9464 Scientists know how any surface to make touch (4 photos + video)

Scientists know how any surface to make touch (4 photos + video)

Учёные знают, как любую поверхность сделать сенсорной (4 фото + видео)

A group of scientists from the American University Carnegie Mellon has found a new use for the conductive paint. Practical experiments have shown that small quantities of such a substance is enough to any surface receiving the properties of the touchpad.

Electrick system, which was developed by a University Professor Yan Zhang, works on the principle electropolis tomography. Using small electrodes that are installed at the perimeter of the painted conductive surface, Electrick touch gives the properties of wood, plastic, plaster, gelatin and clay. Launches the panel shunt effect, which creates a common touch of the fingers. The voltage difference may be different.

The scope of Electrick is very wide — from the creation of the covers of smartphones to improve the system of “Smart home” where to give a certain degree of intelligence, you can even wall.

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The specialists have taken into account the durability of the coating: the paint applied at this stage of the usual aerosol type, do not exfoliate and not erased, you can protect a special coating with waterproof properties.

Source: techcrunch.com

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