“Yandex.Auto” is a Russian competitor to the Android Auto

The Russian company “Yandex” has launched a platform of “Yandex.Auto” is designed to control the media center of the car. The service is essentially an analogue of Android Auto, providing support for voice input and interface is optimized for using while driving. As planned by the company, drivers will not be distracted from the road and follow the navigation to watch the weather, play music, answer calls and use other options Yandex. The platform also supports running in the background and is able to display important messages.

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Built-in voice assistant Yandex.Auto is activated by the command “Listen, Yandex”. Car assistant can be used to plan routes, and to receive responses based on the context for the speech recognition engine meets Yandex SpeechKit.

“We offer the automotive industry a turnkey solution based on the products who know and love the drivers. Automakers will be able to provide all the necessary services where they are more comfortable to use on the multimedia system screen. Yandex.Cars can be adapted to each brand or even model: for example, to change the set of built-in products or to make design in the corporate style. In addition, with the help “Yandex.Car” car manufacturers can communicate with the driver — say, to remind of maintenance,” commented Andrei Vasilevsky, head of laboratory of automotive solutions to the Yandex.


In October 2017, will go on sale the first cars with built-in Yandex.Auto: Exclusive Toyota Camry and Toyota Rav4. Later the manufacturer will join the company “Jaguar land Rover”, “AVTOVAZ”, “Ford Sollers holding” and “KAMAZ”. “Yandex” says that some components of “Yandex.Auto” will be available when you connect your smartphone to the multimedia center car via USB cable — the first time this option will appear in the Range Rover Velar next month.

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