Xiaomi has released a smart scale Yunmai Mini 2 with Wi-Fi-enabled

Xiaomi has released a smart scale Yunmai Mini 2 with Wi-Fi-enabled

In March of this year the company Xiaomi has introduced smart scale Yunmai Mini 2, and today released their new version. From the previous model scales differ only in the presence of the module Wi-Fi, while the other functions remain identical to the original version.

Libra Xiaomi Smart Yunmai 2 Mini Body Scale with Wi-Fi will be sold for 199 yuan (about $30), which is twice more expensive than the original version. Recall that the scales without support Wi-Fi sold for 89 yuan (about $13).

Xiaomi выпустила смарт-весы Yunmai Mini 2 с поддержкой WiFi With Wi-Fi scales can transfer data to the application via the Internet. In this case, the weights are preserved and to support the synchronization with the smartphone using Bluetooth.

Yunmai Mini 2 with Wi-Fi are powered by 5 AA batteries, which should be enough for 150 days of battery life. Dimensions weights are 260×260×26 mm.

Scales can remember up to 16 users, separately collecting information on the health status of each family member. The number of monitored parameters increased from 14 to 17. Libra is able to track indicators such as body mass index, fat ratio and muscle mass, rate of metabolism, level of hydration, and so on.

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