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When we are in danger of crashing the App Store…

Когда нам угрожает сбой App Store…

App Store made such a way that to download from apps the user experience is easy, convenient and safe. But nothing is eternal under the moon, and even such a solid, as the app store for users of Apple equipment can sometimes fail.

In this article we will tell you about possible problems with the App Store and how to address them.

App Store not working? Not a problem!

Recently, the users of i-gadgets are often faced with the fact that the App Store is not loaded at all. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem.

First, if you’ve recently updated, try to go to “iPhone Settings”, the tab “iTunes and AppStore” and put a tick in the appropriate box. These manipulations will help you to enter the application.

Secondly, perhaps the problem is not with your device. In this case, just wait some time and try again to log in the AppStore.

If the above does not help, you will have to reflash the device, it is reset:

  1. Connect your gadget to your PC or laptop.
  2. Download the firmware with the extension .ipsw for your device. You need to know the version of your iPhone (iPhone 5, 5s, 6, etc.), model (a set of symbols that can be seen on the reverse side of your phone), and what cellular network it works (GSM or CDMA).
  3. Disable the “Find my iPhone” (Find my iPhone). Go to “iPhone Settings”, “iCloud”, scroll down the screen and off.
    не работает апп стор
  4. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Just go into the app and if there will be new version available – upgrade. If not, follow the instructions.
  5. Turn off the device.
  6. Start iTunes and wait until the program will find the iPhone. If iTunes displays a window asking to restore the iPhone, click OK. If iTunes does not respond, click on the icon of the smartphone and search for “Restore iPhone” and then select it while holding the Shift key (Windows) or Alt key (For Mac OC).
  7. Will appear the file Manager, in which we have to choose the firmware. Looking for the firmware file that we previously downloaded. Open it and wait until iTunes will finish the operation.
  8. Disconnect your device from computer and reboot.
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Important! If you have Jailbroken, prior to updating, you need to translate your gadget in DFU mode. It can be done like this:

Connect your device to the computer, simultaneously hold down the Home button and Power, and count 10 seconds. At the end release the Power button and continue holding Home until iTunes recognizes your device in DFU mode.

Not updated the app in the App Store or the App Store doesn’t download apps

If the online store you still run, but for some reason, the App Store does not download apps or updates them, you can help the following manipulation:

  • Make sure that the problem is really on your device and not with the App Store servers. Googled or learn from a friend, does the app itself.
  • Check your Internet connection. Go to the browser and try to load any page.
  • Turn on and turn off airplane mode, click the plane icon on the Springboard screen (where the icon BlueTooth , Wi-Fi, etc.), wait 10 seconds and click on the icon again.
  • Remove the application from hanging download and install it again.
  • If the above does not work, try in parallel to download another app.
  • It may help to exit from your account AppleID and log in again.
  • Seven keys to reset. Restart the device.
  • If not one of the above methods did not help – try to synchronize your shopping with Mac/PC:
    Connect your device to the computer.
    2. Turn the app on iTunes on your computer/laptop.
    3. Select “Sync”.
  • In extreme cases, should help complete the factory reset.
    Open “Settings” – “Reset” – “Reset network settings”. Check to see if the issue is resolved.
    не обновляется app store

    2. Make a backup of your iOS.
    3. Open “Settings” – “General” – “Reset” – “Reset all settings”.

As you can see, from any situation there is a way, and technology is no exception.

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When we are in danger of crashing the App Store…

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