Xiaomi launches a frameless television for the price of 2900 dollars

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Xiaomi выпускает безрамочный телевизор по цене 2900 долларов

A few days ago we wrote that the company Xiaomi published a teaser for a new and affordable line of TV’s are not included in the Mi series TV. But according to new information from the Chinese portal Gizchina, the new TVs will be not the budget, but on the contrary, unusually expensive, but completely frameless and ultra-thin.

What is known

The portal Gizchina has published a new teaser, which shows 65-inch 4K edge-to-edge model with a thickness of 4.5 mm. Surprise price. It is unknown how much will cost the older model of the new series, but for this 65-inch handsome man will have to pay 2,900 USD. (Xiaomi Mi TV 4 has a thickness of 4.9 mm and a price of $ 2,000 for a 65-inch version). If the rumors are true, the novelty will be the most expensive TV Xiaomi. Misleading and the date of the announcement. The first teaser reported at numerous on March 21. And in this picture date is March 31. So when exactly will the announcement is still unknown.

xiaomi tv.jpg

Source: Gizchina


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