle. So, if you often ride using as an alternative to the car, then save the marketability of his car and minimize its mileage. All of this will play into the hands of when you want to sell the car. Yes, and it will serve you longer, if not to exploit to the fullest.

Bike is sparingly

This workout without the hassle. I bought a bike and save:

  • First, on fuel or fare (and don’t need car insurance!).
  • Secondly, subscription to a fitness centre, a gym, and now it’s not cheap.
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And yet, getting to work by bike, this thing – work – harder “score” than in the gym. Overall, a great motivation. Works!

The bike is what allows you to Park Royal

Необычные парковки для велосипедаAnd where you want. No need to look for a place, as in the case of car Parking, no need to pay for it. Free and convenient – perfect!

Бесплатная парковка для велосипедов-значок

The bike – path to longevity

Осенние покатушки-велосипедGood health (strong lungs, immune system, body, power of will) is, perhaps, the main reason to sit on the bike and is actively pedaling.

Долголетие-и велосипед

Cycling is the path to longevity. It is established that professional cyclists live longer than average

In the process loaded the main groups of muscles, trains the heart and respiratory system is developed, improves overall body tone. And sedentary – especially office – lifestyle is mega important.

In addition, you become tougher that allows you to transfer more physical activity with less effort and get maximum chances to become a centenarian.

The bike is prevention of heart diseases and rehabilitation after problems with it

Сердце-фотоTo two times to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other heart problems, it is enough to wind on a bike 30 miles a week (not so much).

Today, more and more bikes are used in rehabilitation programmes after myocardial infarction.

Is the prevention of varicose veins

Regular Cycling will help to prevent the development of this disease, occurring both in men and women. Rotational movement of the legs eliminate the stagnation of blood in the veins.

Велосипедная прогулка

The bike is the strengthening of joints

The bike is a great tool for strengthening the joints. Strengthening and lumbar region (therefore not afraid of a spinal hernia and sciatica). It’s important to sit correctly on a two-wheeled vehicle: upper body slightly leaning forward.

Cycling is healthy lungs

Здоровые легкиеWhile riding on the bike light are much more active than usual. While the body is enriched with oxygen. By the way, that is why it is better to go outside the city, where there are no cars with their exhaust gases, or less. So you normalize the breath and learn quickly and without Adisak to change from one rhythm to another.

Oh, and don’t smoke, please. You know how it is harmful.

The bike is a helper in the struggle with bad habits

Any bad habit is an addiction. And if you replace, for example, duty cigarette, or another small cake and a nice walk on the bike once, then again and again, then very soon be able to replace her bad habit.

The bike is a toned body

Хомяк бежит

Хомяк-на велосипеде

When excessive body weight experts recommend replacing running with Cycling and the results will be more noticeable, and the load on the joints is less

Bicycle helps to lose weight. And that’s a fact! For people who have excessive body weight, Cycling is shown in the first place: the load on joints is minimal. Well, a great figure will not take long.


The Bicycle is the opportunity to eat delicious (and often harmful) food

СладостиSad, but usually tasty not very useful for the body. Lots of calories, lots of fat and so inviting the taste – direct drug to our receptors.

ФастфудBecause Cycling is actively burns calories (450 calories per hour), not forgetting about it, you’ll be able to afford more Goodies.

As well as during Cycling you also build muscle, which in comparison with fat, even at rest burn more calories, you in the future “risk” to gain a perfect figure even when not very active lifestyle.

The bike is what allows you to look younger

And sexier. People who are in good physical shape, look at least five years younger than their bloated peers. So you will not be able to repeat stories about how we perceive ourselves and others.

Recall. Like, one lady came to the dentist, I found him, in her impression, old and balding grandfather of a classmate. However, I doubt that they once sat at the same Desk: painfully namoloasa the man looked like. Seeing the doctor’s name on the diploma hanging on the wall in the waiting room, she exclaimed, “You were in my class!” To which he asked what she taught him. Yeah, it is clear that neither this lady nor the dentist Cycling is not fond of.

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A Bicycle is something that will help to reach a new level and set your highscore

Велосипедист-скоростьProbably every cyclist I wonder how fast he moves and how many passes. These figures always excite the blood. And you always want more, set a personal record, show off, or something. In the end, raise self-esteem, and this, by the way, well worth it!

Катание на велосипеде-пользаBecause you can use the bike computer, at least a simple model, able to determine:

– current speed;

– average speed;

the distance traveled and the total distance;

– travel time.

Among other things, measure the mileage and need for maintenance of the bike. It should not be forgotten if you want it you last a long time.

For monitoring performance, health metrics and calories burned recommend fitness bracelets.

Samsung Gear Fit2-ракурсыFor example, the model Samsung Gear Fit2 in a variety of colors.

Samsung Gear Fit2-расцветкиTo track walking, running and Cycling, it allows you to use the integrated GPS module. It is necessary for more accurate determination of the distance and display it on the map, as well as saving the battery of the smartphone, with which the gadget is mated.

And even the fitness bracelets – these healthy devices allow you to listen to music. And with it, any sport is a favorite pastime.

However, remember that the road behind the wheel – no matter car or bike – you need to be very careful. Careful with headphones, limiting the sounds in the environment. Can help out, for example, portable speaker systems for bicycles.

Bicycle Speakerphone-гаджеты

Cycling, Jogging in the fresh air, exercising in the gym, active rest on the nature with the music all that more fun

And for those who want to capture their ride and love extreme sports invented action Cam , a compact device designed for shooting during movement and in the conditions of aggressive environment.

Велосипед-экшн-камера на рулеAnd if you talk about action cameras, GoPro just remember. This brand has become a household name: it is associated with GoPro action Cam.

Excellent model – GoPro HERO+ LCD.

GoPro HERO+ LCDWith it you can even dive on a 40-meter depth. GoPro HERO+ LCD can be mounted on a surfboard, snowboard, motorcycle or Bicycle handlebar, helmet and beyond. In General, a worthwhile development.


The bike is always in a good mood

Прогулочный велосипед

Cycling is a powerful charge of vivacity and happiness hormones

Sports, Cycling in particular, promotes the release of endorphins. These are biologically active substances, which are also called happy hormones: they cause euphoria.

Велосипедные прогулки-вдвоем

Even if you feel deeply unhappy man, sitting in the saddle and after a few kilometers, you will see: life is beautiful. And even short Cycling mood

It’s simple: pedal – and at some point will feel an absolute thrill. It will say that those endorphins already in your blood.

At the same time before you open all the way:

Осенний пейзаж

Осенний пейзажA positive impact on your mood and the vitamin D that you inevitably get when skiing in Sunny weather. By the way, lack of this vitamin increases the risk of heart disease.

The bike is a good relaxation

Досуг-у телевизораTry to replace every evening lying on the sofa at the TV and Cycling.

Кнопка релакс

On the basis of various studies on the relationship between exercise and health, found that those reduces the level of fatigue. So it is better to rest actively

Relax and at the same time admire the beautiful views.

Вечерняя прогулка-велосипед

A Bicycle is a great service


The bike is a wonderful service. Even light Cycling, for at least ten minutes, is a powerful Wake-up call

Even a short bike ride not only provides a healthy sleep, but also allows you to Wake up quickly, no worse than a cold shower.

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Велопрогулки-для здоровьяRegular Cycling restores the biological rhythm, as well as excrete the stress hormone cortisol. By the way, what for…

Bike is synonymous with stress

СтрессоустойчивостьPhysical activity – Cycling – help to reduce stress. And in our time it is very important to be stress-resistant. According to this criterion even select personnel for employment.

The bike is a conversation starter and something that unites

Осень-видыJust imagine that you and a friend or the whole family went to the bike outside of the city where clean air and freedom, where landscapes of great beauty and breathe easily.

Осенний пейзаж

Осенний пейзаж

Осенний пейзажTogether you experience this unity with nature, feel the energy of each other, talking to each other… And not over the Internet, via Skype or by phone, and face-to-face (or side by side).

Прогулка на велосипедах-всей семьей

Велосипед всей семьей-объединяющий досугThis is the freedom of communication – cheerful people, who love actively and usefully spend their time.

Велосипед и взаимоотношения

Велосипед-и взаимоотношения

Joint Cycling is a good option for combining leisure

And since the bike is now a fashionable sport, there is a high probability that you’ll make new and interesting acquaintances.

ВелоискусствоLittle life hack for those who have Pets. The bike will be able to save time on the walking Pets.

Езда на велосипеде- с собакой

Many people find it very difficult to find the time to walk and work up your pet. There is a solution! You can combine the pleasant with the useful: at the same time for a bike ride and “airing” animal

You can simultaneously enjoy two-wheeled and four-leg friend.

Велосипедная осеньThe dog and the bike “fit together” in the following way: – it passively travels to the Luggage cart; – either running ahead or behind the bike on a leash.

Выгул собак-и велопрогулка

The bike is a prestigious

Стильная велопрогулка  A good bike, like a good car, raises the prestige of its owner – especially in the eyes of those who understand them. The brand is great – it’s like Porsche or Mercedes in the auto world. In General, if you like show-off, it’s one of the reasons to buy a bike.

Велосипеды Cube-популярные бренды

Today, the bike is able to emphasize a person’s status. In developed European countries is a two-wheeled vehicle is accepted by all echelons of society. Moreover, the West understands the word “cyclist” as a synonym for bourgeois. Fashionable and stylish dressed man cool sport bike with a frame of carbon fiber, accelerates to 60 kilometers per hour, is very nice

Bike is still beautiful

Велосипед и стильYes, the bike can (and should!) look stylish.

Велосипед и стиль

Велосипед и стиль

Велосипед и стиль

Велосипед и стиль

Велосипед и стильAnd by the way, it is not necessary to pedal at breakneck speed, sometimes you can just go “show off”.

Велосипед и стильBut if you actively Cycling, with no special Cycling clothing is not enough. So you won’t depend on the weather, can even not interested in the forecasts. Sun, rain, wind – with the right gear you can ride in any weather.

In late autumn you will need:

Good windbreaker, jacket, sweater.

Bianchi REPARTO CORSE Nalini-ветровка

Bianchi Nalini REPARTO CORSE – a great fashionable windbreaker for men

For the weather – rain gear (for example, Orbea rain jacket)

Orbea rain jacket-дождевикиBy the way, riding in the rain is a special treat.

Езда на велосипеде-под дождемIt’s like a child to jump in puddles! And with the right equipment and necessary accessories is also secure.

Велосипед-и осенние видыWellabove. Many models feature mesh for ventilation. Through it penetrates the wind, therefore in advance take care socks made of natural fabrics.

МТБ Sidi Drako Carb.SRS Black Black Vernice 42-велотуфли

Top modelmc Sidi Drako in the line of SIDI.

Pants. The main problem of the fall ride is not cold and the wind. He is even “calm”.

ASSOS LL.Uno_S5 Volkanga

The “correct” pants for Cycling should not squeeze and restrict movement of the body, and must repeat them

So the “right” pants – they are necessary and important. If no frost, you can just put a fitted leggings over belorusov.

ASSOS Volkanga-штаны для велоспорта

Pants Volkanga ASSOS comfortable Cycling even in the winter

You can watch ready set

Nalini Sportika XXL-комплект для велопрогулок

Nalini Sportika – a classic suit for Cycling and sports

Hatthat must be worn under a helmet (if you need head).



Lightweight cap Nalini FAGIOLINO perfect for Cycling in cool weather

Well, if you have buff – multifunctional (almost magical!) headgear designed to protect from such adverse natural factors as wind, sun, cold and dust.

Баффы-для велопрогулокBuff can be worn as a hat, bandana, scarf, Balaclava, face mask, bandage on his forehead from sweat, the pirates. Girls wear buffs in the form of tiaras and scarves. Even hair bands they do.

Как носить бафф-фотоGloves, and in the fall they are a very important part of the weight when riding the bike falls on the hands, fingers without them will freeze.

Перчатки-для велоспорта

The bike is cool “simulator” for brain and strengthen memory

The bike develops not only the body but also the brain. Explain.

Тренажер мозга-велосипедAny trip is exercise, and they are used in order to pump the brainsfor making decisions and overcoming mental blocks.

The flow of oxygen to the gray matter improves, new ideas, new thoughts, we can say that you go to the next level of creative development. Also improves memory: it creates new cells in the area responsible for it.

By the way, for this purpose you can use the exercise bike.

Сайкл-купить в allo

The bike is a green form of transport

Велосипед-экологически чистый вид транспорта зеленая планетаIt will not pollute the environment. No wonder it is in Europe actively popularitybut bikes. For example, in Sweden, in Gothenburg, has introduced a new project, the government distributed free to residents of the bikes if they agree to periodically to three times a week – use them instead of their cars.

However, the free here is partial. Six months later, the bike needs to be back or buy it with a big discount.

Велосипед-экологически чистый вид транспортаThe aim of the initiative is to show that there are no barriers to every day use bike as an alternative to other modes of transport.

Велосипед-зеленый вид транспортаSo many “pros” and no “against”

Желтые листья-осень

Golden autumn – the perfect time of year for rides on the bike. Not hot as in summer, and the wind in your hair invigorates perfectly. And how delicious for oxygen-rich body Cup of tea after a long trip. This is awesome!

And most importantly, Cycling activities in all their many arguments “for” no “against.”

Велосипед в городе-осеньLearning to ride a bike, you never forget and ardently love is a two-wheeled vehicle.

Велосипед в городе-осень The bike is an excellent investment in your health, able to give unforgettable experience and the perfect figure. And no wonder it is recognized as one of the greatest technical inventions. In General, we go! Let us.

PS by the Way, in the autumn of bikes are usually cheaper, saying that the end of the season. And if you still not, definitely look a decent option.

Fortunately, the choice today elegant: for every taste, color and budget.

Cycling autumn. 25 reasons to love the bike

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