8104 Windows 10 Cloud will require a Quad core processor and 4 GB of RAM

Windows 10 Cloud will require a Quad core processor and 4 GB of RAM

Only a little more than a week until the annual Build developer conference in 2017, where, as expected, Microsoft will announce details about the next major update to Windows 10 and will present the cloud operating system, Windows 10 Cloud. This OS has become a competitor to Chrome OS and gain the education sector due to the low performance requirements of the computer. Resource Windows Central published the image with the Windows 10 Cloud and some indicators of this system in comparison with Chrome OS.

Windows 10 Cloud

According to the published picture, the computers running Windows 10 will be Cloud to boot in just 20 seconds, and the battery life to be 10 hours or a whole day of real use. Thus Chrome OS for download speed in some moments still bypasses the Windows 10 Cloud.

With regard to the technical requirements for normal operation of the Windows 10 Cloud will require a Quad core Celeron or better at least 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory eMMC or SSD (64 GB in the 64-bit version of the OS), battery capacity of not less than 40 W*h, and optional support for touch screen and stylus.

The Build conference kicks off on 2 may 2017. There’s also Microsoft can provide cheap laptop or tablet Surface running Windows 10 Cloud.

Source: slashgear.com

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