“VKontakte” and Mail.Ru Group closed offices in Ukraine

Eugene Lubnicki


“VKontakte” and Mail.Ru Group closed offices in Ukraine

Social network “Vkontakte”, as well as Mail.Ru Group closed their Kyiv offices. This became known from sources inside the company familiar with the situation.

According to sources, the management of these companies decided to cut some employees of the Ukrainian office. Some experts associated with advertising, can be transferred to the Moscow office.

CEO Mail.Ru Group Boris Dobrodeyev said that Ukrainian business has not made a significant contribution to the company’s revenue. In this regard, in Mail.Ru do not expect a negative impact of restrictive measures on its financial performance.

“This will hit primarily by Ukrainian users, who will lose their favorite communication services. Services Mail.Ru Group on the territory of Ukraine was leading in their categories. This is an unprecedented step. Of course, we will do everything possible to somehow compensate for this loss and to help the Ukrainian users to continue to stay in contact with your friends” — said a top Manager.

Recall, we recently told you about the five alternatives Vkontakte, where you can listen to music.

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