Hybrid drone X-Plane has passed all the flight tests (video)

Гибридный дрон X-Plane прошел все лётные испытания (видео)

Model elektroleta developed by DARPA and Aurora Flight Sciences has completed flight tests. The device resembles a plane with thick wings, allowing it to perform vertical take-off. The main feature of the electrics — they don’t need a runway. The trick in the wings, or rather, even the nozzles placed in them. Powerful motors, but in the model they 24, create the right thrust in the nozzles. Due to this electrolet takes off vertically, in the air unfolds the wings and flies horizontally in the desired direction. Planting also takes place in a vertical position. The model is distinguished by safety, here, with no exposed propellers, when compared with multicopter and helicopter.

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Weight tested the demo version of the XV-24A LightningStrike, which is 10 times less than the planned flying of the ship is 147 kg. Real project will be more than five tons with a speed of over 500 km per hour, in the future it will increase up to 740 km/h. Tests of model completed successfully. A full-sized version will be ready in 2018. Open remains the question of energy sources. The current batteries are in need of modernization.

So far, only military used the vehicles vertical takeoff and landing. In the English language this class of aircraft is called a VTOL. Although in the peaceful applications of the apparatus and a promising future — fast delivery of goods, the network of air taxi and other areas.

Various projects to develop small aircraft, including unmanned, actively developed by experts from different countries. Among those who is hearing — “Autonomous flying vehicle” the Chinese company Ehang, which will soon begin to carry out air transportation of passengers in Dubai.

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