Uber drivers have learned to circumvent the algorithms to higher prices

Uber drivers have learned to circumvent the algorithms to higher prices

Drivers popular service Uber has learned to circumvent the algorithm of formation of the order price, thus extracting more benefits. This became known thanks to the study conducted by experts at the University of Warwick.

According to the study, to achieve the desired effect drivers at the same time appear from the Uber app, after which they received orders. Similarly, the drivers simulate the lack of cars, and artificially inflate demand, then the system automatically increases the price.

As you know, in peak times, during various events, and late night fares for travel in Uber’s rise, but resorting to the above scheme, drivers have started to accept orders at higher ratio and at the usual hours.

The scheme was uncovered thanks to the forums where talking to Uber drivers. On one of the forums was discovered the following commentary: “Guys, do not enter the application until until the price will soar. Little cars + high demand = higher prices”.

According to the researchers, collusion reflects the dissatisfaction of the drivers of policy and shows Uber “ethically controversial” nature of the algorithm.

Representatives of the company stated about the inadmissibility of such actions and assured that “have a number of technical measures that prevent such abuse”.

Recall that in late July, an Uber came to the city of Zaporozhye, which was the sixth city in Ukraine where this service works, after Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Earlier we told you that Uber has launched Uber for Freight freight traffic.

Source: ITC.ua

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