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Why don’t you buy a new Nokia 3310

Почему вы не купите новую Nokia 3310

The last couple of months we have witnessed a wonderful show unfolding in the vast expanses of the Internet. The show, titled “the Triumphant return of Nokia”. As a guest star and frontman with experience, made Nokia 3310 that came out of an old trunk with a legendary past, blew off the dust and put it right in the eye, hungry for the spectacle of the public. Edition gg with ill-concealed surprise did not stop to note that each new news about an updated (and even old) version of Nokia 3310 gathering sold out. Again and again. It would seem: here it is — a dream! For all “hungry” for “normal” phones, able to “work a whole week without charging”. But all is illusion for some and a warm nostalgia with an ironic touch of “come on, let’s have a look at this new product will bring your binoculars”. There will be no queues in the shops, of triumphant reports about the millions of phones sold and the cheap Chinese covers for this model each underpass. Because neither you nor I’m not going to buy it. And I’ll tell you why.

The famous Nokia 3310 (For those who are in the tank all missed)

Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and is considered one of the most successful phones in history. Rumor has it that her eight times were taken out of production and starting the conveyor according to numerous requests of workers distributors. Wikipedia says (with reference to already available press release Nokia 2005) about 126 million sold, the Nokia 3310. This figure looks impressive, especially if to recall that in 2000, when he left this phone number of GSM subscribers in the world has ever totaled billion (this happened 13 years ago, in 2004). But that is Wikipedia at its next page, coolly captures 160 million phones sold Nokia 3210, which was the forerunner of the model 3310 and generally one of the first mobile phones with internal antenna. Today it is hard to imagine that in those days, the invariable attribute of mobile phone was the crimson jacket of his master’s protruding from the housing stem, inside which is housed the antenna. By the way, is a great design, without irritating the user protruding antenna, and was one of the key reasons for Nokia’s success and the subsequent dominance of this company in the phone market. What is the cult of the model 3310, not its predecessor, the 3210 (which, by the way, already had the game “Snake”) is hard to say, but history knows more complicated cases, when some players rise and others go into oblivion.

nokia 3210-nokia-3310.jpg
Nokia 3210 (left) and Nokia 3310 (right)

What distinguishes the new from the old Nokia 3310?

Strictly speaking, it is easier to say what they have in common. Although it is difficult — the design of the new Nokia 3310 very vaguely resembles the classic shape of the legendary model. The design is very controversial, the controls are not nearly the same as before (although the key-joystick is definitely easier to manage, especially when it comes to navigating the menus). Replaced the monochrome screen with a horizontal orientation, came modern — with a diagonal of 2.4 inches, a resolution of 320×240 pixels and vertical orientation. The novelty, of course, has a camera (2 megapixels today is also not the ultimate dream, but for some reason the developers believe that the buyer of the phone for 50 Euro will be enough), built-in FM radio and support for microSD cards. Pathetic by modern standards icons — a consequence of birth trauma heritage platform S30+, which was created for very poor models, the main purpose of which is to call. Even the new Nokia 3310 dual SIM card — this developers of the original model would not dream even in a nightmare — in their world sales of mobile phones were mainly through mobile operators, which would not be appreciated such processing step.

The magic was gone: the new Nokia 3310 is not like the old

Here is a small video of the new items:

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Who has made it, if Nokia have it?

Not all, as practice shows, obviously, but this Nokia is not the Nokia we knew before. Briefly the story goes like this: after the withdrawal of Nokia from the development of the Maemo operating system designed for touch-screen smartphones, which was supposed to gradually replace the aging Symbian (it was designed in the last Millennium engineers of Ericsson for push button phones), Nokia has lost over a few years its leadership in the market of smartphones and phones in General. Next was a story about a “burning oil platform” and a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which ended ignominiously absorption units of smartphones developed by Windows. The result of this brief and fruitless collaboration was the closing unit of the mobile version of Windows. Then Microsoft sold the unit push-button phones and right to use the name of Nokia company FIH Mobile is the daughter of Taiwanese Foxconn, one of the largest contract manufacturers of phones in the world. Another buyer was the company Global HMD, which is so Intrusive focuses on the fact that she is a Finnish company that is reluctant to believe evil tongues, claiming that it’s just a daughter the same Foxconn. And this whole thing created rather to cover the desire to go to the market under its brand. Moreover, the Nokia brand she inherited by today’s standards for mere pennies — $ 350 million. Especially given the fact that Microsoft itself bought this happiness for $ 5 billion. But in General, such a situation can not be surprised, because Chinese companies have long been owned and operated with years of these “European” brands like Alcatel, Philips, Thomson. One more or less — of the universe, in fact, indifferent.


But in the world there are examples of successful return of the legendary models?

Usually these things car manufacturers. A year ago, for example, the world learned of the plans to resume production of the iconic DeLorean, the famous and beloved by all of us in the trilogy “Back to the future“. Sin with such cases and manufacturers of cameras (but there is generally a design of old school cameras has always been held in high esteem). Last year distinguished such cases Kodak suddenly issued a smartphone with the design of the Ektra camera model 1941. Not too forgotten other stories can you recall the beautiful re-issue of the phone LG Chocolate, which got the second birth after just a few years after the release of the original apparatus. But to say that such attempts are a huge success — probably an exaggeration. They can only be of interest to enthusiasts and collectors.

Two-generation LG Chocolate LG KG800 2006 (top) and LG BL40 2009 (bottom)

So to take or not to take?

In General, we cannot say that no one will want to buy this new Nokia 3310, but in this sense is really small. As nostalgia, it looks a weak excuse for buying after the novelty very few recalls on the model 17 years ago. As an inexpensive push-button telephone on it, too, can count makes no sense to call a cheaper phone model for 50 euros in 2017 unless a madman. For the money is quite possible to buy a smartphone. For hipsters and lumberjacks to rely too is not necessary — why do they need a phone without wifi and 3G? And the food is to photograph a 2-megapixel camera, you will agree, not with the hands of a decent person just emerged from the barbershop and looked into coworking favorite to SIP smoothies with fresh cupcakes. Opera browser and a screen resolution of 320×240? This is some kind of masochism, really. And if you, or I’m not going to buy it, then who is going? Really, who?

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For those who want to know more:

Why don’t you buy a new Nokia 3310

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