19002 Selectable scales: on what to pay attention
Selectable scales: on what to pay attention

Selectable scales: on what to pay attention

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Selectable scales: on what to pay attention

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you are definitely in trend. Yes, today it is fashionable. And, perhaps this is the right direction of a reasonable humanity, which gives the mind clear and the body energized.

One of the tools to monitor themselves, are the scales. Seemingly ordinary a device for weighing myself. So it was before. Perhaps you remember the rarity of a device with weights – now an endangered species, but still living in single copies in our clinics. Or homemade thick scales “made in CCCP”. And this mechanic is very reliable! Surely many in the bins somewhere is working like a heavyweight, able to quickly identify an increase or loss of weight.

But progress does not stand still. And today we have the opportunity to enjoy not just scales, and modern electronic devices with greater functionality, which turns them into a real fitness computers. They explore the composition of the body of the user, not only display his current weight, and are a great psychological assistant in the issues of attaining a perfect body.

For example, the scientists believe that people regularly forget about the scale weighing in for 2-3 weeks just because of a subconscious desire to be slimmer loses weight by one kilogram. Unfortunately, not always we can agree with them. But the fact that modern electronic scales – it can be said, mast HEV any person who takes care of himself and leads a healthy lifestyle (at least, aspires to), of course, a fact. We offer you to learn more about them in this buyers guide. So, choose electronic floor scales.

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S-умные напольные весыThe contents

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Basic information about electronic floor scales and their advantages over mechanical

A key advantage of electronic scales over mechanical is the accuracy of the measurements. And it eventually falls off. Measurement error in electronics is not more than 0.3 kg, whereas in mechanics – up to 1 kg.

In addition, electronic scales, even the most simple, offer more functions. Their work is based on the strain gauge, through which passes an electric current.

This implies, perhaps the only significant disadvantage of such devices: they require a power source. Usually enough AA or AAA batteries.

The maximum allowable weight

Any scales have a load limit. There is a model with the upper boundary of the measured weight to 150 kg, there are those who “endure” more, up to 220 kg. Choosing scales for the whole family, make sure that each fit into the limit load any model.

Features and capabilities

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale-для активных людей

Choosing the functionality of electronic floor scales, proceed from their needs. So, the market is as unpretentious model, which is certainly more and the price will delight, and more expensive diagnostic. They will find out, for example: body mass index, body content of muscle and adipose tissue, amount of water and so on

Except for trivial indexing pounds, modern electronic scales can offer many functions.

Электронные напольные весы-выбираем с умом

One of the advantages of modern electronic floor scales – ability to memorize information. They remember the weight of multiple users, giving each the opportunity to follow the change. The scales will show how much you gained or lost weight since the last weighing. Separate models “found out” by their owners on individual parameters measured by special sensors

For example, useful when they allow us to trace the dynamics of change in weight, that is characterized by previous results. The fact that a model characterized by 5 to 16 users, is also a huge plus.

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Some scales possess the function of automatic identification of the user. They simply “learn” it. And switch between vzbesivshiysya people don’t need.

Another useful option is the function of weight control. If the system detects that the user’s weight is out of preset lower or upper limits of normal, the device will automatically sound an alarm “alarm”.

Popular today and the scales, which calculate body mass index (BMI). For those who are watching a figure is a critical indicator. To device able to determine the user needs to make in its memory the data about its growth. And, at each weighing, the screen will be displayed information about how to change his body mass index.

The functionality of a modern electronic floor scales turned them into real videocomputer. Today you can easily find the model with the function of measuring the content of fat and muscle tissue in the total body weight. And their range is impressive, as the run-up in prices.

Диагностические смарт-весы Prestigio-функциональность

Electronic scale, which shows not only current weight, but additional information about the structure of the body, called the diagnostic

In a nutshell on how to operate the diagnostic scales. They are in their base electrodes. When the user becomes on scales, through these electrodes is a weak electric charge. Since the conductivity of adipose and muscle tissue are different, the electronic scale can calculate their share in the body.

Yunmai Mini Smart Scale-дизайн SMART-весов

The weight of a person during the day varies. Well sweated in training – “ominously” a certain amount of fluid drank water – “add on”. The percentage water content and the ratio of muscle, fat and bone tissue give an idea about what is happening in the body processes. And working over the body of the person will be able to determine whether its mode and loads effective

The ratio of muscle and fat is very important for people involved in themselves and the sport in particular. If interest rates do not conform to the norm, it is possible to respond quickly to adjust the power or circuit training.

There is a special electronic scale that, in fact, play the role of a fitness trainer. They are having feature recommendations your daily calorie intake, monitor the weight of a person and fat. When he will become a true athlete, the scale simply switches into a special measurement mode for athletes. And that’s good, because each body type, their optimal settings.

About SMART-scales. Popular models

Perhaps the most simple and available model outdoor electronic “smart” scales – Nomi Scale S1operating in conjunction with both Android devices and iOS.

Nomi Scale S1-дизайн фото 1 Nomi Scale S1-дизайн фото 2Made from toughened glass, it has a sleek design and legs, preventing sliding on a floor surface.

Scales determine the percentage of body muscle, fat and water. To display information LCD monitor. The question price – 500 UAH.

Twice as costly diagnostic scale YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-дизайнThey are made of high quality ABS plastic and have a hybrid metal inserts.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-тонкий корпусSeveral colors: universal white, blue, green, pink.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-расцветкиThe device works on four AAA batteries. Will have to change them once every 200 days (thanks to a special chip TI’s Bluetooth low energy).

Scales have wide functionality. They measure up to 10 parameters, including:

  • – total weight to the nearest 0.1 kg;
  • – muscle mass and fat (0.1% accuracy);
  • – visceral fat;
  • – proteins/protein;
  • the amount of water;
  • – body mass index, which is used to determine weight related health risks;
  • – basal metabolism (BMR), which is important to know when compiling programs to reduce weight to predict the rate of its loss;
  • – physical age with an accuracy of 1 to 3 years.
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YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-контроль 10 диагностических параметров телаIn YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale you can add up to 16 user profiles, each family member can see their personal statistics and data for a certain period.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-диагностические весы для всей семьиIn addition, there is in Libra and special guest mode that is sure to delight the visitor to your spark friends. Perhaps this is the best way to share your experience of health monitoring.

“Smart” scales YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale sync with devices on iOS and Android, which is implemented through proprietary applications Yunmai and wireless module Bluetooth 4.0.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-cинхронизация с устройствамиAnd connectivity the basic. You just need to activate Bluetooth and is at a distance less than three meters from the device.

YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale-cинхронизация с фирменной дата-базой

Thanks to the corporate cloud user will get access to their data from any device

The application provides the ability to analyze performance of the user, including the history and dynamics of changes. There is a custom reminder for a systematic weighing of athletes for the special regime, as well as tips for achieving your goals.

Inexpensive “smart” scales for family use have Xiaomi – Smart Scales with the ability to sync with a smartphone.

Xiaomi Smart Scales-точность измерений иллюстрация

Xiaomi Smart Scales-точность измеренийThis is a practical alternative to expensive weights-analyzers, and it will appeal not only to fans of the brand, but also to those people who never heard of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Smart Scales-дизайн модели

Xiaomi Smart Scales is available “smart” scales, equipped with sensor, Blutooth 4.0 and compatible with Android and iOS devices

Weighing range varies from 5 to 150 kg, and the error does not exceed 100 g. Weight is measured in kilograms, pounds and zinah.

Plus Xiaomi – the ability to tie up the scales under the brand fitness bracelet and intuitive app Mi Fit with a lot of functions.

By the way, we recommend you to buy Xiaomi Smart Scales, along with the Mi Band S1.

Xiaomi Smart Scales и Mi Band S1-имиджевая картинкаLucky seven: TOP 7 best fitness bands to 1500 UAH

Scales made in the corporate style of the producer, characterized by the smooth lines. They used glass and plastic. And the build quality is beyond praise as the top solutions from Tefal and Bosch. To get the model only in white color.

Watch the video “smart” scales Xiaomi Smart Scales

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-обновленные весы для активных людей

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-обновленные весы для активных людей фото 2The model already got an update in the form of Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. It is designed for those who want to lose or gain weight (in fact, as any Libra analyzers), as well as for athletes.

Mi Smart Scale 2-обновленные весы

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-обновленные весы для спортсменов

Libra Smart Scale Xiaomi Mi 2 is compact and lightweight. They can be taken along to the gym, and on a long trip, to always have an idea on how to change your body

The bioimpedance caused changes in the design of new products.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-скрытый дисплейAnd now we need to get on the glass and plastic surface, which, according to the creators of the weights, has the strength of steel. To be precise, to become suggest large metal conductors, which are at the edges of the device.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-металлические проводникиLibra Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 are lighter and thinner than its predecessors, despite the new elements and new opportunities.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-обновленные весы дизайнThey weigh 1.6 kg, while Xiaomi Smart Scales up to two.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-эргономикаThe floor model stands stable on rubber feet. They let her slide.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-резиновые ножкиIn addition, the legs are soft, “push”, therefore, taking into account the surface roughness.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-дизайн ракурсы

Xiaomi Mi 2 Smart Scale feature a simple design and soft rounded forms. Libra features, visible only in the measurement process, the hidden display

Changed the new product and display numbers. In the first version of the weights they jumped out in the form of points, the second – in the form of sticks. But the display is completely frameless.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-отображение цифрThe first version of the scales runs from “AA” AA batteries, the second from “mizinchikov” AAA. Compartment one is at the bottom.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-отсек для батареекXiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 free identificeret 16 users.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 и кот-обновленные весы для активных людей

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 и кот-обновленные весы для активных людей фото 2

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is the second improved version of the legendary scales from Xiaomi. She got the opportunity to make measurements of the body via the ten major indicators, displaying complete information about a physical condition of the user

Immediately after measurement, all data obtained weights are downloaded to the app smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-функциональность SMART-весов

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2-фотоCompare SMART-scales Xiaomi, Nomi and Yunmai

Meizu Smart Body-имиджевая картинка 2A worthy competitor to Xiaomi Chinese company Meizu has their “smart” scales.

Meizu Smart Body-имиджевая картинка 1This Meizu Smart Body, it is an excellent choice in the category up to 2000 UAH.

The device assesses 12 parameters of the body of the user, including: the basal metabolic rate and hydration, the percentage of fat and muscle tissue, total body weight, percentage of protein and fat.

Switching with your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 LE. And model feeds two AAA batteries.

Meizu Smart Body-дизайн фото 1Choose SMART electronic floor scale

Design or why the scales have not the place under the bed

Withings Smart Body-AnalyzerModern scales confidently occupied a prominent place in the house. And they deserve it: they look more than decent, sometimes even becoming addition and interior decoration.

As a rule, they have sleek design, ultra-thin platform, LCD display, and in some models it is hidden (for example, in the bamboo Polaris PWS 1847 D Bamboo and plastic Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2), often – interesting colors.

BORK N785-умные напольные весы лаконичный дизайн

BORK N785-умные напольные весы отображение информации экранFrom Scarlett there are many. There is even for kids with images of Mickey mouse, Snow white, the Dalmatians and other Disney characters.

Электронные напольные весы Scarlett-стекло дизайн вариант 1 Весы SCARLETT SC BS 33E081 Vita Spa-фотоAs for the materials used in the production of floor scales, racerback, plastic, glass and metal.

BORK N785-умные напольные весыRarely used tree. I must say, the look of such solutions is warm for our feet – very impressive. Particularly impressive bamboo. Look at Polaris PWS 1847 D Bamboo.

The platform material is eco-friendly and durable. And in General, this model is very interesting, and not only the technology of the hidden display. For the most accurate weight measurement, it has a Quartet of sensors for saving energy – auto off for long life – indication of exceeding the maximum weight.

Like modern manufacturers and glass.

Напольные весы SCARLETT-расцветкиTypically, these models are mandatory supplied with rubber stand, which makes them sustainable and safe for the user.

Напольные весы Vitek-дизайнThere are models called “clock weights”. They can be hung on a wall, using as an ordinary watch. Can be used as scales, becoming on them.

Medisana-часы-весыHowever, constant movement for this kind of technique unwanted: they can affect the accuracy of measurement.


Электронные напольные весы-платформа из закаленного стеклаWhen choosing scales proceed from what kind of functionality you are interested (not to overpay for unnecessary if you need only fixing loss or weight gain), and the number of users.

XIAOMI MI SMART SCALE 2-опыт использования

Choosing scales with extra features, decide in advance how much they will have users. Each should have its own memory for storing personalized data. Scales memory can automatically distinguish users and to compare the performance of the last weighings

If a lot of them, the device must have the appropriate amount of memory. Fortunately, the modern models can serve from 5, 10 or more people, recognizing each by reading anatomical features.

Диагностические весы-с возможностью управления через смартфонIt is also important to pay attention to, first, the measurement error (the smaller, the better), and secondly, the maximum permissible weight of the model.

Having dealt with this, you can go through the list of additional functionality. The determination of fat and muscle mass, BMI calculation, function, control weight and recommendations your daily calorie intake, automatic switching on and off the device built-in indicator, warning about the need to replace the battery – all this modern technology knows.

Well, its ergonomics management plays a role. After all, if weights will be difficult to use, they’re probably covered with dust. Encouraged backlight on the display to the numbers on it were clearly distinguishable from height of your growth. It is also important that the information displayed on the screen, stayed on it for at least a few seconds (useful for the diagnostic scales). Well, or would be output sequentially. When the timeout is triggered after two seconds, and you don’t even have time to recover from what I have seen, is extremely bad. But also included for half a minute the display is consuming at this time energy is also not very good. In General, the middle path.

Important nuances when choosing electronic scales:

  1. To get the correct settings for your weight, pay attention to the measured quantities: kilograms, pounds and output settings.
  2. If you are looking for scales for a bathroom, make sure that your favorite model has a waterproof body.
  3. Pregnant women and users with heart pacemakers, choosing electronic scales with measurement of adipose tissue, you should make sure that they have the mode “no current” when the scales do not pass it through the footrest.
Xiaomi Smart Scales-как взвешиваться

“Brainy” electronic floor scales have a bioimpedance sensor, for analyzing the bioelectric resistance of the tissues of the body composition of the human body. Through the foot is low current (at 0.4 mA). On the basis of the received information to calculate the percentage of muscle, fat, bone and water content in the body. This procedure is completely harmless, however, contraindicated for people with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators and pregnant women. That is why most models have the ability to disable the bio-impedance sensor

How to weigh

Как правильно взвешиваться-инструкцияLibra you need to install on smooth, flat and hard surface. For weighing (preferably at the same time) exactly stand on the scale without bending or changing its position because they are sensitive to vibrations.

Withings Smart Body-взвешиваниеNote that electromagnetic radiation from powerful radio and appliances, if any close electronic scale, can distort the results of their work. If there is a failure, simply turn off the scales and turn it back on after waiting a while.

Как правильно взвешиваться-фото

The balance worked and didn’t upset

In conclusion, a few tips for the longevity of your electronic floor scales.

Электронные напольные весы Scarlett-стеклоFirst, do not overload them. Never. Think about the maximum load specified in the model.

Secondly, for the care of electronic scales do not want to use chemical cleaners. The fact that the aggressive environment can erase from the body of the figure, and paint. To clean simply use a damp cloth or tissue.

To pick up electronic scales

Well, we wish each of you to find “your” scales that suit you best and will help you to find the perfect body. Good shopping!

Как правильно взвешиваться-советыPhoto credit: gagadget.com, ixbt.com, itc.ua, bork.ru, xiaomi.ua.

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