10907 Xiaomi vs. custom: the ice is broken?

Xiaomi vs. custom: the ice is broken?

Now the Internet is full of discussions of controversial actions of the Orenburg customs in respect of the products Xiaomi. The Russians who ordered the smartphone in China, could not get them: custom return the products to the sender of the counterfeit goods (according to paragraph 4 of article 1252 of the civil code). In total, returned more than 500 pieces of equipment. Hundreds of disgruntled consumers have complained in various instances, and recently the business moved from a dead point. In the Internet appeared the scanned document, from which it follows that the company Smart Orange (the Russian representative of the right holder in the segment of portable phones), who assumed the import of smartphones straight from China in violation of its exclusive rights, most likely made concessions. However, all is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

Document Scan

As can be seen from the scan of the official document, representative Smart Orange could not prevent the importation of smartphones into the territory of the Russian Federation and the Orenburg customs has no right to recognize any counterfeited goods, because it is beyond the competence of the customs authorities. Of signs of counterfeiting in products from Xiaomi was not provided. Company Smart Orange was forced to withdraw its objections regarding the importation of smartphones into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union via China privately.

Singapour 1

However, the situation is not resolved. Users of a number of thematic public continue to assert that everything remained the same, and that for the sake of their legitimate smartphones they have to go to various tricks (for example, the order in transit via Singapore). So rejoice while early.

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Singapore 2

It is hoped that from this lesson will make this Smart Orange: if the company will continue to prevent the import of Xiaomi smartphones for personal use, that will certainly affect the reputation of the company.

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