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VK-art: how to put in the VC emoticons, theme and design

ВК-арт: как поставить в ВК смайлики, тему и старый дизайн

17 Aug 2016 after 4.5 months of public testing Vkontakte has moved to a new design. This caused a wave of criticism and heated discussion among users. On the platform change.org it was even created a petition in defense of the old site design, which was signed by over 50,000 people.

To date, however, objections subsided, many have already forgotten the previous appearance of the VC. And for those who still believes that “it was better before”, is there a way to switch between the old and new designs.

How to return the old design Vkontakte:

  1. Use the extension “Old VC”. To install it go to the address https://vk.com/old_vk_style on the official webpage of the developer;
  2. right at the bottom click the link“download Page extension”;
  3. select the version of the browser:
    a) in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome installation will begin immediately;
    b) Opera first install the extension Download Chrome Extension. Then follow the link in the Chrome directory where the press the red button “Install”. In the window that appears, click “OK”. The browser opens the extensions menu, where the opposite Supplement again you need to click “Install”.

At the top on the toolbar icon will appear on the add – ons- depending on the availability of the show switch designs (don’t forget to refresh the page).

Как старый дизайн вконтакте поставить

Dear and familiar to the old design Vkontakte

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Also, users have the ability to radically change the appearance of your page – to make it bright and unique. This will help tens of thousands original the for Vkontakte.

How to change the theme in the VC:

  1. install the browser add – GetStyles:
    a) analyze the example of Mozilla: open the browser menu , go to “Extras” on the tab “Extensions” — in the search bar write GetStyles” — select the desired plugin click “Install”;
    b) go to the official website of the Supplement to the right press the green button to “Download” — window opens an online store, where select “Install” (“add to SeaMonkey“);
  2. find a beautiful theme (the site provides more than 10,000 free themes in various themes), click “Apply”. Updated the page and enjoy spectacular views.

Unfortunately, the new design is visible only to its owner. For other users, your profile remains similar to hundreds of other pages. To change the situation will help emoticons graphic image, the purpose of which is to transfer our emotions.

Emoticons and stickers Vkontakte

Funny faces used in statuses, comments and SMS, you can even draw them a picture and place it on the wall. To insert a smiley enough in the input box click on the image “☺” and choose your desired.

VKontakte has quite an extensive database of emoticons, but if required is not found, then use the code. The cipher you will find on the vast world wide web, just copy it or mount it manually.

A logical continuation of the smileys are stickers – cute pictures, a little more of their fellows. They appeared relatively recently and is intended solely for correspondence. Can also be sent via the button “☺”, only in the opened window go to the tab with stickers. The standard is set with bunnies, so below we will consider

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How to get stickers in the VC:

1) for free – go to the sticker Shop — select the tab “Free” — you press the blue button “Free”;

2) paid under a”New” and “Popular”, are bought for “the Voice” (the currency of social network Vkontakte). In turn voices can be earned by performing various tasks or buy for real money (payment methods – credit card, electronic money, via SMS or terminal) that will be offered in the case of a zero balance.

How to give stickers in the VC other:

Open dialog — go to shop — select — click “Donate”.

Как получить стикеры в ВК бесплатно

Funny stickers Vkontakte will give your every mood

Graphic images are not the only way to embellish a monotonous text. The record made by the original font will attract attention.

How to change the font Vkontakte

Use the app to”Flip text”. Find it using the search and launch. A window opens at the top who write our text, select the action (flip, cross out, underline, etc.). The result is shown at the bottom, you just have to copy it.

If the default font size of the VC are hard to read, increase the zoom, hold down the key combination “Ctrl” and “+”. The combination “Ctrl” and “–” respectively, will lead to the opposite result.

Experiment and you will succeed.

VK-art: how to put in the VC emoticons, theme and design

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