10247 Xbox Scorpio will give their owners an advantage in multiplayer

Xbox Scorpio will give their owners an advantage in multiplayer

Microsoft even since the announcement has positioned their upcoming console Project Scorpio as the most powerful gaming console in the world. The latest technology will help to achieve performance that is several times greater than the typical Xbox One. A power supply will enable you to use higher resolution, additional effects or improve the framerate. And if the single player game are the advantages of logical and will be most welcome, in multiplayer they can become a serious cause for dissatisfaction.

It all started with the fact that one Twitter user shared his philosophy regarding the fact that Microsoft have deliberately to limit the ability of Project Scorpio in multiplayer games with the aim to equalize the chances of owners of Scorpio and normal Xbox One. This assumption has attracted the attention of Mike Ibarra, chief engineer of the Xbox. He hastened to assure that Microsoft does not put any conditions to developers and does not require to equalize the characteristics of the two different versions for Xbox One and Scorpio is the same game.

Project Scorpio

In fact, the responsibility for how much fps will give the game (both in single and in multiplayer), lies entirely on the shoulders of the developers. Microsoft forbids them to make a game for Xbox One with a limit of 30 frames per second, despite the fact that this same game will go on Project Scorpio at 60 frames per second. If we are talking about the multiplayer, it can lead to not really a fair game. In shooters, for example, the number of frames per second can affect the speed and accuracy of aiming. Developers, of course, is unlikely to take such a step and will try to equalize the characteristics of the multiplayer mode for the Xbox One and Scorpio.

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