8820 Windows 10's - Microsoft's response to Chrome OS

Windows 10’s – Microsoft’s response to Chrome OS

As expected, the conference for developers Microsoft EDU Microsoft announced the new Windows 10 operating system S. This is a special version of Windows 10 intended for the educational segment. Windows 10’s were designed to run on cheap laptops and tablets. This OS has only one limitation compared to a full version of Windows 10 – it will only support downloaded from Windows Store apps. When trying to install downloaded apps from third-party sources, the system will issue a notification.

Microsoft Windows 10 S

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10’s loaded in just 15 seconds – nearly twice as fast in comparison to Windows 10 Pro. In addition, Windows 10’s has the ability to quickly transfer settings from one computer to another using a USB drive. This will allow the teacher to pre-make all the settings on your computer to restrict unnecessary functions and applications, and then quickly transfer these settings to the student devices. Throughout the rest of Windows 10 S no different from the normal version of Windows 10.

Microsoft also announced a collaboration with Samsung, Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Fujitsu and Toshiba. All these companies will release computers running Windows 10 S., costs will start from just $189, and the first models will be available later this summer.

Microsoft Windows 10 S

The new platform will be available free to all schools that already use computers on Windows 10 Pro. The devices with Windows 10’s if necessary will be free (only until the end of this year) to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 S also includes a free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition and Microsoft Office 365 for Education.

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