8952 Created the semiconductor dissolving in vinegar

Created the semiconductor dissolving in vinegar

Создан полупроводник, растворяющийся в уксусе

At Stanford University developed an innovative semiconductor consisting of a material soluble in the household vinegar. The feedstock for the resulting substance was separated from the dye designed for tattoos. In addition, chemists have synthesized a material that can dissolve in substances with even lower acidity than ordinary vinegar. The main use of the new material I see in medicine for manufacturing implants is short-lived. In addition, the new product can be used, creating quickly destroy the media for the scouts.

One of the major threats to humanity at the present stage of development is the large number of appliances and equipment requiring environmentally safe disposal. Use soluble in a biological medium materials will help partially solve the problem and reduce the toxicity of the planet with harmful substances. And the use of soluble semiconductors for making implants will reduce the need for additional surgery required to remove them.

For use with soluble conductors as the basis for implants are now carried out experiments proving the harmlessness of this material for a living organism. To date, completed tests on small animals — mice and continued testing on larger mammals.

Source: theverge.com

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