Google Vice President made allusion to the name Android 8.0

Every year, Google makes the Android fans to build incredible idea, what is the name of the new version of the operating system. According to tradition, the search giant calls each major release after some sort of dessert or sweets. In the past there were a lot of hints that Android 8.0 will be called Oreo, but then in the OS code it was discovered the mention of Oatmeal Cookies (oatmeal cookies). And after the release of latest beta version there are rumorsthat Google will name Android 8.0 octopus — Octopus. It is possible that Google Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer hinted at the real name of Android 8.0.

Recently Hiroshi Lockheimer published in Twitter a photo with the caption “no comment.” The picture lists different foods and products.

Google Android O

If you look closely, you can find Onion (onion) and Olive (olive). But most of all stands out in the picture Orangina (Orangina). The latter is a sweet carbonated beverage orange.

It is possible that Android 8.0 will be called Orangina. But it is also possible that Hiroshi Lockheimer just wants once again to confuse the fans.


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