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Authentic Japanese Samurai motorbike (13 photos)

Настоящий японский мотобайк Samurai (13 фото)

Together, designers Anton Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, created a concept motorcycle Samurai, which, according to the authors, reflected the whole essence of Japanese culture and mentality. Bike modern, but devoid of fancy frills and unnecessary details. From the view escapes the restraint of forms and clear lines in the guise of a Samurai — what Japanese industrial designers at the time, abandoned in favor of European tastes and preferences. Nowhere does it say that the works bike and what it must involve, in addition to the design, but, quite possibly, extravagant Samurai fall into the field of view of car manufacturers and computerized 3D model come to life.

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Authentic Japanese Samurai motorbike (13 photos)

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