19042 VR-helmet Lenovo Explorer is already available for pre-order in Russia
VR-helmet Lenovo Explorer is already available for pre-order in Russia

VR-helmet Lenovo Explorer is already available for pre-order in Russia

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Lenovo has announced the launch of pre-orders in Russia for a new helmet mixed reality Explorer. The device was designed to work with Windows Mixed Reality platform developed by Microsoft. Lenovo Explorer combines the technologies of virtual and augmented realities, allowing the user to fully immerse in the virtual world, and to move virtual objects in the real world. And to heighten the immersive helmet supports surround sound.

Lenovo Explorer

“Mixed reality is the future that expands the traditional boundaries of the world and our opportunities for interaction with him. Lenovo solution implemented on the Microsoft Windows platform Mixed Reality will give an unforgettable immersive, whether you are working or just spending time with friends or family. The platform is the fastest and easiest system settings — 10 minutes and you are ready for adventure. But the most important advantage is that you are not tied to a particular Desk, chair or room, the device operates without external sensors. You can enjoy unforgettable experiences, where you are more comfortable,” — said Sergey Dmitriev, head of the Department on work with OEMs of Microsoft company in Russia.

Lenovo Explorer

Helmet mixed reality Lenovo Explorer is designed for gaming, viewing movies and photos, virtual tours, virtual desktops and other applications for the Windows platform Mixed Reality. The location and direction of the user are determined using two 6DoF cameras located at the front of the helmet. This eliminates the use of external sensors and to connect to a computer just connect it via HDMI and USB. The length of the cables allows the user to move freely in space 3,5×3,5 m.

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Lenovo Explorer

The helmet has two LCD screen with a resolution of 1440х1440 pixels, providing a clear picture into a 3D and 360-degree modes. For control in games and interaction with the computer, you can use the traditional keyboard and mouse, Xbox One controller or two optional wireless Bluetooth controller for virtual reality gyroscopes. For the Windows platform, Mixed Reality has already adapted more than 100 titles, including games, movies and virtual tours.

Lenovo Explorer

To work helmet Lenovo Explorer need a computer with an Intel Core i3 or better and at least 8 GB of RAM.

The helmet Lenovo Explorer in Russia is scheduled for October 20 at a price of 39 990 rubles. But in the framework of the pre-order Lenovo offers a version of controllers with 10% discount.

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