9051 Spherical advertising LED drone from Japan (video)

Spherical advertising LED drone from Japan (video)

Сферический рекламный LED-дрон из Японии (видео)

The possibilities of using drones demonstrated the Japanese company NTT Docomo (mobile operator in Tokyo). Developed a spherical drones open new horizons in front of advertising companies with video presentation, or static text information.

Construction of the new drone is a sphere in the form of a frame made of hexagonal shapes. Inside the frame is enclosed aircraft. Eight subtle LED strips stretched over a frame in the meridional direction and are spherical screen. In addition, the UAV has a device for the sustained stay on the plane of the support at the bottom of the bowl, providing takeoff and landing.

During rotation of the frame creates the illusion of a complete “panoramic” led screen, which displays the desired information. At a sufficiently large size – ball diameter of 0.88 meters, the drone is easy – about 3.4 kg and moves freely in open space or in large halls. Screen resolution 144х136 pixels.

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The main purpose of UAVs is advertising or informing. Also, the new gadget can be interesting for demonstration purposes, the organizers of shows, concerts and other mass events. Technologically advanced aircraft in the future can push advertising banners. The company NTT Docomo announced that spherical drone after significant improvements and enhancements will be available in the coming 1.5 – 2 years, roughly by the beginning of spring 2019.

Source: zdnet.com

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