There is a choice: a dozen weird and funny phone


The big players of the mobile market ceased to surprise us: they were out of experimentation with eccentric forms and sizes. Give one good design or “chip”, which immediately copy the rest. Fortunately, all is not lost: there are visionaries who are very much on the pattern do not want to work. Thus there are thousands to-good pricewatch devices. We offer you to look at a dozen strange but interesting devices: phones-kids, phones headsets, “chetyrehskatnye” and “many-eyed” camera.


First in the list is ultra-compact phones were AEKU C6 — a machine the size of a credit card. This minimalistinen the decision will go for the option in reserve if you need a “dialer”, and it is possible to buy child — cheap, cheerful, and child always connected. The phone is available, and therefore lose it not afraid. Have AEKU C6 screen diagonal of 0.96 inches, a slot for the nanoSIM card support vibrating alert and inbuilt battery, 320 mAh. On a single charge wonder phone will last 3-4 days and talktime batteries will last until 4 hours. Dimensions are AEKU C6 86 x 4.8 x 53 mm, so that this “Cardon” may coexist with Bank cards in the wallet. AEKU C6 weighs about 28 grams.


The company iRulu produces all sorts of technology: from laptops and tablets to projectors, VR headsets and smartphones. Wormed in the not so slender ranks of the products of this brand and iRulu BM50 — phone-headset the size of a lighter. The apparatus is an indulgence of pure water, however, under the toy looks there is quite a functional device: you can call, write and read messages, accept incoming calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket — there is support for Bluetooth. Model dimensions 10 x 23 x 75 mm received a 0.66-inch screen, the battery is 300 mAh, which is enough for 120 hours in the standby mode, the slot under a SIM card and earphone, which is located on the rear panel.

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iRulu BM50 iRulu BM50

Another variation on the same theme and from the same manufacturer — iRulu GT Star BM70. The meaning is the same, but externally, the model is slightly different. There are no behind-the-ear rim, slot for SIM-card standard size located on the side, changed the design of physical buttons, and the machine does not seem so long. In terms of the functional capabilities of the model are similar.

iRulu GT Star BM70

Smartphone Melrose S9 dimensions slightly bigger than a matchbox I wanted to be the iPhone, but unfortunately or fortunately, his development took a completely different people. The device has 2.4-inch touch screen with a resolution of 432×240 resolution pixels, dual-core processor from MediaTek, a battery of 1050 mAh and a 2-megapixel camera — not bad for a “kid” dimensions 86 x 43 x 8.8 mm. Works Melrose S9 running Android 4.4.

Melrose S9 Melrose S9

But with Melrose S10 is a totally different story. With previous device their fates are radically different. S10 compact, but not a smartphone at all. Melrose S10 can offer a colour screen a diagonal of 1 inch, the battery capacity of 450 mAh and Bluetooth support. Dimensions of the phone is 77 x 35 x 12 mm and weighs 37.5 grams. Baby-phone is available in four colors: red, yellow, green and black.

Melrose S10


Unusual clamshell

Clamshell Servo V7 takes place in the first appearance, but this is not all that can tell this machine. The model is stylized manual antipersonnel grenade, is equipped with a 2.4-inch screen and a battery of 3000 mAh, so it can be used as an external battery. The phone has received the support of three SIM-card slots, and clamping the clasp, stylized ring safety checks. A choice of two color options: black and dark green.

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Servo V7

Newmind F15 is a mini — replica of the Ferrari, but more specifically, in front of us is widely known in narrow circles “Farreri”. To buy this gadget, however, as the previous Servo V7, as a funny gift and souvenir and like and phone. Newmind F15 has received the battery capacity of 1 500 mAh, two slots for SIM-cards and one for storage, plastic case and metal back cover. The wheels of the car not just the property — it button. When the phone is opened or closed, you hear the sound of avtosignalizatsii, and even comes with led lighting.

Newmind F15

Need more SIM cards

All anything, Yes only slots under the SIM card more? While you are here. First on the list was Oeina 230: only the device four slots for SIM cards. And the phone has got a 2.8-inch screen, the battery is 1,200 mAh, support Bluetooth and memory cards up to 16 GB. The dimensions of the model are 124,5 x 53,4 x 12.5 mm. to Order Oeina 230 can be in one of three colors: white, black and gold.

Oeina 230

Servo V9500 — “chetyrehskatnye” with a 2.8-inch screen with a resolution of 480×320 pixels. When dialing a “dialer” will clarify what kind of card you are going to make a call, and if you have a memory card you can record the conversation. Phone book holds up to 300 contacts, alarm clock, FM, 3.5 mm audio Jack and support for Bluetooth — a standard set for a specific niche ustroystv. Dimensions Servo V9500 be 146,6 x 63 x 17.8 mm.

Servo V9500

Closes the three “dialers” four SIM card Servo V8100. From a previous device, this model differs essentially only in appearance — the camera is closer to the upper left corner, and the physical buttons are more convex. In General the characteristics are the same: the battery is 1,000 mAh battery, 2.8-inch screen, memory card slot, alarm, calendar, FM and voice recorder. V8100 Servo dimensions are 128 x 59,5 x 11.5 mm and weighs around 95 grams.

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Servo V8100

Need more cameras

Have Oukitel U22 has four chambers: with this smartphone, you can experiment with the effect of Boke and a whole heap of good stuff to catch. The basic module contains sensors of 13 MP and 2 MP and front — on 8 and 2 MP, both module complete with LED-flash. What else is going to take Oukitel U22, in addition to cameras? Affordable price, with screen diagonal of 5.5 inches with a 2.5 D glass, fingerprint scanner, battery, 2 700 mAh, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM with expandable so that you have all the footage stored. Powered smartphone running Android 7.0.

Oukitel U22

In the field of camera phones distinguished Doogee X30 — this smartphone also received four cameras for pictures with the bokeh effect, portraits of interesting and vivid selfies. Front set of modules with sensors at 8 MP and rear — 5MP. Installed is a 5.5-inch HD panel with a 2.5 D glass, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Fingerprint scanner at Doogee X30 not, but battery there will be more — 3 360 mAh. Powered smartphone on Android 7.0 out of the box.

Doogee X30

Strange devices on the mobile market is full, to recall Chilli K188 — phone-spinner. But with some unusual devices had a chance to meet you?


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  1. sher says:

    Can not use my newmind f15 phone gold with Bluetooth. Ferrari. Keeps asking me to input a password . For the restore factory settings I need a password. In security settings. Need the pin number. Passwords for the modify cell phone password. And modify call time password. Need the Ip prefix number . Network account. Network selection. Won’t let me use the phone until I get these passwords and pin code.

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