10178 VKontakte Ukraine: the entrance is closed. Long live the front!

VKontakte Ukraine: the entrance is closed. Long live the front!

ВКонтакте Украина: вход закрыт. Да здравствует вход!

To say that fans of network Vkontakte, living on the territory of Ukraine, were taken aback by the lock message your favorite network – it does not say anything. Because millions of people both in our country and abroad have long been accustomed to communicate with friends and relatives, conduct business and just be aware of all the news thanks to the social network. None of that would be equivalent communication or seclusion care information rest. But why do you need these tragedies, when you have gg?

A couple of minutes, a hundred or two words of the article and you will know how to safely circumvent the VC. Depending on the used browser and operating system of your device, there are several strategies that are working successfully and not cause any hassle when setting up and debugging.

In the basis of the solution of how to bypass the lock VK on your computer, tablet or smartphone, is the use of VPN. VPN technology replaces the real IP address of the user virtual – and all to track the “country of origin” signal from your gadget, that is your location, sites becomes problematic. In other words, if Ukraine Vkontakte is blocked, pretend to be a resident, for example, great Britain or the Congo, and safely enter in to the actual compatriots resource. As they say, all of Saturday, and you have Thursday.

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How to bypass the lock VC on the computer

If the Internet access you use Opera to do anything at all is not necessary – in this browser, the VPN service is built, and, moreover, completely free of charge. Everything you need is in “Settings” under “Security” tick the box “Enable VPN”. Then on the left of the address bar will appear the same button, by clicking which you can select VPN settings.

Программа для обхода блокировки ВКонтакте

For users of other browsers will have to install another extension VPN:

  • Browsec
  • friGate
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • Zenmate

Let us consider, where to look for them.

VPN in Google Chrome

To install VPN, click on the “Settings” button, in the opened menu click “Settings” then “Extensions” and in the list of extensions at the bottom we find the button “More extensions”.

Как обойти блокировку, vpn

This will open the Chrome web store, in the search box which you want to enter a query VPN and press Enter.

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Хроме

On the right will appear a list of matching extensions – you will only have to install what you want.

VPN in Mozilla Firefox

For users of Mozilla download VPN the extension at this link. Similarly, in the add-ons store in the search box write “VPN”, hit Enter and get a range of add-ons – just install any of them.

Мозила - как включить впн

For all browsers will be a convenient service friGate – just follow the link, select the plugin for your browser.

Как обойти блокировку вк на компе и на айфоне

Mobile app Vkontakte – how to bypass the lock VC on Android, iOS, etc.

For loyal users of the mobile version of the network recommended for the following applications:

  • Tunnelbear
  • Zenmate
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All you need is to follow the link and install the app on your smartphone – completely free, easy and simple. How to install apps on Android, you already know (if not click the previous link). If you “Yabloko” and forgot how downloaded app on iOS we will recall here.

Tor browser is another way to go Vkontakte, despite the prohibitions

Along with the use of VPN technology in order to cover their tracks in the network and thus unblock Facebook, we could use the technology of Tor. It allows you to hide information about the user, including where the user came from sending their queries. That is, the blocking of sites for Ukraine in such a user will not be distributed.

To use the technology of Tor, we need to download on your device Tor browser. This can be done on the website torproject.org. In the upper right corner of the home page, locate the Download button and click. The system will automatically offer you a version for your OS, but under this proposal you will see a list of options for all available operating systems.

Браузер Тор - что это?

So, hand on heart, can say: from now on the law on prohibition of Vkontakte is not much upsets us all, we continue to use your favorite social network, read news about her and in a whisker does not blow. But remember: the editors of gg in no way encourages you to circumvent the laws of Ukraine, as the author of these lines, sacred to the worship of the penal code.

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