The universe can not exist?

The universe can not exist?

As it turned out, the universe, according to the latest research, should not exist. To this conclusion came scientists from the European organization for nuclear research, CERN, located in Switzerland. Scientists have long been vexed by the question – why in the Universe did not happen of its destruction? In the moment of the big Bang was the formation in equal quantities of matter and antimatter.Вселенной не существует And since both matter resemble each other and differ only by signs, the collision was to occur the complete annihilation with the emission of huge energy. But since we exist, it begs the question – where scientists “made a mistake”? They are busy with this task.

To address this pressing issue, they used the penning trap, where low temperatures (close to absolute zero -273ºС) and using electric and magnetic fields kept in “captivity” for 405 days antimatter. Вселенной не существуетThe aim of scientists was to measure the magnetism of the particles, to understand whether there are still differences from the normal matter. After the measurements, scientists have obtained the same values of magnetism that matter. Conclusion – the universe can not exist. In General, instead of answering again got a question. And may we all live in the Matrix? However, this theory was recently refuted by theoretical physicists. Well, then, they are theorists. And we will continue to watch the research scientists to find out how it happened, that the universe exists.


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