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Xiaomi is not going to MWC 2017

Before the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2017 remains very little time. Every year at this event, hundreds of exhibitors present their new developments, however, the Chinese giant Xiaomi, according to the latest information, this year decided to ignore the show.

Xiaomi officially announced that at the international exhibition MWC 2017, which will be held in late February in Barcelona, its products will not be presented.

Xiaomi не поедет на MWC 2017It should be noted that the decision of the company was rather unexpected, since last year, Xiaomi has announced the exhibition of its flagship Mi5, who later became very successful. In turn, a year early, at MWC 2015, the company has told about plans for the future and new developments.

What influenced this decision of Xiaomi? Perhaps this is due to the recent statements of the head of the company Lei Jun that Xiaomi recently demonstrated a too rapid growth, so it plans to slow down a bit in order to gather strength and to gain a foothold in the market.

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Xiaomi is not going to MWC 2017

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