9583 Windows computers on ARM chips will not experience problems with x86-applications

Windows computers on ARM chips will not experience problems with x86-applications

At the end of last year, Microsoft and Qualcomm announcedthat in the near future there’ll be computers based on ARM-processor with a full version of Windows 10 and the ability to run any x86 application. This was made possible thanks to a new emulatordeveloped by Microsoft and Qualcomm. At the Build developer conference in 2017, the representatives of the Redmond Corporation revealed details about Windows-computers with ARM chips. They claim that win32/x86 applications can be run on these computers without any problems and at speed will not be inferior to programs with conventional desktop computers.

Windows 10

Thanks to Microsoft and Qualcomm created the emulator developers don’t have to make changes to their x86 applications to work on computers with ARM processors. It is important to note that Microsoft last released operating system Windows RT, optimized for ARM chips, but for her, the developers had to create separate versions of applications, which was the main reason for the failure of the OS.

Windows 10

Microsoft representatives claim that their emulator uses the same technology used to run x86 applications on x64 platforms. This ensures that users will not see performance or speed. It should be remembered that the power ARM processors are still inferior to desktop solutions from Intel and AMD.

The first Windows-computers with ARM processors will be available before the end of this year. To see the full version of the report at the link.

Source: slashgear.com

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