17263 Exercise for the mind. How easy it is to become smarter and savvy
Exercise for the mind. How easy it is to become smarter and savvy

Exercise for the mind. How easy it is to become smarter and savvy

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Exercise for the mind. How easy it is to become smarter and savvy

It turns out that in the vacation the average person loses about ten IQ points. In other words, becomes stupid. Scientists explain it simply: if some of the bodies not used, it usually atrophies, which is important for the brain. The standing idle, simply reduces the effectiveness of their work.

Was on holiday? Then, you gotta go “shake up” your brain to keep active and without tension and to work, to study and to know the world. After all, and September 1 on the nose – the Day of knowledge.

Oh, and don’t wait for tomorrow and the day after, because everything is really very simple. Brush your teeth with the left hand or to move around the house with my eyes closed, trying new dishes and new hobby is not difficult, isn’t it? How entertaining! Performing the usual and routine actions in an unusual way, you engage different senses. The brain in large quantity starts to produce neurotrophin promoting formation of new nerve cells and increase the number of dendrites. Through them and perceived information. This, in fact, and is based neyrobika, exercises which you have provided. We unconsciously train your brain, become smarter, smarter and more successful. Let’s get started!


Anyone who wants to strengthen memory and become smarter, we propose to use simple exercises neurobic stimulating the brain. It is, in fact, gymnastics for him, a kind of cross-fitness – such that involve the senses that are responsible for hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch

The contents

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What is neyrobika

Как включить мозг-рекомендации и советы

Probably everyone knows about the benefits of sport. A healthy lifestyle is now in fashion, and regular physical exercise is its main component. Without them, the body begins to get sick and lose their shape. The same happens with the brain, if it is not loading. He simply gets lazy. And then how hard to “Wake up” for his intensive work! In General, it is obvious: we need to do something. And proposed to start with simple exercises neurobic. You are, in fact, perform the usual actions, but in an unusual way. From this brain, so to speak, included

But first let us look at the concept – neyrobika. In its title – a kind of charging for the mind – are connected by two words: “neuron”, which is the basic unit of the nervous system, and “aerobics”. And this name conveys the essence narabini – simple and effective exercises that help the brain to grow and not to grow old.

Стимуляция работы мозга-фото 1When you perform the same routine work, weakens memory and decreases concentration.

Стимуляция работы мозга-фото 3Non-standard approach to ordinary tasks causes the brain to build up between the nerve cells of fresh connection, in other words, to be included.

Нейробика-зарядка для мозгаPlus narabini that it can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Креативноть-как развить

Systematic execution of simple exercises neurobic stimulates the development of new neural connections in different areas of the brain and helps produce nutrients that improve memory

The main thing – to get involved in an unusual approach to business as usual, and practiced every spare minute. Or not free. To find a place and time to exercise both at home and at work, on the road, and sitting in front of the TV. And certainly do them in a good mood: the brain likes positive emotions.

Стимуляция работы мозга-фото 2

Include job left hand

Включите в работу левую руку-упражнения нейробики на каждый деньOr right if you are left-handed. You can try to keep her toothbrush, stir sugar in tea or coffee, eat soup, write letters, even to sign, to control a computer mouse and not only.

Чистка зубов-фото

To stimulate the work of both hemispheres of the brain need to change the working hand to brush her teeth, buttoning a shirt or eating. Right-handed is useful at least from time to time to write with your left hand, the left – right

Activation of the motor cortex is transferred from the left hemisphere to the right, and you become creative. Simply put, it switches to lateral thinking.

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Change the pace

If you’re hasty, hot-headed, you try to slow down. For example, you can leisurely do the cleaning, listening to classical music or nature sounds.

And if you are a melancholic, accustomed to the unhurried pace of life, try to accelerate. The same cleaning can be fun: under the invigorating music ran in the dance around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner in hand – and the mood instantly improved.

Пылесос-уборка дома

Search for new sensations

В поисках новых ощущений-фото

This does not have to go far away. To add novelty to your life and home, without leaving their hometown. To help you, are, for example, the fashionable sport areas. And if you tried to ride on the monowheel, giribone, the bike or gyrometer?

Гироборд с колонками-фото

The choice of a modern electric vehicle is huge: everyone has enough experience. And it is very convenient!

Publications on the topic:

Have you managed on your own experience to learn what is virtual reality – the real trend of our time, not otherwise. No hi-tech is not without VR innovations. Certainly no exception and the forthcoming IFA-2017.

Виртуальная реальность-новые ощущения Publications on the topic:

When you get out of the comfort zone to the limit “heating up” new and zadejstvuja usually do not touch areas of the brain. And it’s a great gym for the mind.

Creative-photo 2

To develop their abilities and choose a new hobby

Новые хобби-включают мозг

Neuroscientists suggest to slow down the natural aging of the brain and “engage” with the new hobby. They will allow it as long as possible to stay in shape

Try yourself in new directions. Draw, embroider, sculpt, sing, dance, learn languages….

Холст-маслоAnd yet – juggle.

Жонглирование-фотоThis, too, can learn how to develop a system of reading and writing for the blind – Braille. In General, decide what you are interested in and go for it.

Creative-photoBy the way, a hobby can generate income. So, if you, for example, excellent cook and all our family and friends come to the delight of your cakes and pies, maybe it’s time to earn it, delighting its baking a wide range of people.

Выпечка-хоббиIf you write well, it’s time to share my talent on your blog. As an option.

Ведение блога-хоббиPerhaps you love to draw. And that you are good at.

Живопись-как хоббиThen you’ll be able to paint to order.

Живопись-хоббиEarn real money even while playing games. However, this hobby requires an initial investment. Wiggle your PC or choose a good game console, improve your reaction, attention and strategic skills in any game, learn the techniques of other players and the luck turn to you.

Девушки-геймерыAnd certainly read. Many read and read in different ways, sometimes becoming a listener. Reading not only expands your vocabulary, making you an interesting conversationalist, but also imagination, analytical skills, teaches focus and makes the brain more active. By the way, it’s shown in dealing with stress. It is in these dynamic times it is difficult to avoid.

Книга-чтениеTo “Wake up” the brain, read a few pages from right to left, and then holding the book upside down. And that’s the key to mastering speed reading.

Умный ребенок-фотоAbout reading: combine the useful with the pleasant.

But still useful from time to time to read the words on the contrary. It is real even in public transport. The signboards of shops and ads abound.

You can have fun and games with letters. For example, try to decipher existing abbreviations or invent a new, make new words from the letters comprising a particular word, and so on.

Игры с буквами-нейробикаGood experiment – and chat during the day at some not your native language (and great practice). It can even be sign language.

Язык жестов-практика

Block on one or more of the senses

So, you can move around the house or any room, you know, blindfolded.

Завязанные глаза-фотоOn the street – is also an option, but you must have the companion guide. There are entire programs involving wildlife in a beautiful camp with a blindfold on for quite a long time. It sharpens all the other senses and allows a new look at the world, perhaps even discovered their special abilities.

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Such exercises develop concentration and attention. In EUROBIKE the technique of artificial blindness is called the technique “bat”.

In the same vein, it is useful to identify by touch the coin. So while away the time, for example, in queues or traffic jams. At home, you can create a box of small things: run up in her hand and examine the contents with your fingers.

Монеты-и упражнения нейробики

Me and again me

Примерка на себя новых образов-экспериментDo not be afraid of changes in his life and in his appearance.

Новые образы-смена имиджаBoldly play with color hair, experiment with hair style, try bright makeup, wear bold clothes and bold jewelry.

Яркий макияж-фотоThe fact that people, trying new looks, different feels. The effect of “jacket” and the effect of “high heels” – proof. Along with this comes self-awareness and a new way of thinking.

Эффект шпилек-новые образы и смена имиджа

And change the world around you

Красивые пейзажи-новые впечатленияThe picture that you see. Go to work by different routes, more travel (the camera not sure), go to trips and certainly spend every vacation in new places. It develops spatial memory.

Поход-фотоPublications on the topic:

TOP 10 things without which it is impossible to hike.

Путешествие машиной-фото

Neyrobika recommends traveling by car to open the Windows. New sounds and smells are the latest information for the brain. He immediately begins to create and memorize combinations occurring on the road noise, smells, and scenery

Try at max to include your senses: to see, to hear, to feel. And don’t forget to periodically disable one of the senses or simply to work more actively with one of the channels, for example: listen to the noise of traffic and snatches of conversation or try to guess the taste of salad ingredients, not looking at them.

Diversify the interior of the home, office, turn the items upside down

Don’t have to do the repair. You can just rearrange the furniture in the room and freshen up the interior of stylish things.

Уютный интерьер-фотоYou can also apply another trick neurobic. Turn upside down some of the elements of decoration: painting, wall clock, photos, calendar and anything you want. This will include the work of the right hemisphere of the brain, because you have to recognize the color, shape, and attitude of “strange” pictures.

The fact that all incoming visual information is processed by the brain in two ways. Left – analytical brain tries to quickly identify the object and hang a label on it, and the right analyzes the spatial characteristics and the interaction of the subject with the neighboring elements.

Мир вверх тормашками-фотоAnd when you look at the familiar and habitually located in the space of the painting, the analytical part of the brain, immediately assigning it the label has turned its attention to other tasks. And if the picture is located upside down, it’s a puzzle for the brain: the left hemisphere can not quickly identify the object and necessity, to interpret, appeals to the right hemisphere.

Scientists say that the contemplation of the inverted object awakens a person’s ability to draw. They say that the great Director Steven Spielberg, contemplating the scenery for “of close encounters of the third kind”, appeared fresh design ideas of the film after he did a handstand on the roof of his car. He parked it at the extraordinary beauty of the panorama of Los Angeles. And that’s perevernula – view of the cityscape reminded him the bottom of a flying saucer. So neyrobika helped Spielberg in the filming of the movie. We are sure that you will be in good stead and will reveal your creative potential.

Новый взгляд на мир-нейробикаAnd look at the gorgeous collection of portraits of people upside down under the name of “Alienation.”

Author Aneliya, Laubser, vdohnovitsya the words of Wayne Dyer, one of the most famous in the world, a best-selling author on the topics of self-development: “Change your view of things – and the things you look at change”.

The idea to make portraits of people upside down was born to American photographer Brandon Vogues, working in an advertising Studio from St. Louis Bruton Stroube.

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An interesting experiment. Agree?

Change to another place

Семья за столомNeyrobika recommends not only a change of location of objects around us, but also change their own position in space – even within your home. For example – at the dining table, where usually each family member a fixed location. And this order is remarkably stable.

Sitting down on another chair, you change its position, access to spices, and also a view of the kitchen. This is a new experience, a new chain of associations, not only you, but all family members.

There is, incidentally, not only at the table. A picnic in the middle of the room (only without the fire!), light dinner by candlelight on the balcony or, what is really there, right in bed bolder.

Experiment with food

Овощи и фрукты-менюCook and try new dishes. With modern appliances it’s easy. Slow cooker or pressure cooker literally will do everything for you.

Плов в мультиварке-PhilipsPublications on the topic:

Open to experiments and blender.

Berry Dream Bow-десертIt will help you to cook meats smoothies, and in such surprisingly tasty combination of ingredients that is simply to die for. Or yum – like work.

Блендер для смузи-фотоArrange a small picnic at home. You can even pretend you are in nature, what will help, for example, the original table with lawn grass. And just remember about your grill.

Пикник дома-зеленый столGet glorious tradition of weekly or at least monthly to have a day of national cuisine. It’s not necessary to go to an expensive culinary tour. Simply select the country of interest to you and compose a characteristic of her menu.

Традиционная японская кухня-новое менюFor the right atmosphere and properly serve the colorful slot. Don’t forget that some cuisines do not envisage familiar to us Cutlery. And for example, the use of chopsticks in the day of Japanese cuisine will be a great nanobiosym exercise.

Японская кухня-менюAnd turn up the music chosen country to new tastes, scents and tactile sensations has been added and hearing.

Neyrobika who loves outer transformation, you are strongly advised to diversify food change the environment. You can play with the details or serving, for example, have Breakfast by candlelight. A great start to the day, isn’t it?

Завтрак при свечах-как разнообразить свои будниTaste is very closely linked with emotions, with their memorization. And the food, so to speak, activates all of our senses. It is for a meal neyrobika is particularly bright: sensory system of the human body are working at full capacity and cause the brain to create new associative links. Remember how the flickering candles, the sound of quiet conversations and the crystal, shining Cutlery. Or your feelings about food you eat with your hands… Yes, the table comes a lot of associations, a lot.

However, in this case, we are able to simplify everything to the stereotyped: the same breakfasts, simple Lunches and dinners without frills and diversity… Boring and sad. So certainly liven up your menu and surroundings.

Завтрак на балконе-фото

Over the years, we eat the same foods at the same time, in the same manner and in the same place. As a rule. The result of olfactory and taste buds are blunted. Diversify your menu, eat in different places – and a new associative relationships, and your life will be tastier and more interesting

And pay attention to how you eat and with whom. Socialize at the table, collect them for friends and family, share news and impressions – it’s all neyrobika welcomed.

Breathe new flavors

Новый парфюм-упражнения нейробикиScents can evoke an emotional memory. Breathe in the familiar – and soon revive a whole chain of associations connected with it.

Новые ароматы-упражнения нейробикиSo, the aroma of coffee most people have is correlated with cheerfulness and good morning.

Чашка кофе-на столеWe recommend you to create new associations with unfamiliar flavors. Or with friends. Just “snap” to a specific action of their own.

Эфирное масло-вечерний релаксFor example, guests can take a bath with essential rose oil, and linens to choke a beautiful perfume.

Нанесение парфюма-рекомендации

Breathing in the new scents, you activate the senses, strengthen the associative memory and stimulate the sensory inputs of the brain

As for perfumes, do not get hung up on one option. From time to time try different floral scents, floral fruity, floral woody, shipovye, which are based on green, woody and fougere compositions, Oriental fragrances with amber, spicy, Oriental, musk and leather notes. Look for your bouquet, which will probably be another masthaven.

Breathing in the new scents, you activate the senses, strengthen the associative memory and stimulate the sensory inputs of the brain.


Жизнь-движениеThe brain activity is influenced by traditional exercise. According to researchers from the University of Illinois, USA, only 150 minutes of moderate exercises in a week, or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity increase the volume of the cerebral cortex in frontal and parietal areas. Those responsible for attention, working memory and speed of switching from one task to another.

Танцы-силуэтыFind the sport that you like. Do not have to buy an expensive membership to a luxury fitness club. You can just regular dance, if you like this case or, for example, to ride a bike.

Publications on the topic:

Creative-photo 3

Relax and meditate

They say only ten minutes of complete relaxation can bring you – tired – of life, the brain is working, the mood will improve and things will get better.


Meditation cleans the mind. It stimulates creative thinking that allows you to generate brilliant ideas

Regular meditation reduces blood pressure, stress levels, strengthens the immune system and improves the ability to concentrate.

That is why large corporations like Google it is practiced for its staff. And Steve jobs loved to meditate. “If you sit down and just watch ourselves, we will see how restless your mind is. And when you try to calm him down, the situation will only worsen. If after some time the mind will calm down, you will discover the finest stuff. Will sharpen intuition, clear vision, you can feel yourself in the present moment – the here and now. Your thoughts will slow, consciousness will expand and you will see much more than before,” he argued. Perhaps this was the key to its success.

Стив Джобс-портретAs you can see, nothing complicated in EUROBIKE no. Select a few exercises, practice them daily, periodically replacing the other, and will be able to boast intelligence and wit. As a talker – a literary character in books Kir Bulychev. Good luck and inspiration!

Thank you for the photo: Dailygood.org, Rd.com, Adme.ru, Getty Images, Anelia, Laubser, Bruton Stroube

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